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Publisher of new novels currently seeking submissions. Completed Books Currently Being Reviewed! Learn More Today Publish your Christian Book With Xulon Press. Get Your Free Publishing Guide Harmony Publishing is another self-publishing company in Nigeria. This publishing company, with a great website that can be navigated with ease, has helped many Nigerian authors to get their knowledge and information unto the pages of a paper in the form of books Blessed Trust is one of the best self-publishing companies in Nigeria, who are committed to helping you actualize your book publishing dream and promotion, online and offline. No matter your writing flair or your stint in your study, you are not yet an author until your name is tagged to a book The new gong publishers is a Nigerian based publishing company that provides a range of mass media services including book, magazine and image publishing. The company also provides photographs and illustrations for both print and online publishers. They can be found at The New Gong, 11 Abiona Close Off Falolu Road Surulere, Lagos

Harmony Publishing: Self-Publishing, Book Printing & Distribution Company. Harmony Publishing is a self-publishing company. We are highly active in the self-publishing community and we help in bringing out that book inside you to the world. Your creative genius has already done all the hard work; let us take care of the rest Literamed is Nigeria's current leading children book publisher. This book publishing company was established in 1969 and since then, the company had worked it way up as one of the best publishing companies in the country. It is the publisher of the popular Lantern books which is a household name among Nigerians and across West Africa Helping Africans to publish to the world. We are one of Britain's longest standing professional self publishing companies. We were founded in 2007 by an author and lawyer who wanted to do publishing differently. Our first office was located in the literary hub of London's Southbank, near to Shakespeare's Globe theatre, the setting for Dickens's. Brainspec is a reputable private research company with field experts that undertakes applied research covering community, urban and regional research findings for corporate organizations, NGOs, banks, churches, government ministries, agencies and parastatals. Read More. Trusted by 60,000 + Publishing Authors Publish Your Book Globally. Self-publishing is all about giving power to creativity. Exceller Books brings to you a simple and hassle-free process to help you publish your words in your way and make it available to millions of readers across the globe. At Exceller Books, we understand that a book is the author's treasure and reader's delight

Lulu has a high-profile as one of the best self-publishing companies in the market. One of the reasons Lulu is so popular is, the company pays attention to details. Lulu publishes over a 1,000 new titles every day so the company has expert status when it comes to formatting, packaging, and pushing books Let us walk you through your publishing journey. INSPIRATION HUB is a book publishing company in Malaysia that helps professional and aspiring authors to self-publish their books.From design and editing to printing, we want to ensure the books produced are of high quality

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Software developers make a whole lot of money as employees and as self-employed persons just when they develop software that can solve problems of the society on a daily basis. Read Also: 10 Best Accounting Software Training Centers In Nigeria. Software Developing Companies In Nigeria - Photo Source: https://technosoftwares.co Whether your story entertains, inspires, educates, instructs, travels, or grounds you, Lulu has the publishing solutions to help you publish, print, and prosper Black Tower Publishers is a self-publishing company run by Black Tower Global Enterprise Ltd (RC1558166). Our book printing house will work with you based on your budget, and still give your project the professional look it deserves. Publishing with us is a lifetime deal. You will get free tips and promotion throughout the lifetime of your book This is just how author Joseph Alexander grew his own publishing business (and became a self-published millionaire in the meantime). While writing and publishing a series of non-fiction books about learning guitar, Joseph spent a good deal of time building his web presence and learning about branding

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  1. 1. Plat Technologies Nigeria Ltd. - http://www.platgroupng.com/ Our core area of expertise is web design, development, deployment, optimisation and management. We also provide IT Consultancy, IT Training, IT Outsourcing, Search Engine Optimisation and Usability Design
  2. The Fourth Dimension Publishing Company is part of a national network of engineering and construction operations directed by Nwankwo, under the group name of Jo Arts. The publishing company will..
  3. Cost of an ISBN in Nigeria and How To Get It. The cost of obtaining an ISBN depends but generally for just a book, it is N2,500. It can be obtained from any ISBN office in any of the national library (Abuja and Lagos). However, you will need to submit the following below for your registration to be processed and processing proper usually takes.
  4. The Online Publishers Association of Nigeria was founded in May 2010 and duly registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 14th of November 2011 by some discerning professionals who felt the time had come to define standards for the fastest growing engagement platform in our generation
  5. This tutorial is for self-publishing authors who like to get everything done at once. You can read this or go on to watch my video on this. However, by the time you are reading this, things might have changed when you decide to get yours but hey! This is 2019 1. BUDGET. The cost of getting ISBN/ISSN. 1-2 = N2,500. 3-10 = N5,00
  6. unregulated industries in Nigeria. People become publishers after assembling few ICT components together and raising a signpost outside the offices. More so, most publishing companies are undercapitalized. Though, there were efforts to establish some government owned publishing companies non was viable except fo
  7. Turner Publishing Turner Publishing Company is an award-winning, independent publisher of books. The company is in the top 101 independent publishing companies in the U.S. -from the publisher website. Submissions Guidelines. Workman Publishing

