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Buy Digital X-Ray Systems for Sale. Get a Quote Online! We Provide On-Site Installation, Training & Continued Support Across the US High end X-Ray Digitizer. Can digitize X-Ray films rapidly in 7 seconds per chest X-Ray Chiropractic X-Ray Experts. Dicom Solutions offers nationwide sales, service and support and installations for all x-ray equipment needs. All in one competitive pricing, great service and experienced local support by our engineers. We strive to make every Chiropractor we serve content

Chiropractic digital x-ray equipment is now very affordable. Your Chiropractic office can now be converted to utilize fully digital with Digital Radiography (DR) system and Communication System (PACS). Save time by not having to wait for images to be processed. Digital X-ray gives you immediate results within 3-5 seconds that you view on a monitor Affordable Chiropractic Digital X-ray. We are the Chiropractic Digital X-ray Experts and have solutions for all types of budgets and clinical applications. We have Digital X-ray Panels and Systems for all clinical specialties including NUCCA, Upper Cervical, Chiropractic Biophysics, and more. We offer nationwide support and in-house financing. The Acuity 17×17 DR is truly the gold standard of chiropractic diagnostic x-ray imaging. Whether seeking a completely integrated solution with hospital quality equipment or a retro-fit to an existing x-ray machine, the Acuity 1717 DR has you covered

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Every chiropractor has the right to affordable digital x-ray technology that produces diagnostic-quality images. Every practice should have digital x-ray equipment that will last not just for years, but for decades. Every patient should be empowered to have the ability to see - and electronically share - their spinal health images with. JRX UNO is a Straight Arm Digital X-ray System designed to offer you a compact and feature rich Digital Radiography machine at an Affordable Price. o Bright LED displaying SID and Angle of Rotation o Source to Image: 40 - 72 (Continuously Adjustable) Motor Driven o Arm Rotation Angle: -30° - 120° Motor driven o Vertical Travel: 400 - 1700mm Motor driven o Tube Rotation: ±90° o.

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  1. The versatile Flat Panel DR system offers images within seconds of exposure and fits easily into smaller x-ray rooms. The 17x17 inch panel produces high quality images and is configurable on multiple chiropractic stands. FP offers true flatpanel technology. C-FPW Wireless Panel (Wireless Flatpanel, Cesium) All new wireless connectivity
  2. MedSouth sells and services chiropractic equipment, and we know we'll have the ideal x-ray machine for your practice at a great price. Call 877.632.9729 today
  3. ating the need for cassettes, film, chemistry, automatic film processor, darkroom, film storage, and monthly maintenance, systems for clinics of any size, and low-power/cost-effective systems.5.
  4. Chiropractic digital x-ray equipment is now very affordable. Your Chiropractic office can now be converted to utilize computed radiography (CR) with a Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS), or even go fully digital with a Digital Radiography (DR) system. Save time by not having to wait for images to be processed

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South Florida X-Ray Imaging is a distributor of Summit Industries (Bennett) providing a wide range of solutions to meet the Chiropractic Imaging needs of our customers. Information on a subset of our Chiropractic Imaging Equipment product line is listed below. Please Contact us for more product and pricing information The Universal Chiropractic System is an affordable, cost effective flat-panel digital X-ray system that will instantly improve the effiency of your practice. Digital radiography provides a clean and streamlined imaging process by eliminating the need for cassettes, film, chemistry, automatic film processor, darkroom, film storage, and monthly maintenance

Complete Pre-Owned X-ray Unit & CR Processing System under $20,00.00 Pre-Owned Chiropractic X-ray Unit & Fuji CR System w/ 2ea. 14x17 Imaging Plates. Comes with 1TB, secure image storage and single license image viewing software Chiropractic X-Ray starting at under $600/month Chiropractic Digital X-Ray within your Budget and Needs! Adding DR X-ray to your practice will increase revenue and patient retention. Hover Here to view the list of Chiropractic Tools Included! Chiro Tools - Vertebral Center Cobb 3 Line- Vertebral Center Cobb 5 Line - Center Mass - Atlas Plane Chiropractic X-Ray Read More Summit LX 125 high frequency X Ray machine. Summit LX 125 high frequency X Ray machine by HCMI for sale. System was new in 2009. Lightly used over the last 4 years. X Ray machine is like new. Comes complete with wall buckey, portable lead wall shield, 6 cassettes. I also have an older processor if interested Chiropractic X-Ray Equipment From small clinics to large offices, we can get the Chiropractic X-Ray and Digital System that you need or want and at a very competitive price. Call us or fill out our contact form and we will help you select the proper system for you facility and budget We also have Used Digital equipment which includes Used CR and some used DR panels. All are condisder digital X-ray. Dicom PACS can also be integrated with any of are Digtal Systems USED & REFURBISHED X-RAY MACHINES Pre-owned Imaging Equipment for Medical Orthopedic, Urgent care. Family Practice, Emergency Clinics. Chiropractic and Veterinar

