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Heavy Rain 's story has similar elements to several different Silent Hill games, including Silent Hill: Homecoming and Silent Hill 2, while the atmosphere adds heavily to the overall story experience, another key similarity. 3 Haunting Ground When Fiona Belli awakens in a mysterious castle, she's afraid The Best Games Like Silent Hill. Silent Hill is undoubtedly one of the most popular survival horror video game franchises ever made. The series started back in 1999 and it was available exclusively on the first generation of PlayStation consoles at the beginning. Due to the game's success, however, later releases were also made available for.

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One of the most intensely horrifying games to come out in recent years, Visage is a clear homage to the infamously-de-listed Silent Hills P.T. demo. With setpieces and elements more or less ripped straight out of Konami's teaser, Visage is, in some ways, the Silent Hill game we never got Considering how P.T. was supposed to actually be Silent Hills, this entry probably doesn't surprise anybody.Arguably the best installment in the series, Silent Hill 2 was a horror game that went above and beyond every expectation of gamers when it came out and continues to impress us to this day.Its brilliant execution in virtually every aspect made it an instant classic, and a must-play for.

5 Jacob's Ladder (1990) While a lot of movies on this list seem to draw inspiration from the Silent Hill series, Jacob's Ladder actually inspired elements of Silent Hill, being released a full nine years before the first entry in the iconic video game series. With its grotesque imagery and disturbing take on psychological horror, the movie. Games to Play If You Like Silent Hill. gamerant.com - Peter Szpytek • 1d. The influence of the Silent Hill series can be seen in many different aspects of gaming, here are five titles that fans of Silent Hill should Read more on gamerant.com. The title's puzzle-solving elements are akin to Silent Hill, whereas the game's body horror is inspired heavily by Silent Hill 3. However, The Witch's House is an excellent choice, too, for fans of older, 16-bit horror titles like Clock Tower. The game was released in 2012 as a freeware title before seeing a paid-for remake last year. 4 38 Games Like Silent Hill for PC (Win) Harry Mason, an average man, is driving to the town of Silent Hill with his daughter. Upon approaching the town, a cop speeds by on a motorcycle. When Harry gets closer to town, he sees that same motorcycle sprawled in the middle of the road Alan Wake, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and The Cat Lady are probably your best bets out of the 5 options considered. Immersive story is the primary reason people pick Alan Wake over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision

The eighth game in the esteemed survival-horror franchise sees convict Murphy Pendleton escape captivity and flee into the much greater danger of the cursed town of Silent Hill. SAW II: Flesh & Blood October 19, 2010 X36 Silent Hill While modern Resident Evil games today still embody the best elements of the survival horror genre, there is just something about the classic entries in the franchise that are hard to.. 2 years ago. It's very hard to come across a game like Silent Hill, but here are some interesting psychological horror games to try. Layers Of Fear, Amnesia Collection and Soma. 4. level 1. Dog. rui-tan. 2 years ago. Detention is one that I didn't yet see anyone else recommend This game is so Silent Hill it even features two of the series' voice actors, Guy Cihi and David Schaufele (James Sunderland and Eddie Dombrowski from Silent Hill 2). Introductions to like. 10 Best Games Like Silent Hill: 1. The Walking Dead: Season 1. The Walking Dead is a five-part game series set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series. Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead

The game is creepy and scary, only negative point is the first person perspective. The game also feature interesting puzzles, another strong connection with old survival-horror games like Silent Hill. Downfall; Few games tried to embrace the challenge of building another dark descriptions of a relationship the way Silent Hill 2 made While followers of Silent Hill would in all probability like your complete Dead Space sequence, Dead Space 2 is probably the most Silent Hill of all of them because it focuses totally on the character of Isaac Clarke and the way he offers with the psychological trauma he is experiencing after the occasions of the primary recreation