•As UP Plc celebrates 70yrs of publishing in Nigeria By Iheanacho Davidson. THE popular saying that failure is an orphan while success has many relatives was brought to the fore last week. Let's Make Your Dream of Being a Published Author Real. We provide the complete publishing solution to writers, individuals, and organizations who want to publish their books in print and online digital platforms. Contact Us Today Publishing Company Nigeria Our mission i

The Company has branches in Abuja, Lagos - CMS & Apapa, Port Harcourt and Kaduna. PRINTING AND PUBLISHING DIVISION (CSS STERLING PRINTERS) Having been established in 1913 with regular retooling and maintenance over the years, the division is the oldest surviving printing and publishing company in Sub-Saharan Africa Is Self Publishing Ur Book A Good Idea In Nigeria? - Literature - Nairaland. Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Literature / Is Self Publishing Ur Book A Good Idea In Nigeria? (2163 Views) I Need Help With Self Publishing One Of My Books / How To Make Your Book A Bestseller In Nigeria / They Will Steal Your Idea In This Section.becareful Evans Brothers (Nigeria Publishers) Limited is a Nigerian educational publisher.It publishes titles for all levels of education. History. In 1945 the British publishing firm Evans Brothers Limited hired a consultant to come out to Nigeria and research the book needs of the then British colony of Nigeria. That consultant was Dr. L. C. Larcombe and following his trip, he wrote Larcombe's. Writing a book is not an easy venture. But there is no official professional experience required to publish it and sell your ebook online. Self-publishing is a big industry right now, thank God for a platform like Okada Books in Nigeria today. You can even sell your ebook on your blog or website. Interior Decoratin Nigeria: A Nation on a Path to Self-destruc t. By: Deji Yesufu. Ngozi (not real name) was born in Eastern Nigeria but at a tender age her family migrated to the United States of America - seeking a good life within the American dream. Ngozi's family regarded themselves as below middle class and at some point lived off the social support the.

These are 17 publishers who are actively seeking Christian manuscripts of all stripes and genres. Most of these publishers are traditional publishers, but I do have a few on this page that are hybrid publishers (half self-publishing and half traditional publishing) and also some that are self-publishers Publishers in Nigeria have also voiced their concern about the high cost of operation. Dayo Alabi, the managing director and chief executive officer of The Books Company Limited, says the bulk of books used in Nigeria are printed outside the country

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The Company: Literamed Publications Nigeria Ltd Literamed Publications Nig. Ltd, est. 1969, is Nigeria's leading Children's book publisher. Its imprint, Lantern books is now a household name in Nigeria and West Africa Learning how to publish an ebook can be pretty painful without the right process. Writing and publishing a book successfully by itself is a challenge.. But with kindle direct publishing, Amazon publishing, and other forms of self-publishing at your disposal, publishing an ebook can even be easy—with our help

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Please note: These averages do not include picture books and graphic novels, which, due to their low word-count, will naturally have a much higher per-word editing rate. Of course, if you just want to get your book out there, you can always format it for free and use Amazon's self-publishing platform to make it available within 72 hours! For many people, writing the book is the greatest reward. Digital printing on demand is made easy with automated machinery. View the entire process in a short two and half minute instructional video. Learn how to se..

31. The Crossroad Publishing Company. Accepts unsolicited manuscripts. The Crossroad Publishing Company was first developed in 1980 as an influential imprint at the Episcopal Seabury Press, and is heir to the prestigious booklists of B. Herder Book Company, founded 1884 in St. Louis, Missouri, and later Herder & Herder in New York Similarly, [Sender.Company] shall have the right to cancel this book publishing contract should they deem that [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] has failed to uphold it's terms, after granting [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] a period of at least 90 days to correct such issues.Should either party cancel this book publishing contract.

