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  1. Welcome to. Come experience the BEST whitetail hunting in Oklahoma on the family owned and operated Addison Ranch. Our hunts take place on 5,000 acres of some of the best wildlife habitat in the United States. Located west of Marietta, Oklahoma near the Red River, this habitat is perfect for developing huge whitetail racks
  2. What to Bring on your Oklahoma Exotic Hunting Trip: Weapon of Choice. Binoculars. Camouflage Clothing and orange vest and hat. Good Boots. Flashlight. Rain Suit. COOLER to transport your meat home in. Name: * Contact Form. Exotic Hunting. If you do not have an opportunity to harvest the animal you are pursuing all you owe is the lodging & guide.
  3. Oklahoma State Tags; Trophy Bass Fishing; Rifle, archery, pistol and unlimited sporting clay ; Not Included. Trophy care (field dressing, caping, and quartering of meat for transportation) Gratuities for guides and staff; Fallow Trophy Buck $4,500 Fallow Super Trophy Buck P.O.R. Extra Hunt Days $350/day per hunter; Guest (Non-Hunter) $200/day.
  4. Their meat is excellent eating, tastes just like elk meat. Our Red Deer have done wonderful here in Oklahoma so we have many with some huge stags, and our prices on red deer were already some of the best in the country, so 20% off makes a superb bargain. WILD FERAL HOGS only $1.00 per poun
  5. Meat hunts $3500 Trophy Bulls $4500 and up. Oryx Meat hunts $1000 Trophy Bulls $2500 and up. Sika Deer Bucks $1500 and up Does $750. Red Deer Stags $3500 and up Hinds $2000. Elk Cull bulls $2500 Management Bulls $3500 Yes, you will need an Oklahoma annual or lifetime hunting license
  6. With around 1200 acres to roam with a mix of native pasture and hard woods setting in rolling hills this makes for a fun and exciting elk hunting experience. Book early as there is a limited number of hunts available each season. (918) 944-0414. Price above includes 2 nights lodging, drinks, meals and guides
  7. The wild hog hunt packages are for the 1) individual guests, or for 2) prearrange group hunts. If you book a trophy hunt package for Whitetail deer, Elk or Bison, or if you are just staying at the ranch for any type of recreation, hog hunting can be added in without additional trophy fees. Harvesting a wild hog at Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch is FREE.

All the meat, head and hide are yours to enjoy! No Kansas hunting license in needed. No season dates. You can hunt our buffalo year-round. We also offer several other types of buffalo hunts and we can accommodate handicapped or youth hunters. Buck the antigun nuts and show a kid how to hunt! Homestead Ranch Buffalo Hunting Price List 2021-202 During a typical weekend meat hunt package the hunter(s) would arrive on Friday at 12 PM, after lunch and hunt, eat dinner with us, wake up to a hot breakfast, hunt, eat lunch, then depart on Sunday at 3 PM. 1/1 - 1/31 Limited Hunts Available 2/1 - 2/28 Limited Hunts Available

Nestled along the Red River in Oklahoma, Burks Whitetails is a family owned and operated Oklahoma whitetail hunting outfitter. Serving Southern Oklahoma and North Texas, Burks Whitetails takes pride in its carefully managed herd and strives to provide clientele with big typical mainframe bucks with lots of tine length Bison meat hunt two days/three nights all inclusive with lodging and meals $4,400. Our non-hunting guest fee is only $100 per day for lodging and meals and guests can go on the hunt! Bison Butchering $650 - Cut to your specifications, vacuum sealed and frozen. We have state of the art walk-in coolers and freezers, to ensure the best possible. FULL SERVICE TEXAS EXOTIC HUNTS: $350.00 per day per Hunter. Includes: Lodging, meals and daily guide fees, Ranch transportation, field dressing, temporary cold storage, taxidermy/meat processing pick up at Ranch (if desired) Not included: Texas Exotic Trophy fees, hunting licenses, tips, ammunition, alcohol, transportation to and from the Ranch, skinning, caping, quartering, taxidermy, or. Call Us AT. 405-HOG-WILD. Hunts. Exotics. Trophy Room. The Lodge. What you need. Book a Hunt. **All hunters at Hog Wild are required to purchase a $25.00 Captive Feral Swine Hunting License issued by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and forestry (ODAFF) This license will be directly emailed to you or can be printed and brought to the.