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  1. Silent Hill (Series) Alternatives. Silent Hill is described as 'survival horror video game series consisting of eight installments published by Konami and its subsidiary Konami Digital Entertainment'. There are more than 25 games similar to Silent Hill for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Steam, Linux and Xbox
  2. Silent Hill 4: The Room Game • 3.8/5. Survival horror video game, the fourth installment in the Silent Hill... 361 Like. 49 Meh. 30 Dislike. 0 Save. Add to a new list. 198. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Game • 3.4/5
  3. Silent Hill 3 is the third installment in the Silent Hill survival horror series and a direct sequel to the first game, although this is kept secret from the player for plot twist purposes. Like the previous entries, Silent Hill 3 is a survival horror combining action-based combat and puzzle-solving, but is somewhat more combat-oriented than.
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38 Games Like Silent Hill for PS4 Harry Mason, an average man, is driving to the town of Silent Hill with his daughter. Upon approaching the town, a cop speeds by on a motorcycle. When Harry gets closer to town, he sees that same motorcycle sprawled in the middle of the road It's pretty difficult to find survival horror games like Silent Hill, as the series itself is so cerebral and mixes emotional trauma with survival gameplay, but The Evil Within 2 is the closest. The game's direct inspiration, Silent Hill 4, is one of the most underrated games in the series. The game was released back in 2004 and was later re-released in 2020 on GOG.com to make it playable on Windows 10 PCs Fans have been clamoring for a new Silent Hill game ever since they got a taste of what it could look like with the infamous P.T. demo.Some titles have capitalized on this engagement by implementing features inspired by Konami's lost Silent Hill title. Though Konami's Silent Hill project with Metal Gear Solid's creator, Hideo Kojima, didn't yield a complete game, the P.T. demo was enough to. People who like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Game) Donna Jones @donnajones. 18 Tastepoints. 0/14 likes in common. Follow patanu @patanu102. 704 Tastepoints. 0/503 likes in common. Follow Michell Mendonça @mendoncamichell. 145 Tastepoints. 0/100 likes in common. Follow J. Joshua @.

Games Like Silent Hill. 111 10 12 77 18 31 4 7 14 13 4 12 12 2 1 2 25 #1 Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. 3. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is an Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival First and Third-person Shooter video game by Headfirst Productions. The story of the game revolves around the character of Jack Walters who is. Silent Hill is an Action, Horror-Survival, Exploration, Combat, and Single-player video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. It is the first entry in the Silent Hill series and offers a realistic 3D environment althought I liked the concept of the game, it somehow failed to deliver all the way through. (But eventually you can get a key for this game pretty cheap because it was in a bundle.) As mentioned before - Just watch some gameplay videos to get an idea if you would like them or not. Sadly there is nothing quite like the Silent Hill games in my. Games like SILENT HILL: Remake (Concept) Related tags: Survival Remake Horror Retro Survival Horror Related platforms: Windows. The House In The Woods. You are lost in a seemingly endless forest. Heavily inspired by the Blair Witch Project. MINIGOLIATH. Adventure. The Open House

The tags customers have most frequently applied to Silent Hill Homecoming have also been applied to these products: $79.99. More like this Silent Hill 4, the original RE2, RE3 PC ports, while not that scary but with scary enough tone RE4/5, Haunting Ground over PS2 emulator (originally was supposed to be RE4 like DMC), Obscure, RE0 and 1, Narcosis (currently on sale for $5), Prey (somewhat scary, think more Bioshock though), Dead Space trilogy a must play, GTFO (multiplayer, but eerie as fuck), The Subject (more Alien Isolation. Bringing a game like Silent Hill to life as a role playing game, is all about first understanding the subject matter. Reply. W. Warbringer Explorer. Dec 13, 2015 #17 Dread would be fun or gumshoe could be interesting . Reply. J. Jabborwacky First Post. Dec 13, 2015 #18 Imaculata said Silent Hill. The graphics on this version of silent hill aren't the best but the game itself has been voted as one of the best games like resident evil and so I had to put it on this list because it is a deserving candidate I love silent hill (I've played most of them except 1 & 2) and I just realized that I've never played any other survival horror game besides silent hill, so I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions or recommendations of games that are similar to silent hill. Oh, and please list only ps3/pc games seeing as though my ps2 broke a while back

