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Actress/widow of actor Boris Karloff. Family Members. Spouse. Boris Karloff 1887 - 1969 (m. 1946) Flowers Leave a Flower ×. Advertisement. See more Karloff or Hope memorials in: Find a Grave Karloff or Hope; Sponsor and Remove Ads. ×. Advertisement. Created by: the. William Henry Pratt (23 November 1887 - 2 February 1969), better known by his stage name Boris Karloff (/ ˈ k ɑːr l ɒ f /), was an English actor, who starred as Frankenstein's monster in the horror film Frankenstein (1931), which established him as a horror icon.He reprised the role in Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and Son of Frankenstein (1939). Karloff also appeared as Imhotep in The.

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Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery returns from the grave after nearly 30 years!. Unavailable for three decades, this long gone, but not forgotten Gold Key series, bearing the namesake of one of the earliest and most recognizable faces of horror, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery will be collected to excite readers of all ages. For nearly twenty years the comic book series Boris Karloff Tales of. The entire cast is superb, but this is a real showcase for Boris. In THE BODY SNATCHER, Karloff is the ultimate bogey man in one of his last truly great horror films of Hollywood's Golden Age. 3. FRANKENSTEIN. Ah, the film classic that made Karloff an over night sensation ( this after more than 70 screen appearances ) General Pherides (master of horror Boris Karloff) is one such a visitor. Going to the island to honor the grave of his late wife, Pherides discovers that it is held in the grip of a terrifying plague, a sickness that enters the victims mind and drives them insane! Pherides leads the fight against the plague, but then falls prey to it himself The story is a bit confusing but the main idea is Karloff is buried with an Egyptian jewel and when he gets grave burgled he rises up and goes after his precious. Boris is very good and creepy here it's too bad we spend 95% of our time with the other uninteresting dolts

Ghoul, The - 1933. (263) IMDb 5.9 1h 20min 2011 16+. The eccentric Egyptologist Professor Morlant (Boris Karloff) is dying, in his possession is a sacred jewel that he believes holds the power to bring him eternal life if it is entombed with him. When a grave robber steals the gem Morlant rises from his tomb seeking revenge The Comedy of Terrors, 1963. Directed by Jacques Tourneur. Starring Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, Joyce Jameson, Beverly Hills and Alan DeWitt. SYNOPSIS: A scheming. Boris Karloff rises from the grave to retrieve a jewel. Cedric Hardwicke, Ernest Thesiger. Betty: Dorothy Hyson. Ralph: Anthony Bushell. Kaney: Kathleen Harrison. Aga: Harold Huth. Ralph. Boris Karloff (November 23, 1887 - February 2, 1969) was a British actor who emigrated to Canada in the 1910s. He is best remembered for his roles in horror films and his portrayal of Frankenstein's monster in the 1931 film Frankenstein, 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein, and 1939 film Son of Frankenstein Boris Karloff, Surrey, England. [Image via] Imogen Hassall, London, England. Supposedly, this is a picture of Tim Burton at the grave of his old friend Vincent Price. But we heard that Price.

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Robert Wise directs Boris and Bela in this classic grave robbing thriller. Cast: Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Henry Daniell Join free to stream The Body Snatcher. and thousands of hours of killer content. Start Your Free Trial Member Reviews. svg-pencil Log in to write a review. I loved this movie.. Boris Karloff has created a body of work that has never been supplanted by any other artist. He is still an iconic figure of our society. Children to the elderly immediately think of Mr. Karloff when reading Mary Shelley. Further, Mr. Karloff endured unspeakable discomfort in portraying these characterizations. He was so successful at this that. 5 Voice From the Grave_ Tales of the Frightened, Vol. II_Boris Karloff (1963).mp3 download 2.2M 6 Nightmare_ Tales of the Frightened, Vol. II_Boris Karloff (1963).mp3 downloa

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  1. Starred Boris Karloff and Colin Clive. .-----Tuesday, October 8, 1957 Dracula (1931) Philadelphia TV Debut Count Dracula is a vampire who rises from his grave each night to seek victims from who he can draw the blood he requires. Starred Bela Lugosi and David Manners. -----Monday, October 14, 195
  2. Boris Karloff and Val Lewton. If this discussion of the pros and cons of Lewton's work has not already wound up classic horror fans, then I'll be more awkward and contrarian by saying that his final three horror films, all starring Boris Karloff, were his best.This is not a popular viewpoint
  3. ent commemorative statue and nearby graves are a tourist attraction
  4. Body Snatcher, The -- (Movie Clip) Never Heard The Song Famous scene from Val Lewton's The Body Snatcher, 1945, features the only appearance together by horror legends Boris Karloff as grave-robbing cabbie John Gray and Bela Lugosi as his would-be blackmailer Joseph
  5. Frankenstein (1931) Few images from the last century are so universal as to be a part of the social unconscious. A flat-top head, a pair of bolts in the neck, and a skin tone ranging from gray to green - show that to anybody, and they'll say Frankenstein. A little research will show that such a description didn't come from Mary Shelley's novel
  6. 49 sec. More by Boris Karloff. The Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Medleys. Jungle Book & Just So Stories - Read by Boris Karloff. An Evening With Boris Karloff and His Friends. Sergei Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf & Lieutenant Kijé Suite