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Elk Hunts. Trophy bull elk hunts are available in the fall for bulls scoring over 320 inches. They are mature bulls that can be hunted during their rutting season. Hunting elk in Oklahoma during the bugling season is a very unique experience and presents one of the finest hunting opportunities in the outdoors Ranch: High Adventure Ranch • 263 Highway YY • Cook Station, Missouri 65449. Toll Free: 1-877-858-3481 • (314) 293-0610 after hours Oklahoma Exotic Hunting at Bowtie Hunting Ranch offers all types of hunting methods from Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzle-Loader and one of our favorites is Axis Deer Hunts. If you have never tried Axis Deer meat you have been missing out! This natural meat without any gamey taste known is known as the best table fair of all game animals

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Bison meat in general is lower in fat and calories than beef and packed full of protein, vitamins and minerals! Who knew hunting could be so healthy! Oklahoma is home to some of the original prairie range where large herds of Buffalo (Bison) once roamed free Guided Whitetail Hunts In Oklahoma. Bent Pine Ranch is located in the beautiful foothills of the Ozark Mountains in North East Oklahoma. Your guided hunting trip will include an all-inclusive 3 day 2 night stay in our beautiful rustic deer hunting lodge.. The lodge features a wide open trophy room to share hunting stories next to the fireplace or watch the game on the big screen Book your hunt by July 31, 2021 and receive FREE total meat processing! We de-bone and vacuum seal the steaks, roasts, chops, and grind the remainder into burger (or breakfast sausage from the Boar) in 2 lb. tubes. All your meat will be stored in our walk-in cooler and/or freezer until your departure. These all-inclusive hunt package prices. The Pogany Hog Hunting Ranch is located just 35 miles South of Tulsa Oklahoma. A Fully Guided Hog Hunt, we make it easy and let the hunter choose what to shoot with just one flat rate. Our Hog Hunting Ranch is 200 acres of Rolling Hills and Heavily wooded timber, just perfect to hide those giant hogs and give them a great place to grow big and old

We have access to over 22,000 acres of prime hunting land in Southwest Oklahoma for all types of game. If you're looking for meat hunts or just a good time we have you covered. All our hunts are wild and fair chase, providing you a hunting experience and not just a shooting experience *** 1-Day MEAT HUNT Options: MEAT HUNT for (up to 2) WHITETAIL Doe's - $750.00 MEAT HUNT for 1 AXIS Doe - $850.00 MEAT HUNT for 2 BLACKBUCK Doe's - $950.00 MEAT HUNT for ELAND COW - $3000.00 MEAT HUNT for ELK COW - $2200.00 MEAT HUNT for FALLOW Doe - $750.00 MEAT HUNT for Young SCIMITAR HORNED ORYX - $1500.00 MEAT HUNT for SCIMITAR HORNED ORYX (Broke Horned) - $2200.0 All of our white tail deer hunts are conducted in beautiful Southwestern Oklahoma on family owned and leased private ranch and farm land. These hunts are conducted in Caddo County which is consistently one of the top whitetail deer producing counties in Oklahoma in both number and quality of deer ( click here to see harvest totals by county) Texas Hill Country Deer Hunting. 830-997-3550 - Days. 830-889-5638 - Cell. 830-997-5263 - Evenings. Click map to enlarge or click HERE for interactive version of map. Come and shoot bucks NOW!! They're out of velvet with 8-12 Axis bucks up to 32 inches ready to go. NOW is the time to make your reservation. The J & R Moellendorf Ranch is very.

