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Download datasets. Three datasets are provided: The INRIA Holidays dataset for evaluation of image search. The INRIA Copydays dataset for evaluation of copy detection. The BIGANN evaluation dataset for evaluation of Approximate nearest neighbors search algorithms. These datasets have been created in the context of the ANR RAFFUT project Comments are closed. Inria 2016. Contact. Powered by Nirvana & WordPress.Nirvana & WordPress

The dataset. The Inria Aerial Image Labeling addresses a core topic in remote sensing: the automatic pixelwise labeling of aerial imagery ( link to paper). Dataset features: Coverage of 810 km² (405 km² for training and 405 km² for testing) Aerial orthorectified color imagery with a spatial resolution of 0.3 m INRIA Person Dataset. This dataset was collected as part of research work on detection of upright people in images and video. The research is described in detail in CVPR 2005 paper Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection and my PhD thesis. The dataset is divided in two formats: (a) original images with corresponding annotation.

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INRIA Pedestrian¶ The INRIA person dataset is popular in the Pedestrian Detection community, both for training detectors and reporting results. It consists of 614 person detections for training and 288 for testing. Note. The data files available for download are the ones distributed in here INRIA Person Data Set. INRIA Person Dataset. A large set of marked up images of standing or walking people, used to train Navneet Dalal's CVPR 2005 human detector. INRIA Car Data Set. INRIA Car Dataset. A set of car and non-car images taken in a parking lot nearby INRIA Download. The dataset is composed of two subsets: Recorded soundscapes. Synthetic soundscapes. Links to the zenodo repos: DESED_synthetic, DESED_real

Inria Person dataset for py-faster-rcnn. Return the absolute path to image i in the image sequence. Construct an image path from the image's index identifier. Load the indexes listed in this dataset's image set file. Return the database of ground-truth regions of interest. This function loads/saves from/to a cache file to speed up future calls AVDIAR: A Dataset for Audio-Visual Diarization Publicly available dataset in conjunction with paper Audio-Visual Speaker Diarization Based on Spatiotemporal Bayesian Fusion The AVDIAR dataset is only available for non-commercial use Citation Introduction Recording Setup Annotations Data Download Introduction AVDIAR (Audio-Visual Diarization) is a dataset dedicated to the audio-visual. The 6th edition of the IEEE Signal Processing Cup took place from November the 14th 2018 to May the 13th 2019 with the theme Search and Rescue with Drone-Embedded Sound Source Localization.The goal was for participating teams to build a system capable of localizing a sound source based on audio recordings made with a microphone array embedded in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Pedestrian detection is a subject of interest in various researches because of its widespread real-life applications. Hence, there are multiple standard datasets available, consisting of person as a class, used for these research works. We have considered three datasets used as benchmarks viz., COCO, INRIA, and PASCAL VOC datasets. Conten

Download Zone. The ETISEO resources made public to foster performance improvement of video surveillance algorithms. These are grouped into four categories: project documents. video data, including ground truth and results (permission needed) evaluation tools. various documents such as meeting minutes, slide presentations, conference papers, etc Overview and configuration. Annotation GUI is a GUI tool to generate annotation information for each image to learn dataset by opencv_traincascade. You don't need to use this class if you use Inria Person Dataset because it has annotation information in it. This program is for the dataset which has no annotation informations INRIA-dataset_part 1. Ritesh • updated 2 years ago (Version 1) Data Tasks Code (1) Discussion Activity Metadata. Download (1 GB) New Notebook. more_vert. business_center. Usability. 3.1. Tags. earth and nature. earth and nature. subject > earth and nature, travel. travel. subject > people and society > business > travel Pedestrian Detection YOLOv3 in INRIA Introduction Dataset Workflow 1. prepare Darknet 1.1. download Darknet 1.2. change Makefile 1.3. Compile the source code 2. Training YOLOv3 2.1. make YOLO data 2.2. take YOLO label 2.3

