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There is actually a recommended age when it comes to neutering guinea pigs. The most preferred age is to get your guinea pig neutered at as young as 4 months. Your vet may recommend against neutering a 3 to 4-year-old guinea pig. Some vets will have an age limit. Ask first and get their recommendations Neutering Your Guinea Pig Neutering is the surgical removal of parts of the reproductive system, rendering an animal sterile and unable to produce offspring. Neutering or 'spaying' a female involves removing the womb and ovaries (an ovariohysterectomy). Neutering or 'castrating' the male involves the removal of the testicles Neutering Your Guinea Pig. Neutering is the surgical removal of parts of the reproductive system, rendering an animal sterile and unable to produce offspring. Neutering or 'spaying' a female involves removing the womb and ovaries (an ovariohysterectomy). Neutering or 'castrating' the male involves the removal of the testicles Guinea pigs don't need to be neutered unless there is a health issue in their reproductive system, so preventing unwanted pregnancies is the primary benefit Guinea pigs are sociable animals - they should always be kept in pairs or small groups to keep them happy and healthy. The best mixes are two males, two females or a neutered male with one or more females. In most cases, only male guinea pigs are neutered. Neutering female guinea pigs can be very risky and should only be taken on by a guinea.

However, a male guinea pig should only be neutered after the age of 4 to 5 months old and he should be of a good weight. Will neutering change a boars behaviour The simple answer is no. Unlike many other animals, neutering a guinea pig does not change their behaviour Spaying and neutering guinea pigs are becoming more common for animal shelters and guinea pig rescue organizations. The big issue was how much anesthesia a guinea pig could handle safely. Special tiny gas masks are placed over the guinea pig's nose to help keep the pet stable throughout the surgical procedure

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Neutering, spaying and castrating. What do spay, castrate and neuter mean? Neuter is the general term for the removal of all or part of the reproductive organs. It can apply to males (boars) or females (sows). Spay is the term for removal of the female reproductive organs.A more technical term is Ovariohysterectomy (removal of ovaries and uterus). ). Spaying is a very in Neutering an animal, including a guinea pig, means removing its reproductive organs. This means they are no longer able to have babies. In females or sows, the procedure is referred to as spaying, and it involves having the ovaries and womb removed. Male guinea pigs (boars) have their testicles removed, and this is known as castration

  1. The general health of the guinea pig should be considered, along with the reasons for neutering and whether surgery is the most suitable option. How much does neutering male guinea pigs cost? The cost of neutering is wide-ranging depending on area, veterinary centre and the individual guinea pigs needs
  2. Although you can also keep guinea pigs in herds of females (sows) or a male (boar) with 1 or more female guinea pigs. Two boars - take care not to mix two very strong characters, as they may fight. A neutered boar with one or more sows. Sows often seem more relaxed when they live with a neutered male
  3. d that you'll only need to neuter one of the sexes if the aim is simply to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Sows can be neutered via a sterilization injection, while boars require a surgical operation
  4. As social animals, guinea pigs are happiest living with other guinea pigs—just be sure to keep same-sex pairs to avoid litters, or spay and neuter your pet. Essential Guinea Pig Supplies. Guinea pigs may be small, but they still require the proper set of supplies to keep them healthy. A great starter guinea pig shopping list should include
  5. imum. Also, remove wet spots in the bedding as soon as you notice them. This will keep the cage smell-free for yours and your guinea pig's sake. It's also recommended that you clean the whole cage with a 3% bleach solution at least once a week
  6. Several guinea pig references say the same thing, but Cavy Spirit is pretty well known. The only valid, non-medical reason to neuter your male guinea pig is because you have a female you want him to room with. Neutering does little to change the behavior of aggressive guinea pigs, unlike the effect it has on other types of animals

Guinea pigs are small pets, but they require plenty of space, time, effort, and human interaction. If you are willing to give your guinea pig a good home with proper food, attention, living space, grooming, and veterinary care, you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy, cute, and fun guinea pig

The third reason is that a neutered pig is less likely to have the desire to roam and will be more content to stay at home with his people. The fourth reason is that male pigs often develop testicular tumors if left unaltered. The final reason to castrate male pigs is because un-neutered males will have a strong musky odor

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If your guinea pig is in pain, this can potentially alleviate their pain faster. So, think calmly and answer your vet responsibly. Spaying or Neutering Your Guinea Pig: Is That Connected to the Blood? It's possible that you have no idea that spaying or neutering your female guinea pig is a mandatory requirement. It isn't Hi, it's Saski from Las Sanchez Guinea Pig Rescue and I'm here with Brownie and Brownie is a neutered male and I wanted to show you what that looks like down there because a lot of neutered males, they actually start to look like girls down there which is really odd. Don't ask me why Desexing / Neutering. The process of desexing/neutering should only be done with male guinea pigs. The surgery is far too intrusive for female guinea pigs and the risk of death is far higher. That being said, there may be problems in later life such as uterine cancer where this may be the only recommended path Guinea pig care. Guinea pigs are tail-less rodents with long, short, or sometimes wild hair that ranges in color. When full grown, they weigh around 1-2 pounds and are 8-10 inches long. Guinea pigs typically live for 5-8 years. Described as cuddly and comical, guinea pigs love to vocalize with squeals, chirps, squeaks, and whistles There are three easy ways on how to trim guinea pig teeth at home. These include: clipping, wearing down, and/or seeking veterinary help. Taking care of a guinea pig requires a holistic approach. It came to my mind a few years ago that hygiene isn't all about bathing Guinea pig and/or trimming their nails or clipping Guinea pig nails. This.