The elk hunts are available in October through early December to take advantage of the rut for Trophy Bulls scoring up to 400 or above. Elk hunting packages at Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch are 3 days and 4nights with check-in at 4 pm and check-out at 10 am. Our bull elk trophy fees are determined by the size of the bull you harvest Hunting area consists of pine covered hills and canyons with lots of cover, No state license or permit is required. We will haul game from hunting area to a walking cooler here on the ranch, you have the option from there to have us skin, gut and process the meat, or you may do it yourself breaking it down into your coolers at no charge The rattlesnake festivals feature guided snake hunts for the thrill seekers, a butcher shop where deep-fried rattlesnake meat is on the menu, a flea market, food and craft vendors, a carnival

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  1. We are quick to jump to the defense of hog hunting for what probably seems like obvious reasons, but the truth of the matter is this: 1) hog hunting is a wonderfully beneficial thing for both personal growth and local agriculture, and 2) hog meat is delicious. We honestly don't know why there is so much out there about safety issues connected.
  2. The Southern Oklahoma whitetail deer hunting at Side by Side Ranch is simply incredible. The Side by Side Hunting Ranch in Oklahoma has an amazing Whitetail Deer herd and h unt just waiting for you. With an abundance of monster bucks, Side by Side Ranch can promise an action packed, once in a lifetime experience, along with First Class accommodations, meals, and other activities all included.
  3. Oklahoma's largest exotics wildlife ranch featuring thousands of acres of wilderness with varied terrain from meadows to hardwoods to canyons to scrub oaks... challenging fair chase hunting. 10,000 sq ft luxury lodge with huge trophy room of over 300 taxidermy mounts. Full service provider offering in-house services for lodging, food & drink.
  4. Guided Whitetail Hunts In Oklahoma. Bent Pine Ranch is located in the beautiful foothills of the Ozark Mountains in North East Oklahoma. Your guided hunting trip will include an all-inclusive 3 day 2 night stay in our beautiful rustic deer hunting lodge.. The lodge features a wide open trophy room to share hunting stories next to the fireplace or watch the game on the big screen
  5. Tarbone Ranch in SW Oklahoma conducts trophy big game hunts for Deer, Elk and Bison. Come to Tarbone Ranch and experience a hunting trip of a lifetime. Hunt trophy Deer. Hunt trophy Bison. Hunt trophy Elk

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CALL TODAY TO BOOK!(918) 413-7444 Guided Hunting Trips Oklahoma's Premiere Hunting RanchWelcome to Bowtie Hunting Ranch! Sitting proudly on the western edge of the Arkansas River Valley, our resort boasts breathtaking views of the ancient Ozark and Kiamichi Mountain Ranges and numerous species of animals that graze across the rolling hills. Bowtie Hunting Ranch offers [ Included in all trophy hunts is the meat, the head and hide and the above-mentioned services. There is no license required for these bison hunts. Hunting season for the trophy bison bulls is on a limited basis in October (3 to 4 hunts) for hunters who are looking to pair a bison hunt with an antelope hunt Doe/Meat Hunts- Fill the Freezer! All inclusive Package. 2 Meat Animals/Does- Whitetail Does. $1,000. Exotic Does or other meat animals can be substituted for whitetail does, depending on availability. Daily Fee is $250 a day per hunter. All Inclusive Guide, Lodging and Meals/Drinks Meat Hunter rods were developed in the rivers and lakes of the south for heavy duty fishing. They are great for landing big catfish or snagging spoonbill, They even use these rods in shark tournaments in the gulf. If you like hunting large species of fish just give them a try and see what you can land in your area