50 Games Like Silent Hill for PC Windows. LIRE, Clea 2, and Chibi Horror: The School are our top selection to play today. The latest addition in this selection are The Fear Island released the 1 July 2021 and ranked #31, Quiet Valley 2 released the 24 June 2021 and ranked #42, Sisters of Silent Liberty released the 24 June 2021 and ranked #17 Find games tagged silent-hill like The Thirteenth Floor, SILENT HILL: Remake (Concept), PS1 Style Horror Game - Demo, Pathogen-X [Demo], P.T. (Unity) on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace Top 10 Games Like Silent Hills (Games Better Than Silent Hills In Their Own Way): Page 2 of 10 Updated: 03 Jan 2019 12:01 pm Eerie, gory, terrifying fun, for when regular normal people fun just isn't enough Downpour is closer to the expected formula than something like Shattered Memories, but it still falls a little short of feeling like a true Silent Hill game. As Murphy Pendleton, players explore a.

The developer also says that, much like Silent Hill 4, this game will be in third-person, but with some first-person horror thrown into the mix. First-person has become the de facto perspective. 20 Games Like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (2009) Silver Chains. Silver Chains is a first-person horror game with a strong emphasis on story and exploration. Search for clues within an old abandoned manor to unravel the truth about the terrible events which have happened here

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  1. The team pulled from fiction like the Silent Hill games and Arthur Miller's The Crucible to create something that has just enough texture from life to feel real, without getting too mired in the.
  2. Delisted Xbox 360 Games Reappear On Microsoft Store, Brutal Legend, Silent Hill, and More. Ali Haider August 2, 2020. Delisted games like Brutal Legend that were taken down from Microsoft Store are now starting to appear again on the Digital Store. Many cult classics can be purchased again. Brutal Legend was developed by Tim Schafer
  3. The Shining. 5 Movies Like Silent Hill If You're Looking for Something Similar. Often dubbed as one of the scariest films of all time, The Shining is a slow burn of a horror film that leaves.
  4. Like some of the better Silent Hill games, The Medium is also a slow burn. You might get a scare or two early on, and the introduction is meant to help you test the waters, but the real stakes and.

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50 Games Like Silent Hill: Homecoming for PC Windows - page 3. Update, 21 July 2021: ea Lady in Tomb added at ranked #24. In Silent Hill Homecoming, Alex Shepherd has returned to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen to investigate the sudden disappearance of his brother James Sunderland tries to locate his wife in the eponymous town of Silent Hill in the first sequel to the 1999 PlayStation horror game. It is the first installment of the Silent Hill series on the PlayStation 2 The 16 games we compiled for this list present the sort of survival horror goodness that exemplifies Resident Evil. 1. 'Silent Hill' (series) If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on. The famous example of this is, of course, how Pyramid Head has also shown up in other Silent Hill media - even though he is, for very valid story-related reasons, only supposed to appear in Silent Hill 2. There's also the way that many horror games tries to achieve this, sometimes at the cost of scariness I asked this question a long ass time ago and some of you were nice enough to make a list, but I forgot about those games xD. If you could again make a list of games I should play for ps1, ps2, and ps3 that are like silent hill (or just a good horror themed game) I'd appreciate that

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Best games like resident evil & Silent Hill for Android & iphone 2020 l VinIsHereMy Discord come join in!! (Have conversations with like minded people & I po.. Upon first glance, you might think Dement looks like a fairly crusty take on an indie Silent Hill. Then you realize the game is set in the small town of, uh, Quiet Mountain. I can't quite tell. This demo gives off silent hill vibes, can't wait for the Full game! Subscribe for more videos!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC46FnHUJSZC35nB4awAG_Aw?sub_c..