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  1. Bobby Boris Pickett Obituary. NEW YORK (AP) - He does the Monster Mash no more. Bobby Boris Pickett, whose dead-on Boris Karloff impression propelled the Halloween anthem to the top of the.
  2. Boris Karloff / The Ladder Vincent Price / The Lonely Grave The Cannibal Song / Thurl Ravenscroft and Cliff Edwards (with Rica Moore) Posted by Listener Mindwrecker on October 30, 2010 at 06:00 PM in Listener Mindwrecker's Posts , MP3s , Music | Permalin
  3. Summary. In 1831 Edinburgh, Cabman John Gray (Boris Karloff) delivers a paralyzed little girl and her mother to the office of Dr. Wolfe Toddy MacFarlane (Henry Daniell). A body snatcher by night, Gray has a special hold over the doctor, who has lost his clinical nerve and hides in the teaching of anatomy. The earnest medical student, Donald.
  4. Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester dancing to records on the set of 1935's 'The Bride Of Frankenstein'. May or may not be somehow playing 'Monster Mash

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Frankenhooker (1990): Boris Karloff might have turned over in his grave when this comedy came out featuring a mad scientist who, after his girlfriend is killed in a bizarre lawn-mowing accident. Details about Superman #230 1970 DC Comics GD LOT 3 Boris Karloff #34 Uncanny tales grave #8 See original listing. Superman #230 1970 DC Comics GD LOT 3 Boris Karloff #34 Uncanny tales grave #8: Condition:--not specified. Ended: Jul 04, 2021. Starting bid: US $9.99 [ 0 bids] Shipping: $3.45 Economy.

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The Sleeping Dragon Boris Karloff; 1. The Model; 2. The Medium Boris Karloff; 3. Death and Napoleon's Marshal; 4. Mysteries Beyond the Grave; 5. Monster Museum; 6. [no title indexed] Jest for Fun [Western Comics] 7. Chuckle Time; 8. Mini-Comics; 9. The Death Bell; 10. The Sleeping Dragon; 11. [The Solution to Ants] Quick Takes; 12. C Chimpanzee. THE BODY SNATCHER is one of my favorite Boris Karloff movies. Karloff plays John Gray, the man who robs graves for Dr. Wolfe Toddy MacFarlane (Henry Daniell). This story is loosely based on the true story of Dr. Knox and grave robbers Burke and Hare. Karloff's John Gray is basically Burke and Hare put together

Insanity runs rampant, and grave robbery, premature burial and ghastly vampires are the unspeakable horrors that await on the Isle of the Dead. Related Topics: Boris Karloff Isle of the Dead. Karloff plays John Gray, a grave robber who supplies stolen corpses to a slimy doctor, played by Henry Daniell. It's also my favorite scary movie, one that gives me chills (and often nightmares!) every time I watch it. In real life, Boris Karloff was nothing like the villains and monsters he played onscreen The 'Grave Tales' Horror film series continues at Webster University Thursday January 31st with a screening of the groundbreaking horror classic FRANKENSTEIN (1931) starring Boris Karloff. The screening will be at Webster University's Moore Auditorium (470 East Lockwood). The movie starts at 7:30 Collection of 3 70's comics, all have yellowed pages and in good condition. Superman # 230 1970 some water stains, nice read. Uncanny Tales From the Grave # 8 1974 some water stains Evil Knievel back cover and Boris Karloff #34 1971 very good condition, no stains or damage Another collaboration between Karloff and Lewton (this time directed by the great Robert Wise), The Body Snatcher allowed Karloff to take advantage of his more subtle acting transformation techniques, dropping those sophisticated tones to play a down and dirty — but nonetheless extremely crafty — grave robber. His wicked grin is endlessly eerie, and yet you still feel like you might want.