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Roam Over 1000 Acres During Exotic Hunts In Oklahoma. During your exotic hunt at Riverview Ranch we do everything possible to put you on a unique trophy and give you the hunting experience of a lifetime. In addition to a number of whitetail deer, we have exotic deer, red sheep, mouflon, black Hawaiian rams and more varieties roaming our 1,000. Western Oklahoma is a prime hunting area for migrating Sandhill Cranes. The Central Flyway is the migration path of the Mid-Continent Sandhill Crane, with populations over 900,000 birds. The total US Sandhill Crane harvest was over 30,000 as of 2018 studies. Western Oklahoma is virtually an untapped gold mine for hunting Sandhill Crane HJ Ranch Hunting. Scroll. HJ Ranch is a family owned ranch located in Edwards County, near Rocksprings, Texas. Originally called Double Wells, HJ Ranch comprises 2,000 acres on the border of the Texas Hill Country and Edwards Plateau. Most of our hunts are from two man box blinds, with plenty of room for hunters and gear, that overlook feeders DATES OF HUNTS; August 1st - Sept.30th. October 1st - December 31st. January 1st - February 15th. Mule Deer/Cow Elk Combo - October - During our rifle deer hunts. This hunt is an excellent choice for the meat hunter. As any experienced elk hunter knows, an antlerless elk is by far the best table fare. These hunts have a history of 95.

Hospitality is part of the Riverview hunting experience. Hunting is available 365 days a year but we normally start mid-September and go through mid to late-January. We are almost always one-on-one with the hunters. We skin, cape, freeze or cool, deliver your meat to a processor and trophy to a taxidermist at no additional charge Trophy Bison Hunts - Pintada Ranch. The Pintada Ranch has a large herd of Bison in the Canyons and Plains of the ranch, the ranch is NOT HIGH FENCED and the Bison are roaming free in the many canyons of the ranch. Get in on the Trophy Bison Hunts! A few years ago, for the first time, the ranch allowed 6 hunters to hunt for the Bulls In addition to Okeene, four other western Oklahoma towns will revive their rattlesnake hunts and festivals this month after being canceled last year. Waurika and Waynoka will hold their rattlesnake festivals next weekend. Apache's will follow on April 15-18. The granddaddy of them all, the 82nd Okeene Rattlesnake Roundup will happen April 23-25 Optional- Add Night Vision Hunt (Gun's, ammo, and night vision google included) $595 per hunter/per day 2 hunter minimum 50% Deposit Required. Not Included with our Hunting Packages: Oklahoma Feral Swine License - $25.00 Range/Practice Ammo; Trophy care (field dressing, caping, and quartering of meat for transportation) Gratuities for. Exotic Hunts. If you are looking for an unforgettable exotic hunting experience, you have come to the right place! Briar Oaks Ranch has a history of producing genetically superior, world class, award winning exotics species including super trophy axis deer, gold and silver class blackbuck, oryx, addax and wildebeest

Oklahoma : Terry's Taxidermy : 9201 W. Reno : Oklahoma City (405) 787-7883 : Osage : Osage Country Meats : 64934 US Hwy 60 East : Ponca City (580) 762-8026 : Osage : Barnsdall Meat Processing : 34 Florence : Barnsdall (918) 847-281 Cassie spent many days the past week trying to provide food for our family. Some hunts weren't videoed, but she worked hard to provided our viewers all the f.. If I ever go back out west to hunt big game, I plan on driving. The road trip can be a weary experience, especially on the way back, but for the price of a few tanks of gas, food, maybe a hotel room, ice and/or a portable freezer, this is the most cost-effective method for getting meat back home from the hunt The Trophy Oklahoma Deer Hunt at Burks Whitetail. When you book with us you will be the only hunting group at the lodge. Our guides are true professionals that actually love guiding and hunting trophy bucks. We run manageable-sized group hunts in order to give our clients the personal attention they deserve Superior Game Ranch buffalo hunts are exciting. The buffalo are massive, smart and the hunt is a challenge to enjoy. All Buffalo Hunts include an Experienced Guide, Lodging, Meals and Field Dressing. a guide, lodging, meals & field dressing. Capping, meat processing (over night) and taxidermy work can be supplied at an additional charge