Download a subset of the Pl@ntNet database (https://plantnet.org/), with more than 300.000 images and thousand of classes (plant species Website | Download . Stanford 40 Actions - A dataset for understanding human actions in still Website | Download . Scene Understanding for Personal Robots (Cornell-RGBD-Dataset) Website | Download . INRIA Holidays Dataset Website | Download . Face Recognition Dataset (Full Archive) Website | Download . World Cities Dataset Website | Download OSCAR or Open Super-large Crawled Aggregated coRpus is a huge multilingual corpus obtained by language classification and filtering of the Common Crawl corpus using the goclassy architecture.. OSCAR is currently shuffled at line level and no metadata is provided. Thus it is mainly intended to be used in the training of unsupervised language models for NLP SZTAKI-INRIA Building Detection Benchmark. co-authors: Csaba Benedek (MTA SZTAKI), Xavier Descombes (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France) and Josiane Zerubia (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France) Description. This Benchmark set contains the rectangular footprints of 665 buildings in 9 aerial or satellite images taken from Budapest, Szada (both in Hungary), Manchester (UK), Bodensee (Germany), Normandy. Download. Caltech Pedestrian Dataset. The training data (set00-set05) consists of six training sets (~1GB each), each with 6-13 one-minute long seq files, along with all annotation information (see the paper for details). INRIA Pedestrian Test Dataset: Full image results on the INRIA Pedestrian dataset (evaluation details)

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Download the Massachusetts Buildings Dataset Training Set as the source domain, and put it ./datasets folder. Download the Inria Aerial Image Labeling Dataset as the target domain, and put it to ./datasets folder. Create the Mass-Inria dataset. cd datasets python create_train_oneclass.py python create_val_oneclass.py The INRIA person data set is very popular in the Pedestrian Detection community, both for training detectors and reporting results. Yet, the labelling of its test set has some limitations: some of the pedestrians are not labelled, there is no specific label for the ambiguous cases and the information on the visibility ratio of each person is. Inria synthetic light field datasets are synthetic light field datasets rendered with Blender 3D software. They contain a densely sampled light field dataset and a sparsely sampled one. The light fields in both datasets are of spatial resolution 512 x 512 and angular resolution 9 x 9. We offered a sub-aperture image (png format) and a disparity. Datasets | OpenViBE. During the past experiments, we recorded several datasets under different circumstances. These datasets can be downloaded for free in the hope that they can help research on signal processing. They have all been recorded using OpenViBE

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  1. Download To download the FlickrBelgaLogos dataset, please send an email to belgalogos@inria.fr with the following information: top. References All publications making use of the FlickrBelgaLogos dataset must include the following reference
  2. The Kinovis Multiple-Speaker Tracking Dataset Data | pdf from arXiv | download | reference The Kinovis multiple speaker tracking (Kinovis-MST) datasets contain live acoustic recordings of multiple moving speakers in a reverberant environment. The data were recorded in the Kinovis multiple-camera laboratory at INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes. The room size is 10.2 m × 9.9 m × 5.6.
  3. Kharon Malware Dataset. This page gives access to the Kharon dataset, which has been published in the proceedings of LASER16 (paper (to appear), slides ). The Kharon dataset is a collection of malware totally reversed and documented. This dataset has been constructed to help us to evaluate our research experiments
  4. Downloads Stable Windows Installer If you run a Windows machine and want to use OpenViBE right away you can simply download and run the provided installer. The supported versions of Windows can be seen on the supported architectures page. Release notes can be found here. You might also be interested in the list of supported..
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Download images. top. Annotations The 10,000 images of BelgaLogos dataset have been manually annotated. Two different groundtruth are provided: a global groundtruth and a local groundtruth. Global groundtruth In this one, each image is labelled for each logo (26 differents logos) with 1 if the logo is actually present in the image and with 0 if. Download the dataset. This dataset contains detail traffic logs of packets exchanged during YouTube and Netflix streaming sessions. Details about the dataset collection are available in the paper [RLB_CONEXT11]. For each streaming session, we used tcpdump to capture the packets exchanged between the streaming server(s) and our client Training Dataset. Below you will find links to download all or part of this VAST Training Dataset. Each room contains 54 spherical grids of source positions with 6 different radii (1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 6 meters), centered at 9 different receiver positions (Middle, North, South, East, West, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West)