LOS ANGELES GUINEA PIG RESCUE TAKE HOME INFO SHEET We recommend these veterinarians. Make sure to insist on seeing these vets only. Exotic Animal Care Center - 2121 East Foothill Blvd, Pasadena CA 91107 - phone # (626) 405-1777 Bathing Guinea Pigs need a bath at least 2/3 times a year We usually adopt out in pairs because guinea pigs are highly social. When guinea pigs meet as adults, the best pairing is typically a female and a male, and in that instance, we will neuter the male before adopting out. Occasionally we will have same sex pairings, who may or may not be spayed or neutered. In that circumstance, the adopting home. It's only a lie if you knew you were incorrect before you gave the advice. You made a mistake, sure, but you were not lying. That you have learned you were incorrect is good, now you won't give that particular bit of wrong advice again to anyone e..

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  1. Guinea Pigs. The Animal Rescue League adopts Guinea Pigs to be family pets. Under no circumstances should a Guinea Pig be used for food for other animals; for experimentation or laboratory work; or for any other use other than as a family pet. The ARL strictly enforces this policy under the terms of the adoption contract
  2. This makes it impossible for that guinea pig to reproduce. Usually a sow will have her ovaries and womb removed. Boars usually have their testicles removed. One benefit of neutering is that unwanted and accidental pregnancies can be prevented. It also means that mixed sex guinea pigs can live together (e.g., a boar with a group of sows)
  3. g because their pets are much more likely to remain in the home or yard. Call us at (586) 776-5011 with any.
  4. Guinea Pigs are wonderful and fun pets to have in your home. They enjoy the company of people and other guinea pigs and can also be independent and easy going. Here are some things to consider before you decide to bring a guinea pig home: General Consider ations: Guinea Pigs can live between 4 and 8 yea rs
  5. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to own a guinea pig? They are fascinating little creatures that wil
  6. Guinea pigs can especially sexually mature early for animals. Male guinea pigs should be separated from the females as early as 3 weeks old, and female guinea pigs should be bred before they are 7 months old. With all this said, don't be surprised if your guinea pig falls pregnant while she still seems young to you
  7. Sometimes, spaying and neutering them will make them easier to manage and have a calmer demeanor. It may also decrease the propensity to urine mark at home and make litter training easier. Helps avoid overpopulation. Rabbits and guinea pigs are prolific breeders. Spaying and neutering prevents breeding, helping keep the population in check

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Preparing for Your Guinea Pig. Preparation begins with having a closed room where your new guinea pig can roam. Have a safe place with an easy-to-clean floor for your pet to adjust to the setting, feel safe, and stretch its legs outside the cage. Guinea pigs are tropical creatures and do well at room temperature between 65 and 79 degrees The only solution is if you have a sterile guinea pig. But those are hard to come by. Some females don't like some males and won't let them mate with her, but those are also hard to come by (as you must pair them as a breeding couple and then wait.. Mounting in guinea pigs means that they are trying to reproduce, which is a natural tendency that can occur even if they are neutered. Spring always activates the hormones in guinea pigs, even in those creatures who cannot breed, which leads to behaviors related to breeding. Also, mounting is the behavior of making love

Guinea Pigs. Monday, October 5, 2015 | NHS Behavior Department. Originally from South America, the guinea pig isn't related to pigs at all. They are a type of rodent called a cavy. Incas domesticated these animals for use in religious ceremonies and for food. Housing. Guinea pigs require a large, single-level cage Neutering costs vary, but typically a neutering operation will cost about £50 per guinea pig. Sows can be castrated nowadays with injections, but boars will still need the full operation. It's worth bearing in mind that any operation is both stressful and dangerous for your guinea pig, so if it's possible to keep guinea pigs in gender. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs have different social structures, communication signals, and diets and this trigger create stress in the animals. If you do plan to keep rabbits together with Guinea Pigs then you need to have the rabbit neutered to avoid injury to the Guinea Pig during mounting behaviours Mixed-sex pair you can keep, but make sure the male is neutered. Is the guinea pig you want to buy a healthy one - you should think about this one, especially if you buy the guinea pig in the pet shop. Ask the seller to hold the guinea pig, search for any bites, scratches, bald patches