Axis Deer Hunts in Central Texas. Rock Creek Ranch takes pride in offering a great value for your Texas Axis Deer Hunt. Axis meat is fantastic table fare and as well offers a great trophy of a lifetime. This is our customers favorite exotic animal to hunt, we recommend booking earl y for the months of May Nestled along the banks of the Arkansas River in North Central Oklahoma, Red Rock Ranch offers exciting hunting in a wide choice of cover: feed strips, field borders, open fields, oak woods and draws. That means there's always something new and challenging at Red Rock. The staff at Red Rock Ranch is dedicated to making your visit memorable. MEAT HUNT for (up to 2) WHITETAIL Doe's - $750.00 MEAT HUNT for 1 AXIS Doe - $850.00 MEAT HUNT for 2 BLACKBUCK Doe's - $950.00. The DEPOSIT to Reserve your Hunt is $100.00 for MEAT HUNTS, and $200. 00 for WHITETAIL BUCK HUNTS. We have been providing Hunting Adventures for over Fourteen Years. These hunts are conducted on over 500 acres in. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is currently receiving the internet's attention for trolling PETA.. After PETA put up a billboard calling Governor Kevin Stitt a meathead, and also calling for people to go vegan for life, the governor fired up the grill and fired back at PETA with a good ol' fashioned cookout right under the billboard

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Whitetail Hunting's Best Kept Secret. Tony J. Peterson Mar 11, 2021. If you give hunters a platform to gripe, you'll hear a wide variety of complaints that generally fall into a few categories. One of the most popular centers on access to ground, or lack thereof. It's true that outbreaks of strip malls and McMansions are eating up. Private Buffalo Hunting Outfitters. Hunting the magnificent buffalo in a traditional manner is unequaled in excitement and adventure. Our bison hunts will enable you to relive a bygone era using methods that were used to hunt buffalo over a century ago. Locating your trophy bull bison on a ranch this size makes for a true bison hunt No other Texas deer hunting ranch will work harder to earn your business. The Lazy CK Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country just west of Kerville, Texas. This beautiful ranch is 7000 acres and is managed to produce Texas Whitetail Bucks gross scoring 180 SCI - 250+ SCI. The Lazy CK Ranch uses MLD Permits WE LOOK FORWARD TO HUNTING WITH YOU! We began our duck, goose and Sandhill crane hunting excursions on the coast of Texas in 2001. As the years passed, we expanded into more northern regions to provide our waterfowl hunters with the most rewarding hunting. With consistently high bird numbers an

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  1. Free-Range Aoudad. Barbary Sheep hunting in the rugged canyons and mountains of West Texas is America's most underrated sheep hunt. Well technically they are a goat, but you get the point! Also known as aoudad, these animals never quite get the respect they deserve because they are often harvested in high-fence operations in other parts of.
  2. Our exotic game species may be hunted year round and include Axis, Fallow, Aoudad, Elk, Blackbuck Antelope, Sika, Aoudad, Scimitar-Horned Oryx and Mouflon rams. Whitetail and exotic doe packages are also available and are a great way to include youth hunters and beginners in the hunt. Turkey hunts in the spring are a great way to spend a weekend in the off season and the ranch has a huge.
  3. Oxferd Outfitter is a family-owned and operated outfitter since 2003 offering affordable Whitetail Deer Hunts, Wild Hog Hunts, Rio Grande Turkey Hunts, Dove Hunts, Duck Hunts, Upland Bird Hunts, Youth Hunts and Bow Hunts. We care that you as the hunter have a great experience hunting and lodging with us. It's very important to us that you have.
  4. Meat hunts are available for single hunters or small groups. Specials are offered from time to time so please check with us to see our current offers. Outside of our specials Axis doe hunts are $150 per day guide fee that will cover your party of 1 to 3 hunters and a harvest fee of $350 per doe
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  6. Oklahomans have enjoyed or cursed feral hogs ( Sus scrofa) in the southeastern and eastern parts of the state for several years. Oklahomans in many other areas of the state are following suit. At one time, domesticated hogs were managed as free ranging livestock in parts of the state. These domesticated hogs would often become feral and were.
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We found 886 results for Meat Markets in or near Hunts Point, NY. They also appear in other related business categories including Grocery Stores, Fish & Seafood Markets, and Butchering. The businesses listed also serve surrounding cities and neighborhoods including Brooklyn NY, Bronx NY, and New York NY From Business: Nebraskaland is a privately owned business that has been serving the meat industry since 1989. It is one of the leading meat distributors in the New York. 5. Gotham Meat Sales Corp. Wholesale Meat. Website. (718) 991-5522. B12 Hunts Point Co Op Mkt. Bronx, NY 10474 Sand Creek Outfitters is located in Cherokee, Okla., less than 20 miles from the Great Salt Plains Lake and Refuge. We specialize in sandhill crane and dry field duck hunts in Oklahoma as well as big whitetail deer and dove All hunts are fully guided and some amenities will be provided during hunts