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Get a free Ditto SmartLink every time you release new music. Your SmartLink lets you share your music on all platforms with just one link, including Pre-Save on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer before your music drops. More ways to get paid. Register your tracks for Ditto Music Publishing with just a few clicks 2. Introduction • Book publishing in Nigeria is essentially private and unregulated • Nigerian Publishers Association - the main professional body for book publishers - was established in 1965. • Membership is open to publishers registered as limited liability companies in Nigeria that have published a stipulated number of books The Author Advantage Live conference from Self-Publishing School tops our lists of writers conferences for 2020 because it's truly one-of-a-kind experience, tailored to the demands of today's digital author (and those aspiring to be!).. And this year, 2020, they're going VIRTUAL to combat difficulties of travel and safety due to COVID-19. You can expect ALL the same incredible content.

Many writers start their own publishing companies for self-publishing purposes. This used to be an expensive process, but the Internet and low-cost publishing options make it more feasible to start a publishing company today than at any time in the past. While there is some start-up costs involved, a small publishing company can be a relatively. Wasteland Press is a self-publishing company that can help you get your eBook formatted and available on the most popular eBook devices, including Kindle, Nook and Apple products. There are a few different plans for the various marketplaces. But to get your eBook listed on all of them, Wasteland Press charges a fee of up to $500 How to Know the Best Self-Publishing Platform for You. According to an article on Shout Me Loud, there are 3 categories of Online eBook Publishing Platforms.. Those who sell direct to popular eBook retailers like Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.; Aggregators who distribute to both large ebook retailers and other book libraries. You just need to upload the eBook on their platform. Actually, you can find so many free and paid self-publishing platforms available on the web. Basically, self-publishing is one of the most hassle-free and easy options for writers nowadays. The self-publishing platforms allow the writers to publish his or her eBook of their own to earn money easily. List of Top 11 Websites to Sell eBooks for.

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Below we've featured 9 top book publishing companies in South Africa. For each publisher, we've given an overview of the types of books it publishes and have made clear whether a publisher is currently open to submissions, or not. 1. Penguin Random House South Africa. Formed from the merging of Random House Penguin Books South Africa and. Another concern with Nigeria's significant economic presence order is in relation to how the Nigerian tax authority would effectively ensure compliance, given the lack of a physical presence by nonresident companies. Section 55 of Nigeria's Companies Income Tax Act requires every company earning an income from Nigeria to file an annual self. Starting a Publishing Company is a choice to make if you plan on managing your own catalog or other people's works. These are the basic steps to run you own..

AFRICANA is a publishing house producing cheap and popular pocket paperbacks for the West African mass market. AFRICANA books are written for Africans, by Africans. AFRICANA concentrates on. April 10, 2019. Nigeria's startup ecosystem experienced a unique spring of new technology companies between 2015 and 2016, with the likes of PayStack, Kobo360 and many more coming on board. Millions of dollars also rolled into the country, and Nigeria was appearing to become Africa's next ICT hub after Kenya. However, of the scores that.

198TILG PUBLISHING (274) 198TILG Amazon support (109) 198TILG Self Publishing (80) CEO branding and publishing (85) BUSINESS (539) Agriculture (116) Entertainment (233) Fintech (6) Oil and Gas (71) Transportation (113) CLOUD ENGINEERING (667) Amazon Cloud Engineering (105) Campaign Management (169) CEO Branding Campaign Management (50 Congratulations! Based on your book and goals, we recommend iUniverse (an Author Solutions company) as the best publishing company for you. iUniverse has helped more than 35,000 authors publish their books professionally and affordably since they were founded in 1999.To get a free copy of the iUniverse publishing guide, click on the link below or call 1-800-AUTHORS right now Sep 10, 2008. While formal publishing companies in Nigeria languished through the economic crises that accompanied the structural adjustment programmes of the late 1980s and early 1990s, young Hausa writers began writing about their lives and contemporary problems they faced. Bypassing formal publishers, they self-published their novels, often.