It's inspired by the likes of Silent Hill and the Resident Evil series as well as horror comics and TV shows like The Walking Dead. Check out another new trailer below Rather than spend big on new Silent Hill games, Konami will license the IP out to Sony, sources familiar with Konami's plans tell tell Rely On Horror.Sony has two projects in the works including a. Though Silent Hill is one of the most successful gaming horror franchises of all time, there hasn't been a new title for the series in a long time. Silent Hills was in development a long while ago but following the Konami and Hideo Kojima fall out, we've been waiting for any official signs that a new title would be on the way. While we wait though, a Silent Hill inspired horror game, Post. Last month, Konami announced a surprising partnership with Bloober Team that has led many to believe The Medium developer might be working on a new Silent Hill game. That speculation increased. Silent Hill is the first installment in the Silent Hill series of psychological survival horror video games. The game was developed by Team Silent and published by Konami. It was released for the Sony PlayStation in North America on January 31, 1999. It was re-released on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3, but not for PlayStation Vita (however, it can be played.

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  1. Thanks to its content and the fact that the studio was relatively unknown beforehand, comparisons to games like Silent Hill and Hideo Kojima's P.T. were drawn almost immediately. Famously, Hideo.
  2. Silent Hill (Japanese: サイレントヒル, Hepburn: Sairento Hiru) is a horror media franchise centered on a series of survival horror video games, created by Keiichiro Toyama, developed and published by Konami, and published by its subsidiary Konami Digital Entertainment.The first four video games in the series, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4: The Room, were.
  3. Silent Hill looks like a Resident Evil wannabe with dark atmospheric graphics and shockingly gory sequences. Beyond the games violent exterior, however, is something more: a diinking-mans mystery. The plot in a nutshell: You play as a character named Harry Mason, who, while driving with his daughter past a resort called Silent Hill, wrecks his.

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Few games have the good fortune of being perfect but, for me, Silent Hill 2 is. Now over 15 years old, everything in this dream-like tale of obsession, guilt, and desperate redemption feels. F ew video game franchises have reached the level of sheer notoriety of Silent Hill.Not only one of the most celebrated franchises in survival horror, but video games in general. For this there. Konami's rumoured Silent Hill games may not have anything to do with the cancelled Silent Hills, but a new Instagram post by Norman Reedus has fans speculating again, poor souls. It depicts Reedus. Instead, it channels a true psychological horror that's most reminiscent of Silent Hill and, specifically, P.T. from Hideo Kojima. The journey to the mansion itself sets the mood perfectly Silent Hill is simply the best survival horror game out there and one the very best Playstation games released. Unlike games like the Resident Evil series, or even Fatal Frame, games that lose their scariness the further you get, Silent Hill remains scary until the very end. For a Playstation game, Silent Hill has very good graphics, showing.

Hideo Kojima (小島 秀夫Kojima Hideo?, born August 24, 1963) is a Japanese video game designer, screenwriter, director, and producer, widely recognized as an auteur of video games. His most notable video games are the Metal Gear series of stealth games, the Zone of the Enders mech-combat series, as well as the adventure games Snatcher and Policenauts . He is responsible for the demo of. Silent Assasin Games like Hitman. Hitman - a video game series about the infamous Agent 47, a perfect assassin, who mastered the art of silent killing. Adventures of a genetically enhanced human with extraordinary physique and intelligence enjoy unabated popularity among players across the world, setting new standards for stealth-oriented games Silent Hill is the talk of the town. Credit: Behaviour Interactive. The rumors are fierce and persistent. The clues and teases are tantalizing. Could a new Silent Hill game be in the works?Is. Like so many great development teams, Team Silent was comprised of a bunch of rejects from Konami, and when they made the first Silent Hill, they all went into its release assuming it would be the last game they would ever get to work on for the company. Imagine their surprise when, after resigning themselves to failure, their game went on to.

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The reason we need another Silent Hill when we have games like The Medium is because people like different things. For example, I'm not assuming anything with my opinion. I played The Medium on GP and I found it lacking in every respect compared to any of the mainline Silent Hill games. I would take 1 Silent Hill game over 10 Bloober Team games. silent Hill is one of the most loved horror series by fans and the franchise has been around since the days of the first PlayStation. However, most players believe that the best chapters are part of the top 4 games, i.e. the titles developed by an internal team of Konami, called Team Silent.The care and sophistication of the atmosphere and history have allowed these video games to continue. Hideo Kojima (小島 秀夫, Kojima Hideo, born August 24, 1963) is a Japanese video game designer, director, producer and writer.. Regarded as an auteur of video games, he developed a strong passion for action/adventure cinema and literature during his childhood and adolescence. In 1986, he was hired by Konami, for which he designed and wrote Metal Gear (1987) for the MSX2, a game that laid. If you like Silent Hill games by VarroGabor | created - 04 Sep 2017 | updated - 23 Jun 2019 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, et Not that I'm aware of. However, a noted YouTube channel, Residence of Evil, is working on a Resident Evil themed game called Vigil. Vigil is a collaborative effort, and a video even managed to snag Nick Apostolides, who was actually Leon Kennedy i..