200 N Main. Waurika, OK 73573. Phone: 580-228-2838. Email. Add To Trip Open Trip Planner. Come for the thrill of the annual Waurika Rattlesnake Hunt. Activities include carnival rides, games, food vendors, a flea market, thrill show and caravan hunting of Diamondback rattlesnakes. Have a fangtastic time as you witness snake handlers perform. Due to the proximity of Oklahoma-Kansas state line of our sandhill crane and pheasant hunts, those guided hunts require licenses for both Kansas and Oklahoma. (Crane hunt licensing requirements include a state hunting license, a federal sandhill crane hunting permit issued from both Kansas and Oklahoma, and an Oklahoma HIP permit Texas & Oklahoma Whitetail and Turkey hunts. OKLAHOMA: 2,000 acres of private land. This ranch holds lots of big bucks. Great chance at 150 plus bucks. Lots of creek bottoms, woods and rolling hills. You can kill 1 buck and 1 hog. Very limited spots available on this ranch. The ranch has been managed for many years for quality deer The type of hunt and species of hunt is your choice. All hunt packages include: an experienced guide, lodging, meals and field dressing. Processing of meat, capping and taxidermy is available for an additional charge. Superior Game Ranch Hunts & Offers are: • Big Game Preserve, 2,100 acres enclosed • Big Game Wild, 2,100 acres open and wil Types & Rates | King Ranch Hunting. King Ranch is the premier hunting destination for whitetail deer, nilgai, turkey, feral hog, javelina, and other game. King Ranch conducts its hunts in a free-range, low-fence, fair-chase environment, offering great opportunities for both experienced and novice hunters. As outlined below, we offer both Day.

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If you've had a great hunting season, consider donating your extra meat to families in need across the country. View our many organizations to donate to. Ones like the Nebraska Donation program are a state branch of the Parks and wild life. Then there are federal groups like the Farmers and Hunters Feeding the hungry. FHFH This hunt is for 4 days, 3 nights (3 full days of hunting). It includes the opportunity to harvest (1) mature, 5- 1/2 year old or older Texas Whitetail deer not to exceed 150 B & C (gross). A $1050.00 Booking Deposit per Hunter holds the hunt date; the balance of the Trophy Fee of $4,100.00 is due 30 days prior to the scheduled hunt date The Bison Ranch in Pingree, North Dakota specializes in top-quality bison meat hunts. These animals are grass fed on thousands of acres of lush, virgin prairie which produces some of the finest quality bison meat that has our clients coming back year after year. Website Banner 2019. 1/6. Home. Bison Connect with people who share your interest in Hunting in Facebook groups 2017 OKLAHOMA Hog HUNT Prices. There are no 'trophy fees' on our Oklahoma Hog Hunts. Our hunts include unlimited hogs. We just ask you take the meat or coordinate in advance for a local to take the animal (s) once harvested. Hunter rate: $125/day per hunter with a 3 day minimum hunt (we do not offer 'day hunts')

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Hunts by Animal. At Discounted Hunts LLC, we provide D.I.Y., semi-guided and guided hunts with discounted hunting opportunities and successful hunts . We offer over 250 outfitters, guides, ranchers and landowner leases to select from in 36 states and Canada to ensure you have an amazing hunting trip. Our inventory and years of experience. Hunt ducks or turkey in the morning and hogs in the evening. This can be one of the most exciting and diverse hunting experiences offered in Oklahoma. You will need to bring two different weapons. Fun! Fun! Price: Ducks & Hogs: * $450, per day, per person. * 3 person 2 day minimum