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Boris Karloff; 1. Specters from the Sea; 2. Captives of the Camera Boris Karloff; 3. The Phantom Rescue; 4. The Evil Eye; 5. The Rainmaker; 6. The Building That Came to Life Boris Karloff; 7. No Grave Shall Hold Me; 8. Boris Karloff Pin-Up Boris Karloff The Body Snatcher has more on its mind, though, than just fear—it's a portrait of the dark side of human nature, with Karloff and Daniell representing a kind of mirror-image example of moral degradation. Boris Karloff, it must be said, is just perfect for this part. This is certainly one of the best performance of his career

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Listen to Voice from the Grave on Spotify. Boris Karloff · Song · 2012 Another astonishing chapter in the career of the Monster is being presented by Universal on the Roxy's screen. In The Bride of Frankenstein, Boris Karloff comes again to terrify the children. Set during the 1912 Balkan Wars, Isle of the Death featured Karloff as Greek general Pherides who, along with an American journalist (Marc Cramer), visits the gravesite of his late wife on a deserted island. They find the grave desecrated and a group of travelers held hostage by the superstitious beliefs of Kyra (Helene Thimig) 6. The Halloween Tree. This animated, feature-length, Emmy-winning, made-for-TV version of Ray Bradbury's novel of the same name was a seasonal staple of the Cartoon Network in the 1990s and. Boris Karloff has been the screen's #1 hero of ho-rror since Frankenstein, but he's never been scarier than he was in The Body Snatcher. A cadaverous figure with no morals to speak of, Karloff's John Gray is a true ghoul, right down to the grave-robbing

At this time, Boris Karloff was still relatively unknown. Frankenstein does not wait to embrace the line of narrative and grotesque, Dr. Frankenstein (Colin Clive) and his right-hand man Fritz (Dwight Frye) immediately engage in grave robbing, both of the ground and the gallows. A questionable breaking of the fourth wall is momentarily seen. The Mummy. Universal Pictures. Universal Studios decided to continue its successful series of horror films after Frankenstein and Dracula (both 1931) with The Mummy.Horror icon Boris Karloff-- who had already played Frankenstein's Monster the year before -- played Imhotep, an evil ancient Egyptian priest who rises from the dead when his grave is disturbed and pursues a woman whom he believes. The Devil Commands. 1941 NR 1h 5m DVD. Rent this movie. Overview. Details. A dedicated though slightly addled scientist (Boris Karloff) studies brain waves. After his wife dies in a car accident, a machine he's invented picks up her brain waves from beyond the grave, and he becomes obsessed with trying to communicate with her

This anthology features three chilling horror stories. Il Telefono is credited to Guy de Maupassant, although he never wrote such a story, and concerns a woman (Michele Mercier) receiving telephone calls from beyond the grave. Wurdulak, by Alexei Tolstoi, stars Boris Karloff as an aging.. Comedy of Terrors adds the stately Basil Rathbone to the Price-Lorre-Karloff stew, along with big-mouthed Joe E. Brown. Needless to say, grave hilarity ensues. Needless to say, grave hilarity ensues 1957, Syndicated by the Readers Digest. Boris Karloff was born William Henry Pratt, the youngest of nine children, in 1887. He was raised mostly by his older siblings after the death of his mother. His family had Anglo-English heritage, and became important in the Diplomatic Corp. Young William suffered was bow legged and suffered from stuttering and a lisp

In The Walking Dead, a man resurrected from the grave seeks revenge on the gangsters responsible for his death, and in Frankenstein 1970, a descendant of the infamous inventor creates his own monster to his bidding. Michael Curtiz and Howard W. Koch direct these creepy horror flicks that star Boris Karloff, Edmund Gwenn, Marguerite. 10. An American, played by Nick Adams, visits his fiancée's family in England and finds her father (played by Boris Karloff) conducting weird experiments with radiation from a meteorite. What was the American title for this 1965 movie? Die, Monster, Die! The House That Dripped Blood 1/6 scale, resin, Resin From The Grave I've always loved Karloff in this role. This model's casting was too rough, though, so I sold it. The Tom Tyler Mummy from the forties, before Lon Chaney Jr. took over the role. 1/6th scale, vinyl, Horizon . Older photos from the old Model Museum. This model was part of my diorama

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Starred Boris Karloff and Colin Clive. .-----Tuesday, October 8, 1957 Dracula (1931) Philadelphia TV Debut Count Dracula is a vampire who rises from his grave each night to seek victims from who he can draw the blood he requires. Starred Bela Lugosi and David Manners. -----Monday, October 14, 195 Karloff's rival Bela Lugosi played the part for five weeks onstage in Los Angeles. Our men in arms got a special performance Karloff reprised his role for an audience of GIs in the South Pacific. On the Son of Frankenstein set, working with Rathbone, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill and Emma Dunn, He was the life of the party. Woll 'em, he called to the camerman, when he was ready to act. Cut, he called at the finish of the scene. Quiet on the stage, he sang out whenever there was too much noise. Formed in May 1982 under the name Hammerhead, which was soon changed to Hellhammer.The band was formed by Tom Warrior and Steve Warrior after the collapse of their previous band, Grave Hill. Hellhammer are widely credited as pioneers of extreme metal (black metal in particular) along with Venom and Bathory.Tom Warrior and Martin Ain formed Celtic Frost the day after Hellhammer disbanded..