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  1. INRIA Person Data Set A large set of marked up images of standing or walking people INRIA car dataset A set of car and non-car images taken in a parking lot nearby INRIA INRIA horse dataset A set of horse and non-horse images H3D Dataset 3D skeletons and segmented regions for 1000 people in image
  2. announce https://hyper.ai/tracker/announce. comment Created and tracked by Hyper.AI Datasets Team. created by Torrent RW PHP Class - http://github.com/adriengibrat.
  3. INRIA Person Dataset. Caltech Pedestrian Detection Benchmark. MIT Pedestrian Dataset. UJ Pedestrian Dataset for human detection. Daimler Pedestrian Classification Benchmark Dataset. CASIA Gait Database. DGait Database. Omnidirectional and panoramic image dataset (with annotations) to be used for human and car detection
  4. The R8 Raytrix dataset is composed of 3 video sequences recorded with a R8 Raytrix video camera fitted with a 35mm lens. These videos are : ChessPieces. Boxer-IrishMan-Gladiador. ChessMovingCamera. The first two videos, Chess and Boxer-IrishMan-Gladiator, have captured a scene placed on a turn table. The camera is then located at 35cm from.
  5. We will use this dataset in classification setting to predict the penguins' species from anatomical information. Each penguin is from one of the three following species: Adelie, Gentoo, and Chinstrap. See the illustration below depicting the three different penguin species: This problem is a classification problem since the target is categorical

Dataset Preparation. To run the experiments (or similar ones) as described in the paper, you need to download and prepare the datasets. This howto will guide you through all of that. Completing all the downloads and all the preprocessing described here will take up to a week or more on a fast computer. If you just want to train on Human3.6M it. The Labeled Yahoo! News data set Here is the matlab file containing the data set and features that we used in ECCV'10 paper and our submitted IJCV paper. I will put the images and captions online soon, but if you need them quickly, you can try to send me an email. Or download the images and caption from Tamara Berg's website. Labeled Faces in. Datasets, Experiments, Made with A4H. Orange4Home is a dataset of routines of daily living captured in Amiqual4Home's smart home environment, from January 30 th, 2017 to February 24 th, 2017. This dataset is the result of a joint work between Orange Labs and Inria. The experiment was conducted by Julien Cumin, Grégoire Lefebvre, Fano. Dataset Welcome to the website of the VIP_attribute dataset comprising of face images assembled for studying heght, weight and body mass index (BMI) based on facial images. We have assembled 1026 subjects, sepcifically 513 female and 513 male celebrities (mainly actors, singers and athletes) collected from the WWW

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  1. Lytro (First Generation) Data set . Lytro first generation dataset: Data The dataset is composed of: - The raws folder containing 30 .lfp files - The stacks folder containing 30 focus stacks Download The full dataset is available here for download (1,33 Gb)
  2. Three datasets are provided by INRIA: [10] The INRIA Holidays data-set for evaluating image search, See Fig. (1). The INRIA Copy-days data-set for evaluating copy detecting. See Table (2). The BIGANN evaluating data-set for evaluating Approximate nearest neighbors search. Fig.(1): Sample of images from the INRIA Holidays Dataset. [10]
  3. g experiments, for example, detection or classification algorithms. The dataset contains the applications.
  4. The Set5 dataset is a dataset consisting of 5 images (baby, bird, butterfly, head, woman) commonly used for testing performance of Image Super-Resolution models
  5. The images were manually selected as an easier dataset for the 2005 VOC challenge. Annotations were taken verbatim from the source databases. Browse Browse all images Acknowledgements Images in this database were taken from the TU-Darmstadt, Caltech, TU-Graz and UIUC databases. Additional images were provided by INRIA