2020-Celebrating 30 years in business! B&C Outfitters has exclusive hunting rights on the JB Ranch. The JB Ranch, located in the Piney Woods, has access to 3500 acres of supreme East Texas hunting. You can free range hunt for whitetail deer or hogs or take advantage of four miles of high fenced property and hunt for big game, hogs, deer and. You can expect to shoot 200 yards or more! Trophy class Red sheep or Mouflon hunts $3,995. Fully guided two-day three-night all inclusive Aoudad hunt. Our Aoudad are in a cold climate and seem to have longer manes and chaps, making a fabulous mount! $4,500. Aoudad is a very challenging Hunt! Year- round rifle or archery

Field cleaning and quartering of meat (Full Meat Processing is included in our current booking special!) Guaranteed Missouri resident or non-resident hunting license; Bass fishing (catch and release) For a Limited time only! Save 10% off the original animal cost if hunting within one year Pricing TROPHY BUCK HUNTS . Trophy buck hunts - $2750 (1-4 Hunters) $2500 (5-9 Hunters) $2000 (10 or more Hunters) A buck of the Hunter's Choice and 1 management doe (October and November hunts do not include a management doe), and 1 turkey (if available). (All animals included in this package must be taken by single trophy hunter Whitetail Deer Hunts. Double T Outfitters offers a variety of packages for our whitetail deer hunts. We specialize in South and Southwest Texas free range hunting near the Del Rio area. Our large acreage territory is lightly hunted, as we limit the number of hunters on our ranches at any time. Our pastures are professionally game managed year.

Besides egg hunts, there are also Easter breakfasts and brunches and Easter parades to watch! If you need to add your egg hunt or update your existing information, click on these links. Easter Egg Hunt, Parade and Event Listings. Click one of these areas (or click on the map further down this page) Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma; Northeast. We offer two different options for our cow elk hunts, Regular season (October) and Late season (November). Regular Season (October) Cow Elk Hunts: These four-day horseback hunts in the Big Horn Mountain Range are fully guided and include room and board while in camp, airport transportation if you fly in the day prior to your hunt start date, and meat transportation to a meat locker in Casper

In the Oklahoma Hunting & Fishing 2020/2021 Official Regulaions Guide it says, and I quote: This guide is not a legal document. This guide is an interpretive summary of the Titles 29 and 800 of Oklahoma Statutes governing fish and wildlife laws as established by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission At Discounted Hunts LLC, we provide D.I.Y., semi-guided and guided hunts with discounted hunting opportunities and successful hunts . We offer over 250 outfitters, guides, ranchers and landowner leases to select from in 36 states and Canada to ensure you have an amazing hunting trip This is an exciting 1-2 day hunt for trophy, 5 year old + bulls. You will stay at the 8,500 acre ranches, which supports a herd of almost 500 buffalo year round. The hunter will receive the meat, hide, head and horns of the Buffalo. Cow hunts, meat bull hunts and trophy bull hunts are available When it comes to whitetail hunting, Oklahoma is a bit of a sleeper state. You'll often hear about Illinois, Kansas, Iowa and the like, but rarely will Oklahoma be placed in the upper echelon of midwestern deer states. However, as we all know, that doesn't completely tell the story — especially when you're visiting a particular.

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  1. Cost. 2 Hunters / 1 Guide. $3,950 / each hunter. 1 Hunter / 1 Guide. Guided 1x1 $4,450 each hunter. Hunt Includes: One Nilgai Bull, Two nights meals and lodging at the historic ranch headquarters with chef prepared meals. Hunt is fully guided spot & stalk . Transportation of your Nilgai to our local meat processor
  2. As a plentiful source of meat, they also help fill the hunter's freezer with unique lean meat. Taste wise, they're comparable to elk and axis and make for excellent table fare. Hunting for Nilgai for $3,750 makes for a challenging and rewarding sport
  3. Oklahoma's most popular hunting season, the 16-day deer gun season, opens Nov. 21 statewide. Based on recent years, more than 150,000 hunters across the state are expected to participate in the gun season, which runs through Dec. 6. Last season, 106,337 deer were harvested by Oklahoma hunters for all seasons (archery, muzzleloader and gun.