Hence it is extremely important to work with a reliable chiropractor digital x-ray machine supplier who can supply you with the top-quality machines and equipment. One of the remarkable reasons for growing popularity of x-ray machines is its cost-effectiveness Chiropractic X-Ray Equipment. Since 1955, Bennett X-Ray has been a leader in radiographic equipment -- over 30 years ago, pioneering high frequency generator technology into clinical healthcare. Nearly two decades ago, Bennett's technology was transferred to Summit Industries where its leadership legacy continues today The Universal Chiropractic System effectively combines flexibility, efficiency and affordability. The system will instantly improve patient workflow by eliminating the use of cassettes and developing conventional x-ray film. Instead, Universal Chiropractic Systems are powered by the intuitive Vieworks DR system giving technologists access to. Digital X-ray Equipment is a distributor of Digital Radiography Equipment to multiple industries. General Radiography. Orthopedic Imaging. Chiropractic Imaging. Veterinary Imaging. Podiatry X-ray. DR Panel Packages. Mobile X-ray Lightly Used Chiropractic Complete Digital High Frequency X-Ray System! 2012 Model. - Summit Industries 30KW HF Generator with APR Chiropractic Techniques. - Floor to wall mount Chiropractic Tubestand with electric locks and 5' Rails (40 to 72 SID)

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WAYNE, NJ-- (Marketwired - May 09, 2017) - 20/20 Imaging, a division of Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. announces Health Canada clearance of the digital PXS710D podiatry X-ray unit, making it the only dedicated weight bearing podiatry specific X-ray system with this clearance currently available in Canada Raytech Diagnostics is a full service supplier of Chiropractic of x-ray machines, digital imaging, PACS, and high frequency x-ray systems plus supplies and accessories offering a complete service to maintain your radiographic/ fluoroscopic x-ray equipment, film processors, adjusting tables and other department equipment. Read more

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  1. Affordable Digital X-ray. We are the X-ray experts that specialize in Digital X-ray for Radiology. We have solutions for all types of budgets and clinical applications. We have a wide range of products that work in hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology departments. We offer nationwide support and in-house financing for all of our digital x.
  2. imize installation and integration time, guaranteeing that you will be up and running with your x-ray machine.
  3. Digital Radiography (DR) or (DX) is essentially filmless X-ray image capture. In place of X-ray film, a digital image capture device is used to record the X-ray image and make it available as a digital file that can be presented for interpretation and saved as part of the patient's medical record
  4. CHIROPRACTIC X-RAY ROOMS. . Digital X-ray Equipment delivers the most advanced and complete chiropractic digital imaging viewing solutions with its DR flat panel detectors and acquisition software. We are able to offer a custom, retrofit DR configuration without modifying your existing equipment making installation quick and economical
  5. As the only digital x-ray software designed specifically for chiropractic use, only ChiroSight improves your ability to diagnose, treat and communicate with your patients. Its advanced tools and features allow you to produce diagnostic- quality images in seconds; then annotate, stitch, adjust, and analyze to produce instant Reports of Findings.
  6. In 1910, he introduced x-ray to the chiropractic profession and brought the first x-ray machine to the Palmer School of Chiropractic. Digital X-Rays : A Recent Innovation for Chiropractic Practice While x-rays still remain one of the most effective ways for healthcare practitioners to look inside the human body, this technology has been refined.

Digital x-ray machine chiropractic. Knoveltech offers one of the most affordable upright systems that incorporate safety, reliability, value, quality, and ease of use. Contact us for a free consultation. Contact us for recent promotion Digital x-ray machines are one of such modern tools through which the diagnosing process in chiropractic takes place. Chiropractors across the globe use these highly effective x-ray units as a part of their medical examination process. The Importance of Digital X-Ray Machines in Chiropractic Car