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Famous scene from Val Lewton's The Body Snatcher, 1945, features the only appearance together by horror legends Boris Karloff as grave-robbing cabbie John Gray and Bela Lugosi as his would-be blackmailer Joseph SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., July 13 (AP)—Lon Chaney Jr., the film actor, died yesterday at the age of 67. A long series of illnesses had put Mr. Chaney in and out of hospitals for the last year The film manages to conjure up a fun chilling atmosphere with it's foggy grave sites, dark corridors, and gritty film quality. Boris Karloff is awesome and Jack Nicholson does a good job carrying. The Body Snatcher is my favorite Lewton film, and it contains my very favorite Boris Karloff performance of a long and glorious career full of great performances. Karloff plays the grave robber, Cabman Gray. As was always the case with Karloff, his subtle performance gave his villainous character a human side

The restored trailer for. Son Of Frankenstein. has risen from the grave. Mike Vanderbilt. 10/26/16 3:23PM. 81. Save. Something that today's younger cinephiles will never get to experience is. In honour of the final day of Frankensteinia's Boris Karloff Blogathon, Killer Kittens From Beyond the Grave would like to share this interesting excerpt from Alberta History (Vol. 55 No. 2). Boris Karloff in Alberta was written by Stephen Jacobs, and details Boris Karloff's work with the Jeanne Russell Stock Company in the early 1900's

The Boris Karloff retrospective runs through Feb. 9 at Film Forum, 209 West Houston Street, west of Avenue of the Americas, South Village, (212) 727-8110; www.filmforum.org. Films are shown as. In Robert Wise: Films of the mid- to late 1940s. during the Franco-German War, and The Body Snatcher (1945), a superior short-schedule, low-budget B-film based on a Robert Louis Stevenson story about a doctor (Henry Daniell) who hires a grave robber (Boris Karloff) to supply him with cadavers for his experiments I explained how 'Ed Wood' writers had tampered with history, toying with Lugosi's personality for the sake of easy---some would say cheap---laughs. I cited the scene where an insanely embittered Lugosi spits a torrent of profanity at the mention of his horror film rival, Boris Karloff

Title Date Author/Editor Publisher/Pub. Series ISBN/Catalog ID Price Pages Format Type Cover Artist Verif; The Boris Karloff Horror Anthology: 1965-00-00: ed. Boris Karloff Souvenir Pres Karloff playing an emotionally vulnerable man on a mission to communicate with his dead wife from beyond the grave. The film is short, with good pacing, Karloff has always gives a remarkable performance, truly one of horror's greats, he plays a sensitive Doctor Julian Blair, a scientist trying to unveil secrets of the human consciousness.

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In 1962 the world's most famous bogeyman, Boris Karloff, looked back at his 30-year career in horror. Memoirs of a Monster by Boris Karloff, as told to Arlene and Howard Eisenberg, The Saturday Evening Post, November 3, 1962. Boris Karloff talks Frankenstein in a rare 1963 interview Karloff was blessed with a face that had many interesting angles and a pair of deep set eyes that were absolutely penetrating. The story is set in 1932 Cairo, Egypt. Archeologists have unearthed the grave of Karloff's lost love who was Egyptian Royalty in ancient Egypt Launching us from a grave past to a space-age future, these two thrilling double features, from producers Richard and Alex Gordon, spin classic tales of hair-raising homicidal mania and intrepid, death-defying exploration. Featuring Boris Karloff in two of his most horrifying roles (The Haunted Strangler and Corridors of Blood), and two classic sci-fi treats from the atomic age Professor Morlant (Boris Karloff) is an Egyptologist who believes in the pagan power of ancient Egyptian gods. Dying from a mysterious disfiguring ailment he is preparing for death by ensuring everlasting life. He has acquired the eternal light and he believes it will do just that Yul Brynner (1920-1985) - Find A Grave Memorial. Actor. Famed as much for his baldness, he was the first bald movie idol, as for his performances. He was the son of Boris Bryner, a Swiss-Mongolian engineer and inventor, and Marousia Blagavidova, the daughter of a Russian doctor. He was born in their hometown of Vladivostok and named Yul after.