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The original dataset, CAVIAR, consists of several sequences filmed in the entrance lobby of the INRIA Labs and in a shopping centre in Lisbon. We selected the shopping centre scenario, because it is a less controlled recording and also the cameras are better located (in INRIA Labs scenario, the camera is located overhead 4. Download zipped file here. Zipped file size is around 51M, unzipped around 52M. 5. The annotation format is compatible with PASCAL Annotation Version 1.00. Also, you can download the toolkit here. 6. Related Publications [1] Object Detection Combining Recognition and Segmentation. Liming Wang, Jianbo Shi, Gang Song, I-fan Shen. To Appear in. CMU Face Datasets - Testing images for the face detection task, and the facial expression database; Public Figures Face Database - The PubFig database is a large, real-world face dataset consisting of 58,797 images of 200 people collected from the internet. Unlike most other existing face datasets, these images are taken in completely uncontrolled situations with non-cooperative subjects In order to help us understand who is interested in this dataset, please fill in your information below and click Download. Your Institution Your Title File Your. Many datasets are created by searching and download-ing images from the Internet (such as Flickr), for example, D. INRIA INRIA [12] People Dataset was created in 2005 and is comprised of 1,237 bounding-box labels for people in 614 positive images. A positive image means that people ar

Description. The artifact is a Head Movement Dataset of 59 users watching 5 360-degree videos. We provide a tar.gz archive that contains an organized set of folder and files. The dataset was recorded using an open source software available inside another artifact Welcome to the main page for the fifth community-based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (SiSEC 2015). SiSEC aims to be a large-scale regular campaign building upon the experience of previous evaluation campaigns and first community-based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign ().. So far, several SiSECs (SiSEC2008, SiSEC2010, SiSEC2011, and SiSEC2013) were held every one and half year This dataset contains 100 tracks of professionally mixed songs. Each track is composed of its professional mixes and the individual sources present separately. Apart from the advantage of professionally mixed sources, this dataset also consists of a variety of styles. This data is available for free download. https://sisec.inria.fr/home. Local training results for each round and each node are available in exp.training_replies (index 0 to (rounds - 1) ).. For example you can view the training results for the last round below. Different timings (in seconds) are reported for each dataset of a node participating in a round Download Video Database. HMDB51 - About 2GB for a total of 7,000 clips distributed in 51 action classes.; Stabilized HMDB51 - the number of clips and classes are the same as HMDB51, but there is a mask in [video_name].form associated with each clip. The mask file is readable in matlab. README; bounding boxes (link to INRIA) HOG/HOF (STIP) feature

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INRIA-Websearch dataset Obviously, the proposed CSGL method has achieved the best performance in almost all the categories in the two datasets. Download : Download high-res image (1MB) Download : Download full-size image; Fig. 7. MAP of each category on Wikipedia dataset and Pascal Sentence dataset For example, Caltech-INRIA-SSD represents the filter weight learned Caltech dataset and tested on the INRIA dataset. Download : Download high-res image (150KB) Download : Download full-size image; Fig. 15. Generalization Test on INRIA Dataset. Download : Download high-res image (216KB) Download : Download full-size image; Fig. 16 Also get, from the same page, the list of corrupt images and place it into the dataset root. INRIA Holidays: Download the 1491 images and place them into the jpg/ subfolder of the dataset root folder. The rotated dataset is available on request (I got it from Artem Babenko) and should be placed into the jpg_rotated/ subfolder Ivan Laptev - INRIA Paris. Short Bio: Ivan Laptev is a senior researcher at INRIA Paris and head of scientific board at VisionLabs. He received a PhD degree in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in 2004 and a Habilitation degree from École Normale Supérieure in 2013. Ivan's main research interests include visual.

Detection Results — INRIA Person. We also trained and tested a model on the INRIA Person dataset. We scored the model using the PASCAL evaluation methodology in the complete test dataset, including images without people. Annotations for the INRIA dataset in the PASCAL VOC format are available: INRIA person training README INRIA person annotation The goal of this work is to recognize realistic human actions in unconstrained videos such as in feature films, sitcoms, or news segments. Our contributions concern (i) automatic collection of realistic samples of human actions from movies based on movie scripts; (ii) automatic learning and recognition of complex action classes using space-time interest points and a multi-channel SVM. Abstract: We benchmark two tracking methods developed in the INRIA Lagadic team with a TrakMark dataset. Since these methods are based on a 3D model based approach, we selected a dataset named ''Conference Venue Package 01'' that includes a 3D textured model of a scene First version of Caltech Pedestrian dataset loading. Code to unpack all frames from seq files commented as their number is huge! So currently load only meta information without data. Also ground truth isn't processed, as need to convert it from mat files first. Usage: From link above download dataset files: set00.tar-set10.tar