Chiropractic X-ray Equipment for Your Practice. Radtech X-Ray, Inc. has offered quality products and services to chiropractors in Michigan since 1987 and now servicing Ohio as well. We service and provide support for all makes and models of x-ray equipment and provide all x-ray accessories at competitive prices Affordable Digital X-ray Systems for Chiropractic, Urgent Care, Imaging Centers, and more. Nationwide service and support. Best price guarantee on x-ray Chiropractic X-Ray. Vertex Tilting Wall Stand X-Ray. Call Us Today TOLL FREE. 800 377 2617. Request Quote. View our Blog for Digital X-Ray Equipment insight, medical imaging and practice advice, healthcare news & more! View Blog. Facebook-f. Linkedin. Instagram. Youtube. Twitter. Pinterest Canadian X-Ray Supplies Chiropractic is an authorized dealer of a wide selection of best in class radiographic products and have solutions for any budget. From fully integrated digital RAD rooms, Fluoro, C-Arms, to accessories and everything in between, we are here to meet your diagnostic imaging needs Digital Chiropractic X-Ray. PRECESION Upper Cervical Center of NJ in Waldwick, New Jersey has invested in state-of-the-art x-ray equipment (high frequency, digital) that gives us the best quality image and has the least amount of exposure risk for the patient. We are more like spinal engineers and these x-rays serve as our blueprints

Revolutionary ErgoStyle Chiropractic Tables - Custom X-Ray Digital offers diagnostic imaging equipment, service, and supplies. Call 800-230-972 Digital X-Rays. Being one of the few chiropractors in Bakersfield, Ca with a state of the art low radiation dosage x-ray machine on hand, you no longer need to be referred to an outside technician, cutting down on valuable time

state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine. Our Hebron chiropractic office can instantly give us X-rays to detect a bone issue or condition. Dr. Stephan will first do a thorough exam and only X-ray if he deems it necessary. We do not take x-rays of every patient because we believe it is an unnecessary cost and exposure to radiation Find out with chiropractic x-ray services in Lawton, OK When it comes to headaches, neck & back injuries, you want to have as much information on your condition as possible. At Tyo Chiropractic, we use state-of-the-art digital x-rays to perform a four-view motion study to pinpoint the exact source of your pain Standard x-rays reveal little if anything about the function the the joint or surrounding tissue. That is where our digital x-ray is a clear advancement over static x-ray photography. With Digital Motion X-Rays we can spot problems that are missed with traditional x-ray equipment

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D&R X-Ray is available when you need us for your radiographic and digital x-ray equipment needs. Chiropractic Chiropractic Chiropractic. We'll keep your patients coming back for a therapeutic crack! Veterinary Chiropractic Chiropractic. We'll help you see just what is up with that sad and ailing pup Digital X-ray care. Having a digital x-rays machine on-site allows Grand Rapids chiropractic care to be able to treat you better. We know what we are dealing with so we can fix it faster. We have the technology and the training to evaluate the results of your x-rays right away. This is especially important when it comes to fractures However, modern digital x-ray images are available instantly, in our office. We can share them with you or anyone we need to just as fast. Just like a digital camera, a digital x-ray machine provides a fast, clear image in a fraction of the time it takes using film. Digital x-rays are unlimited in number, and we can send the images electronically

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ProHealth Chiropractic has a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine in office. During your initial appointment the doctors will determine whether or not you will require an x-ray based on your health history and current complaint. Not only is it the gold standard to rule out fracture or to diagnose recent musculoskeletal trauma or. If digital x-ray is not for you these dealers also offer the best pricing on x-ray film, x-ray chemistry, x-ray processors and xray equipment. Our goal is to provide medical, veterinary and chiropractic professionals with the most renowned dealers within your given state. Digital X-Ray Our chiropractic office is equipped with one of the most advanced digital X-ray machines which allows immediate, same day viewing and analysis. The great thing about digital radiography is that there is less radiation, better image quality, and it develops instantly (so no more two day appointments!)

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DREI has factory trained representatives with the skills and knowledge of conventional and digital x-ray equipment. With over 60 years of combined experience. We provide services for Chiropractors, Veterinarians, and Medical facilities. This means you will be sure to receive quality sales and service quickly, and at a reasonable price The ChiroSight Digital X-ray System by Biokinemetrics brings both retrofit and complete digital x-ray technology designed specifically for the chiropractic profession. Designed for low-power use and extended life, the systems are fully enclosed to prevent image degradation, and the tilting design provides a full range of motion to capture. Selling a used digital x-ray machine in excellent condition. Located in Denver, Colorado. Asking 30,000k but we are negotiable Purchasing a new piece of chiropractic or therapy equipment can be time consuming - but not if you have a partner you can trust to help you through the process, from the initial call, to delivery and setupand even well into the service life of the unit. Digital X-ray. Capture sharp, diagnostic-quality images even at difficult angles.