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Harmony Publishing Lekki, Nigeria. Harmony Publishing is a self-publishing company. We are highly active in the self-publishing community and we help in bringing out that book inside you. Detailed profile of: Harmony Publishing, Lekki, Nigeria Top Self-Publishing Tips from Self-Publishing Companies. August 9, 2020 / by Chibuike Onyeike / Bestselling Author, Book Publishing And Marketing, Book Publishing In Nigeria / 0 comments. Self-publishing is revolutionizing the way books are published. here are 10 greatest tips from self-published authors to help you in your journey The big publishing companies in Nigeria, especially the local branches of the multinationals, invariably have their own warehouses and supply direct to retail outlets. However, there now exist in Nigeria a number of bulk distribution companies set up initially to represent overseas publishing companies which do not have local branches [email protected] 08065319125 . List Of All Companies In Abuja And Their Contacts. ALTRATECH CONCERNS LIMITED. We specialized in printing jobs, publishing and production of gift items in form of souvenirs and other advertising products for individual and corporate organizations.We have experience in promoting the best practices these products: Business Cards, Receipts and Invoices, Letterheads.

However, if the publishing company required them to submit a query letter and/or a sample of their manuscript and there was a distinct possibility that the publisher might reject the manuscript, then we would not consider that a self-published book and it would not be eligible Authors considering Self-Publishing: Paying to self-publish is a risk and a venture. If you're considering self-publishing, you've probably compared a few self-publishing companies and are considering their quality, price, and distribution reach. In self-publishing, marketing is not included, unless you're paying for it It will take you by the hand and explain certain terms which you must know about publishing. It also lists some of the best materials to use for a good book. If you are interested reach out to me on whatsapp. 08181615927 This is the best you can get about self publishing

DiggyPOD has been helping self-publishing authors get their book published for 20 years, and we know how to make the printing process easy and affordable. Quick Turnaround - 48 Hour Book Printing. Award Winning Customer Service. Proudly Made in the USA. Five Star Rated Reseller Ratings Publishing your eBook at Smashwords is more of a DIY task. You have to first upload your eBook and a cover image using the 'Metagrinder' tool on the site. The online tool will create an eBook in the required format within just a few minutes. And that's it. You can sell and promote the eBook directly on the self-publishing platform

IndieMosh is a service which helps guide Australian indie authors through the self publishing process. We can help you turn your manuscript into a paperback, hardback or ebook, and make it available online to bookshops, retailers and readers across the world. We believe in using 21st century technologies such as print on demand and ebooks to. In this post, we have put together a list of the most lucrative online business ideas anyone can start in Nigeria with a very little capital investment. 1. Become a professional blogger. In the past, we've written an article about how to start a profitable blogging business in Nigeria. Launching your own blog doesn't require a great deal of. Xulon Press has helped over 10,000 Christian authors get their books published. We are the largest Christian self-publishing company in the book industry. Call one of our publishing consultants today at 1-866-381-2665 and they can help you get started on your dream of becoming a published author Here is a list of the Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria to start in 2021. Agric business you can start in Nigeria in 2021. Production and sales of hand sanitizers. Real Estate Business. Transportation Business. Sales and installation of solar systems. Delivery services business. Mini importation business. E-Payment Business

Choose a self-publishing platform. Some include: are Book baby, CD baby, Publiseer, etc. Upload your Ebook to marketplaces or sell your book from your own website; Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has to do with earning commissions having marketed another brand/company or their product. There are thousands of affiliate programs online. It's a lucrative business anyone can start in Nigeria with little capital. 16. Skincare Business. 95% of women and about 75% of men use skincare products like cream, soaps, butter, oils, etc. Starting a skincare business is, of course, one of the lucrative startup business ideas you can kick off in Nigeria

Newspaper publishers, others worried over worsening insecurity in Nigeria. Taking some positions as leaders of the media and major stakeholders in the Nigeria project, in line with the responsibility imposed on them by Section 22 of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, the groups said: That we believe in the oneness of Nigeria and that its. On average, you can expect to pay $500—$5000 for a quality self-publishing course, ranging from beginner courses for first time authors, such as Self-Publishing School programs, to advanced courses in book marketing. If a course isn't an option for you, then you can invest $20—$100 for the best books on self-publishing. From publishing. Speaking on the topic: Building a partnership that works: The relationship between authors and publishers in Nigeria , Ezeigbowho has seen it all in both categories as a writer and publisher, went. They can then take up and ACTIVATE the right to self-defence that United Nations gives to all indigenous ethnic nationalities on their ancestral land. In Nigeria's case, the life of that illegitimate 1999 Constitution is renewed by elections when the declared winner swears an Oath of Office to uphold it over his people