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Delisted Xbox 360 Games Like Silent Hill Are Now Back In The Xbox One Store. More than a dozen delisted Xbox 360 games are now available on the Xbox One store, though it's unlikely you'll be able. Really, any game in the Silent Hill series could make it on this list. Silent Hill 4 is the often under appreciated entry into the series despite being made by the original Team Silent developers. 2008-Sep-9 3:05 pm. Resident Evil is more of shooter horror game, rather than playing with your mind horror game like Silent Hill/Fatal Frame. actions · 2008-Sep-9 3:05 pm ·. Dejavu. Game.

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In games like Silent Hill, the environment reflects psychological and emotional conflicts and weaknesses. The characters in Silent Hill are often normal people with struggles and fears. The Silent Hill community, desperate as ever to hear about a new game in the series, quickly convinced themselves that Abandoned was a revival of Silent Hills, the cancelled Hideo Kojima project Naturally, desperate Silent Hill fans took phrases like horror IP and famous gaming publisher immediately to heart. Fans of classic horror games have reason to keep hope alive, at least

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Silent Hill: Alchemilla is a fan game built on Valve's Source Engine (the piece of seemingly immortal technical wizardry that powers Half-Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, etc), and. An indie developer is the latest to try and make a game like Silent Hill with Post Trauma. In a recent Twitter post, an indie developer talks about how he quit his job to work on a horror game inspired by Silent Hill 4 Should a Christian stay away from games like Silent Hill? Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Nani-Day, Apr 25, 2014. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Apr 25, 2014 #1. Nani-Day Lambda 11. 881 +102 Non-Denom Private. Or Resident Evil? Does it seem hypocritical and selfish to indulge in this type of entertainment The Silent Hill comparison is the clearest in my mind, what with the exploration of a twisted realm, the purposely sluggish combat, and a world with an aesthetic that mirrors the death and decay.

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silent hill 2, purely from a writing and design standpoint, impresses me too much for me to ever be scared by it. the symbolism rooted into nearly every facet of the game is breathtaking to me, both subtle and not as subtle. i don't like james as a person (and i DEFINITELY don't find him sympathetic), but i do like him as a character. i. Silent Hill. NTSC-J, NTSC-U, PAL: 1999 Considered by many at the time of its release to be the scariest game of all time, the first Silent Hill took the survival horror to new psychological heights. Gamers take the role of Harry Mason, a widower taking his adopted daughter Cheryl on a late-season vacation to Silent Hill

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Popular alternative Games to DEAD BY DAYLIGHT MOBILE - Silent Hill Update for Android, Android tablet and more. Download top 47 Games like DEAD BY DAYLIGHT MOBILE - Silent Hill Update, all Games suggested by APKPure In the original Silent Hill video game, the white stuff falling from the sky was referred to as snow, but in the movies it's referred to as ash—and in later games like Silent Hill Downpour. It has been a long time since fans of the Silent Hill series have had a new game to play. It seems like almost every horror game franchise has seen new games, remakes, or remasters except for.

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Silent Hill 2 has no answer for you. It just asks the question. I can't think of any game more deserving of the title best horror game ever. But horror is trite in itself. Genres are reductive and nonsensical when it comes to games like this. Silent Hill deserves more respect than to be enshrined beside games like Outlast 2 Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and the Art of Making Scary Games. Some of gaming's greatest horror minds talk about the challenges of designing truly scary games such as Silent Hill and Dead Space. With titles like Clock Tower finally reaching Western audiences, and the first entries of Silent Hill and Resident Evil being released, these dark games solidified the genre, and inspired a.