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X-ray equipment like new. 2002 Universal high frequency x-ray system $ 9,800. installed. 2008 Summit high frequency x-ray system $ 12,800. installed. Exclusive Bennett X-ray dealer specializing in high frequency & digital upgrades. Bennett X-ray comes with a seven year warranty and no software support costs with our digital We provide services to physicians in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Louisiana. If you are a physician in Family Practice, Urgent Care, Orthopedic, Chiropractic or Veterinarian medicine and you are looking for x-ray equipment, digital x-ray equipment, x-ray services or x-ray accessories and supplies... You Have Come to the Right Place For over 20 years, HCMI has been providing quality equipment to the Chiropractic profession. When HCMI launched the DCX Direct Digital X-Ray system in August of 2005, they made history reaching a very important milestone in Chiropractic radiology. With over 100 DCX systems installed, this technology is rapidly becoming a standard in digital. Chiropractic Chiropractic Digital X Ray Equipment. Chiropractic Radiology Equipment can add value to your practice, build trust in your patients and even increase your confidence in your diagnoses. Our sales team can help you find the perfect mix of equipment to meet your needs

X-ray images can be reviewed with you within minutes after they are taken allowing for immediate treatment if necessary, better decision making, a detailed diagnosis and referral to the appropriate specialist when necessary. For the best in modern technology and treatment, call Yeager Chiropractic and Wellness at 704-333-0550 G.E. Walker, Inc. 8416 Laurel Fair Circle #100 Tampa 33610 800-749-2483 . 2137 Flinstone Dr Tucker, GA 30084 800-749-248

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Used / Refurbished X-Ray Equipment. Superior X-Ray, Co . has a large inventory of used and refurbished x-ray systems and processors for all types of medical, chiropractic and veterinary facilities. Are you looking for a specific used system? call us today and we may be able to find the specific system you are in search for The Acuity PDR is ready when you are. Totally wireless, sealed drip proof portable x-ray. Customized pre-programmed x-ray techniques. 40″ laser distance SID indicator and measuring tape. Rotating LED laser collimator. Over 300 exposures on a single charge and built in tube protection. 10 minute rapid charge allowing 50 exposures

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  1. Our Mission. Clear-Ray Imaging strives to bring High Quality, cost effective X-Ray and Digital X-Ray equipment to all Medical Practices. Clear-Ray provides X-Ray equipment relocation services, XRay equipment service, X-Ray & Digital X-Ray Equipment Sales, X-Ray Calibrations and X-Ray Equipment Evaluations on your current system to accept Digital DR Panels Upgrades or X-Ray Electrical System.
  2. Digital X-Ray Machine Service. Centura offers fast, friendly, and knowledgeable response to your service needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we are unable to fix it over the phone, we are usually on-site within 24 hours. There is just no substitute for experience. Our team has a combined service experience of over 50 years on almost all.
  3. THE HAMPTON CHIROPRACTIC DIFFERENCE. Convenient Location in Belton: right off the highway next to Buffalo Wild Wings and Starbucks; No Insurance Needed; No Referral Needed; State of the Art Digital X-ray Machine On-Site; The Best Chiropractic Care & Massag
  4. A Walsh Imaging provides over 2,600 medical and veterinary facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with professional digital x-ray, x-ray equipment, and x-ray processor services and supplies. We offer outstanding customer service, experienced technical support, valuable sales assistance, and quality x-ray products
  5. 1206 Lakeshore Rd Unit B. Sarnia ON, N7S 2L2. 519-542-5888. I have been dealing with CMI Calico Medical for several years. Jeff and Mark have always been great to work with. They are reliable and friendly and a pleasure to deal with . Recently, I upgraded to digital x-ray as well as purchased dental x-ray from CMI
  6. We have been using Custom x-ray for over 25 years. They have helped us with our first machine, transition to digital, move our equipment and service our unit. We are pleased with their customer service and the know how to answer any questions that come up involving our x-ray equipment
  7. Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR) is a series of individual digital images acquired at high speed and low dose. The resulting cine loop presents a diagnostic-quality view of dynamic density and anatomical motion. Motion quantification is possible with proprietary advanced image processing. DDR is NOT Fluoroscopy, it is X-Ray that Moves