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From: Deer Hunter. Date: June 11, 2021. Oklahoma Deer Hunting archery atoka oklahoma bow hunt crossbow deer hunting meat eater oklahoma bow hunt parker keane White Tail Deer Buffalo hunts in Texas will require larger Caliber sizes due to their massive size and recommend 30 caliber and above. Buffalo meat can also be professionally butchered and package locally and shipped to all states in the lower 48. Book your Buffalo Hunt of a lifetime at Shonto Ranch. Buffalo / Bison Hunting Package Includes Hog Hunts. The prices start at $150 a day. Shoot a hog a 100 pounds or under. Stay in our wonderful camphouse. All the varmint hunting you can stand. Fishing. Skinning facility. Every hog killed over a 100pounds is an extra $1 per pound. EX: 200 pound boar is an additional $100

We are the oldest and largest hunting ranch East of Texas with 3 square miles of land and hundreds of miles of game trails. All methods of Elk hunting accepted including bow, handgun, rifle and black powder. For more information on Elk Hunting at High Adventure Ranch, please call (314) 209-9800 or fill out our contact form. YouTube. harhunting On hunts involving a single hunter or a twosie, the guide(s) often will multi-task as the cook, as well, providing modest table-fare. The beauty of this hunt is the hunt itself, so for hunters looking for posh lodging and gourmet dining, there are better options for those needs. Airport shuttle is not provided on this hunt bow/meat hog hunts. $200/per person/per day. rifle/meat hog hunts. $250/per person/per day *price includes lodging the night before the day hunt* *price includes one meat hog* no hidden trophy fees !! our trophy hogs are hunted in a separate area so there will be no unexpected trophy fees !

Hunting & Fishing Contest 2018/2019. This is where all posts about the hunting contest for 2018-2019 will be posted. Please post in the appropriate team sub area. 497. 51.4K. Jun 4, 2019. Sub-forums. Making Oklahoma Outdoors Great Again. Animals worst nightmare Semi Guided Turkey Hunts In Oklahoma www.bootifulturkey.com - Semi Guided Turkey Hunts In Oklahoma. Ideally, before you raise turkeys, then it is effective that you understand that the terminologies and interesting truth about turkeys therefore that you wouldn't be thrown off guard when you browse some related stuff regarding turkeys

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Coon hunting or raccoon hunting is the practice of hunting raccoons, most often for their meat and fur.It is almost always done with specially bred dogs called coonhounds, of which there are six breeds, and is most commonly associated with rural life in the Southern United States.Coon hunting is also popular in the rural Midwest.Most coon hunts take place at night, with the dogs being turned. Veteran tusker-tracker and outdoor writer Luke Clayton has been hunting Texas hogs for more than 40 years. He's tracked and put down porkers with everything from knives to flintlock rifles to longbows. While hog-hunting has gained in popularity in the four-plus decades he's been afield, Clayton reports there's been no change in the fundamental basics of tracking and putting down porkers

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Texas Hunt Lodge hosts the finest All Inclusive Hunts and accommodations in the Texas Hill Country for your Texas Exotic Hunts and Trophy Whitetail Deer. Texas Hunt Lodge. Hunting Packages Alligator Hunting Aoudad Sheep Hunt Axis Deer Hunt Blackbuck Antelope Hunt Buffalo Hunts Fallow Deer Hunt Father and Son/Daughter Hunt Package Red Stag Hunt 6) Perfect for father/youth hunts, couples, or friends 7) Excellent meat hunt (one of the healthiest red meats available) 8) Top notch accommodations and superior meals 9) 3 day hunt schedules, (flexible to your needs) 10) In house, state of the art meat processing facility Commonly asked questions Butcher's fees and processing the meat adds up to the price. It is definitely much cheaper to buy meat than to hunt for it. However, with nowadays food abundance, hunting for the meat itself, is not the prime reason why most of the hunters go hunting in the first place. We love everything about hunting and the extra cost is worth it

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