Gastrointestinal Lesions in Regular Colonoscopy Data Set Download: Data Folder, Data Set Description. Abstract: This dataset contains features extracted from colonoscopy videos used to detect gastrointestinal lesions.It contains 76 lesions: 15 serrated adenomas, 21 hyperplastic lesions and 40 adenoma This page describes the Dataset « AndyData-lab-onePerson » aka AnDyDataset, collected by team LARSEN at INRIA, within the scope of the EU H2020 project AnDy.. What is AnDyDataset? A dataset of human motions during industry-like manual activities, fully labeled according to the ergonomics assessment worksheet EAWS DBR dataset is an environmental audio dataset created for the Bachelor's Seminar in Signal Processing in Tampere University of Technology. The samples in the dataset were collected from the online audio database Freesound. The dataset consists of three classes, each containing 50 samples, and the classes are 'dog', 'bird', and 'rain. Android PRAGuard Dataset. As retrieving malware for research purposes is a difficult task, we decided to release our dataset of obfuscated malware. The dataset contains 10479 samples, obtained by obfuscating the MalGenome and the Contagio Minidump datasets with seven different obfuscation techniques

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Dataset Description; COVID-19 Data Lake: COVID-19 Data Lake collection is a collection of COVID-19 related datasets from various sources, covering testing and patient outcome tracking data, social distancing policy, hospital capacity, mobility, etc VOT2015 Dataset. The dataset comprises 60 short sequences showing various objects in challenging backgrounds. The sequences were chosen from a large pool of sequences including the ALOV dataset, OTB2 dataset, non-tracking datasets, Computer Vision Online, Professor Bob Fisher's Image Database, Videezy, Center for Research in Computer Vision, University of Central Florida, USA, NYU Center for. INRIA Annotations for Graz-02 (IG02) INRIA Annotations for Graz-02 (IG02) is a reedition of the popular natural-scene object category dataset prepared at Graz University of Technology. The new annotations created at INRIA are aimed to be object-oriented and more precise Download the raw data development kit (1 MB) Download the raw dataset download script (1 MB) (thanks to Omid Hosseini for sharing!) Download the velodyne calibration file (1 MB) (thanks to Sascha Wirges for sharing) Vipin Sharma has written a guide to better understand the KITTI sensor coordinate system UC Merced Land Use Dataset Download the dataset. October 28, 2010 This is a 21 class land use image dataset meant for research purposes. There are 100 images for each of the following classes

Wholesale customers Data Set. Download: Data Folder, Data Set Description. Abstract: The data set refers to clients of a wholesale distributor. It includes the annual spending in monetary units (m.u.) on diverse product categories. Data Set Characteristics: Multivariate. Number of Instances: 440 Daimler Pedestrian Segmentation Benchmark Dataset . F. Flohr and D. M. Gavrila. PedCut: an iterative framework for pedestrian segmentation combining shape models and multiple data cues. Proc. of the British Machine Vision Conference, Bristol, UK, 2013. Daimler Pedestrian Path Prediction Benchmark Dataset (GCPR'13) N. Schneider and D. M. Gavrila Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. INRIA-LEAR's video copy detection system. TRECVID , 2008. Adrien Gaidon. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. we have used two other datasets to improve the feedback obtained when measuring the system accuracy.Image dataset: We have used our own INRIA Holidays dataset [11] to improve our core.