You are in the right company. I'll take you through how you can get loans for your small scale business here in Nigeria and expand your ministry..your business, I mean. I am of the school of thought that funding is not the most important factor that determines success in any business, big or small Fast Company Press The official book imprint of Fast Company magazine. We're turning the publishing industry on its head and want business leaders who have done the same. Fast Company Press offers the distribution muscle and brand recognition of a traditional press while still allowing authors full rights to their own work See Recent Publishing / advertising / media Jobs in Nigeria Today 2021. Search And Find current Publishing / advertising / media job vacancies from top companies near you and mor 5. Solicit articles. Post a call for submissions to your newfound groups. Try to get your notice on a few high traffic blogs. If you're looking for more general articles, try posting your notice at the local library. Consider placing a classified ad in magazines with a cross-over audience Private Limited Company Independent. Address. Plot 14, Block B, Aminu Jinadu Close, Eric Moore. Off Jimoh Odutola Street. Lagos Nigeria. Phone. +234-8034462958. Company Description. AVIVA INDUSTRIES NIGERIA LTD is located in Lagos, Nigeria and is part of the Book Publishers Industry

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Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, is grappling with an increasing grain import bill as the current lack of a state-supported credit facility for farmers, poor basic infrastructure, surge in farm input costs and insecurity, especially in rice-growing regions, hamper efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat, rice, corn, soybeans and other critical agricultural production AUTHOR INITIALS PUBLISHER INITIALS Maven House Press Book Publishing Agreement 060112 • Page 3 of 11 6. Author's Share of Revenue from Licensing of Rights. The Publisher shall credit the Author's account with a royalty equal to 50% of all Net Revenues actually received by the Publisher for th Self-publishing. 50 likes. Self-Publishing, Book Creation and DIY Book Distributio

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1. Aliko Dangote . Aliko Dangote is currently worth over $12.5 billion. He is the richest man in Nigeria and Africa. He is also the 67 th richest person in the world.. Dangote has investments in Nigeria as well as countries like Benin, Ethiopia, Senegal, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Togo, Tanzania and Zambia Some authors in Nigeria rather than enter into agreement with reputable publishers engage in self publishing. They simply take their manuscripts to the printer for production. Such authors market their books directly. It has been observed that there are printers who reprint illegally and distribute for sale copies of books hitherto contracted. Bitumen Paint in Nigeria. Nigeria Bitumen Paint Directory provides list of Made in Nigeria Bitumen Paint Products supplied by reliable Nigeria Bitumen Paint Manufacturers, Traders and Companies TCK Publishing is a traditional book publisher. See our submission guidelines for fiction and nonfiction books. We respond to all query letters within 14-21 days. Submit your manuscript today to have our editors review your work Fancy publishing your own eBook but have no idea how to do it? We'll... take you through the best publishing platforms that make the process super easy! eBooks are crazy popular these days and more people than ever are becoming self-published authors. As a result, there are loads of different eBook publishing platforms to choose from if you fancy jumping on the bandwagon!..

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I will perfectly format your book files for publishing on your desired publishing platform. I publish for lulu, ingramspark, amazon, draft2digital, and many more. Services also include any form of ebook, epub (reflowable & fixed layout), mobi and many more for publishing In an effort to promote financial inclusion and enhance access to financial services for low income earners and unbanked segments of the society through leveraging on technology, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is proposing the establishment of Payment Service Banks. This is in furtherance of its mandate to promoting a sound financial system in Nigeria as well as being innovative in. ISSN 2239-978X ISSN 2240-0524 Journal of Educational and Social Research MCSER Publishing, Rome-Italy Vol. 3 No. 10 December 2013 101 Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Social Service Reform i


4. PUBLISHING CONSULTATION As a consultant, I help authors with best publishing practices, provide answers to the biggest questions around self-publishing, advise them on the proper paper size and type for their book, how best to target their audience, the right marketing tools and channel, the publishing path to follow as well as book launch tips Some of Nigeria's challenges to become more self-sufficient in fuel may soon be alleviated for another reason. In the next few years, a new, privately owned 650,000 bpd refinery is due to come. If you've tried self-publishing a book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing as a non-U.S. person (i.e. not a U.S. citizen, resident, or business with direct connections to the U.S.), then you may have experienced the 30% in withholding tax levied on your U.S. royalty payments. As required by U.S. tax laws, Amazon will by defaul Bloomsbury Publishing is a leading independent publishing house established in 1986. It has companies in London, New York, Sydney and Delhi Cybertron Ads is looking for an industrious and self-driven individual who would be a part of the publisher management and content team. We're looking for a self motivated individual who's keeps self-improvement and skill acquisition as top of their priorties. Decent skills in the areas of Desktop publishing such as Word, Excel etc are required.