We Provide On-Site Installation, Training & Continued Support Across the US! Receive a Free buying guide on tax cuts, financing options and more ExamVue Digital X-Ray Solutions for Chiropractics. Chiropractic medicine, because of its similarities with orthopedics, has the most to gain from chiropractic X-ray software equipment. ExamVue offers Chiropractors digital X-ray solutions to enable better and faster diagnostic imaging, and significantly improve treatment outcomes ChiroSight Digital X-ray has assisted in the building and opening of hundreds of new and renovated offices. ChiroSight will walk you through every aspect of the building, room design and then x-ray and generator purchase, (link to how to ). There are many options available to the Chiropractic and every office is unique to the Clinics needs Posture Ray is available for Windows 10, and is compatible with DMX and DICOM. Digital x-rays are not required. With Posture Ray, you'll save time while you provide better care, and with just one new patient a month, the system pays for itself. Starting at just $5999, financing is available with monthly payments as low as $199 with DR Digital X-Ray Equipment! XR&S, Inc is a leading distributor of chiropractic x-ray equipment and chiropractic digital x-ray systems. We sell and service radiology equipment for chiropractic facilities & chiropractic professionals throughout Florida

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  1. Your Best Chiropractic X-Ray Resource. Chiropractors choose Imperial to procure the medical imaging equipment and supplies that help them treat their patients with excellence. At Imperial, our team receives direct training from product manufacturers - and we pass that expertise along to chiropractors and their staff
  2. Direct Digital x-rays a type of radiography that utilizes x-ray sensitive plates to promptly send the xray image directly to a computer system without making use of an intermediate cassette. Using a DR system provides immediate benefits to your patients visits as well as your own time. The most immediate benefit is of course time itself
  3. Digital X-Ray In the office we have a state of the art digital x-ray machine along with software that is used for diagnostic chiropractic analysis. Our team will take a thorough history and do a comprehensive exam to find out if x-rays are indicated for each patient
  4. Digital x-rays are the latest in modern imaging technology, and they represent an important step forward for your Austin TX chiropractor. X-rays are a type of photograph, so modern advancements in photographic technology apply to them as well. Just like a digital camera, a digital x-ray machine provides a fast, clear image in a fraction of the time it takes using film. Digital X-Rays Offer.
  5. Knoveletch Corp is a specialized diagnostic imaging supplier to veterinary, chiropractic and medical markets in the USA and overseas. We provide imaging solutions including digital x-ray systems, CR and DR, PACS servers, Dicom viewing software and review workstations

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  1. Chiropractic x-ray showroom ( Mike Ulmer ) located in the Northwest for over 25 years . New and used x-ray equipment & digital always in stock and ready for immediate delivery . If located anywhere on the West coast please save my contact number as I can get you running next day with new or used..
  2. Hot packs increase blood flow to injured tissue in the office. 5. Digital X-ray Machine. Digital X-ray machines are commonly used to diagnose and assess spinal alignment and identify pathology. Images can be stored and viewed within systems like ChiroTouch to show patient improvement over a course of treatment. 6
  3. Digital X-ray. We also offer Digital Chiropractic X-rays which can be used to diagnose more benign spinal findings such as degenerative arthritis, spondylolisthesis, and transitional vertebral segments. Our Chiropractors are trained to take and interpret x-rays and as primary health care professionals are qualified to assess your general health
  4. Digital Imaging and X-ray Equipment. Providing sales and service to North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Medical; Veterinary; Chiropractic; Supplies; Equipment for Every Application and Budget. X-ray Equipment; Radiographic Equipment; Direct Digital/Wireless Digital Radiography Systems (DR) Computerized Radiography (CR) Direct Digital Imagin
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In 2015, Biokinemetrics formed a new division for software development, branded as ChiroSight Digital X-Ray Solutions, opening a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Carroll, Iowa. ChiroSight is staffed by a technology team to drive innovation, its' purpose was to focus investment on developing existing and new technologies for. Jan 25, 2013 - Explore Dicom Solutions's board CCD based DR - Chiropractic Digital X-ray on Pinterest. See more ideas about ccd, x ray, digital Chiropractic Imaging. ISSI offers a full range of conventional X-ray systems that are ideal for all chiropractic environments. By incorporating state-of-the-art Digital Radiography (DR) into your system, you can save time by not having to wait for images to be processed Southwest X-Ray has a wide variety of X-ray equipment available for chiropractic clinics of all shapes and sizes. After decades in the X-ray business, we understand the unique needs of chiropractic practices — thanks to the partnerships we've built over the years, we're able to offer quality digital imaging equipment at affordable prices, and we can install your purchase with minimal. Fully digital x-ray machines including 43x43 cm CSI flat panel detector and chiropractic x-ray Software. One phase and three phase high frequency generators. Manual and motorized stitching for up to 5 regions covering the whole body. DR Upgrade solution for easy upgrade from conventional to digital system