The participants are kindly asked to first download the data set DSD100.zip (12 GB!) (at)inria(dot)fr. In short, the evaluation process is the following: Download the DSD100 dataset here; Get the dsd100mat tools here. If you're going to use python, download dsdtools here. Dataset, Annotations, Development Kit: Training Data (13320 trimmed videos) -- each includes one action: UCF101 videos (zipped folder): [ Download ] (updated Apr. 08, 2015

LSP - Leeds Sports Pose ¶. LSP - Leeds Sports Pose. The Leeds Sports Pose dataset contains 2000 pose annotated images of mostly sports people gathered from Flickr using the tags shown above. The images have been scaled such that the most prominent person is roughly 150 pixels in length. Each image has been annotated with 14 joint locations The Describable Textures Dataset (DTD) is an evolving collection of textural images in the wild, annotated with a series of human-centric attributes, inspired by the perceptual properties of textures. This data is made available to the computer vision community for research purposes. Download dataset Download code Evaluation Citation Train Py-Faster-RCNN on Another Dataset. This tutorial is a fine-tuned clone of zeyuanxy's one for the py-faster-rcnn code.. We will illustrate how to train Py-Faster-RCNN on another dataset in the following steps, and we will take INRIA Person as the example dataset.. Clone py-faster-rcnn repositor Learning to Dance, a framework to generate human motion from an audio input using Graph Convolutional Networks. Abstract. Synthesizing human motion through learning techniques is becoming an increasingly popular approach to alleviating the requirement of new data capture to produce animations The dataset was created for the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP)—a regional partnership of EPA, other federal, state, and local agencies and governments, nonprofits, and academic institutions that leads and directs Bay restoration efforts—which was looking to improve its data related to the Chesapeake Bay watershed landscape

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Download : Download high-res image (150KB) Download : Download full-size image; Fig. 1. In the INRIA dataset, the images are photos taken in multiples locations, while in the Caltech dataset, the images are sequences of videos taken from a vehicle driving through regular traffic in an urban environment A discussion about the INRIA datasets was presented at PETS04. The ground truth labelling notation discussed in the paper has changed to XML and some minor details have changed, but most of the concepts and discussion are still useful 3.1. Dataset. INRIA Pedestrian Dataset. To perform the following experiments, we recourse to the INRIA Pedestrian Dataset, a commonly accepted, multiscales dataset with a certain challenge which is often used to evaluate the performance of the pedestrian detection techniques Thus, for the INRIA dataset, the number of proposals for the four detectors is the following: Prop ACF = 1835, Prop LDCF = 940, and Prop VJ = 12323. For the Caltech data set the number of proposals is (approximately): Prop ACF = 114 K, Prop LDCF = 54 K, Prop SP + = 228 K, and Prop VJ = 190, 867. This justifies the larger test time spent for the. Downloads. The new THUMOS 2014 data can be downloaded using the following links. The details of the competition tasks, evaluation metrics, dataset, submission format, etc. can be found in the Evaluation Setup Document (updated 08/20/2014).. Password

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Ana Luísa Pinho, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (INRIA), INRIA Saclay - Île-de-France Department, Post-Doc. Studies Neuroimaging, Cognitive Science, and Music. Ana Luísa Pinho is a postdoctoral researcher active in th Datasets for approximate nearest neighbor search Overview: This page provides several evaluation sets to evaluate the quality of approximate nearest neighbors search algorithm on different kinds of data and varying database sizes. In particular, we provide a very large set of 1 billion vectors, to our knowledge this is the largest set provided to evaluate ANN methods

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Image preprocessing with the t1-linear pipeline¶. Although convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have the potential to extract low-to-high level features from raw images, a proper image preprocessing procedure is fundamental to ensure a good classification performance (in particular for Alzheimer's disease (AD) classification where datasets are relatively small) This dataset features cooking activities with recipes and gestures labeled. The data has been collected using two smartphones (right arm and left hip), two smartwatches (both wrists) and one motion capture system with 29 markers. There were 4 subjects who prepared 3 recipes (sandwich, fruit salad, cereal) 5 times each Get data set release Download visp-images-3.3..zip from https://visp.inria.fr/download and uncompress it in your workspace %VISP_WS% . Once downloaded, you need to set VISP_INPUT_IMAGE_PATH environment variable to help ViSP examples and tests to detect automatically the location of the requested data

Results of the pedestrian detections using INRIA datasetGitHub - Ermlab/hog-svm-inria: Pedestrian classification