Guinea pigs need: Keeping with at least one other friendly guinea pig, unless advised otherwise by a vet/clinical animal behaviourist.Good combinations include: neutered male and one/more females, two females, neutered brothers (if they've been reared together) 2. A neutered male guinea pig can still impregnate a female. Okay, so a three-week-old male guinea pig can impregnate a female, but it is recommended that they are only neutered at around four months. During this time, you must keep the boars away from the sows. And remember, even a neutered male can get a female pregnant Neutering the male guinea pig removes the potential for any unwanted litters, and avoids the likely problems that can be caused by hormones. But it's essential to wait four to six weeks after neutering before introducing a male guinea pig to any females as he might still be able to reproduce during this time Guinea Pigs For Adoption. All of our guinea pigs are spayed/neutered and have been to a vet for a checkup prior to adoption. While the adoption fee helps to cover some of the vet costs, our expenses far exceed the adoption fees. Click Here to see why we feel that spaying/neutering our guinea pigs is so important

The owner monitored glucose and ketone levels in urine at home. Guinea pig was placed in a plastic box and rewarded with lettuce after peeing (sow quickly learned to pee). Ketones remained negative. Glucose was trace after giving human NPH insulin (possible peak effect at 6 h and duration of effect of approximately 12 h) If you have brought a guinea pig home to be introduced to your existing guinea pig or herd, you need to quarantine the new guinea pig for at least two weeks. A few guinea pig illnesses can incubate for a while, so a quarantine period of two to three weeks will allow enough time for an illness to show itself, should there be one ready to surface They are not from Guinea and they are not pigs. They are, however, cute, easily handled, and quiet. If you are thinking of adding a guinea pig to your home, here is a primer Nubby, a seven month old male Guinea Pig who was neutered to stop the home from being over-populated with baby guinea pigs. May 14, 2014 Case Studies , Guinea Pigs , Spaying & Neutering petethevet Sandra and her children are guinea pig enthusiasts

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  1. Neutering your guinea pigs. FEMALES: Neutering female guinea pigs can result in lots of complications. Most vets will only neuter a female guinea pig if it's to help with another health condition. MALES: Different to other small animals, neutering male guinea pigs doesn't change their behaviour
  2. Guinea pigs reach sexual maturity at a young age and can start to mate at as young as 4 weeks old! Please remember, if you do get a guinea pig, they will need your love and care for a long time- these lovely little guys live on average 5 to 8 years. Think about adopting a guinea pig to give a them a brand new home with a loving family
  3. Adopting Guinea Pigs from Cavy Spirit (San Francisco Bay Area Adoptions ONLY)click here for rescues in other areas. Cavy Spirit is committed to finding high-quality forever homes for the guinea pigs in our charge who have already been abandoned at least once in their lives, maybe more. Not just any home in any cage will do

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Even though a male guinea pig over three weeks of age is capable of causing pregnancy in a female, neutering is advised only after the age of 4 months. Moreover, neutering does not take immediate effect. So, even a male who was neutered only a few weeks before could cause pregnancy in females. Recovery from neutering could take as long as 6 weeks Helps avoid overpopulation. Rabbits and guinea pigs are prolific breeders. Spaying and neutering prevents breeding, helping keep the population in check. The best age to spay and neuter is 4-12 months. The procedure is usually that you drop your pet off to a qualified veterinarian in the morning and they go home that night All of our guinea pig desexing procedures include sedation (for pain relief and to reduce stress), general anaesthetic, specialised monitoring and anaesthetic equipment for very small patients, surgery in a surgical theatre with one of our experienced exotic animal vets, pain relief for recovery and to go home with, 24hrs hospitalisation with careful monitoring and feeding to ensure the best.

The go-to solution for this condition is spaying your guinea pig. Spaying is a form of invasive surgery where your pig will have its organs removed, or the cysts drained to provide relief. Doing a hair transplant will also require surgery, but the pig will need extra care after to heal A single guinea pig: £30. A pair of guinea pigs: £50. Three guinea pigs: £60. When you rehome from Animals in Distress, you will take home a guinea pig who has been fully assessed by our expert animal welfare staff as well as our veterinary surgeon. Every guinea pig at the rescue centre is: Treated for mites

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue's primary mission is to take in rabbits that need new homes, have them spayed or neutered, and find them new homes. We are a 501c3 approved, no-kill rescue; we will keep a rabbit as long as we have to until it finds a new home, whether it is 5 days or 5 years Solitary guinea pigs often become unhappy and stressed which impacts their overall health. If you adopt a male and female, spay and neuter them to avoid unwanted babies. Check with your veterinarian to learn about the spay and neuter procedures and be sure to incorporate the associated costs into your budget. Guinea pigs, unlike many other. -Home visits will be conducted before we rehome a rabbit/guinea pig. -We will only home rabbits/guinea pigs to a home where there is an existing rabbit/guinea pig or as a pair-We will bond rabbits/guinea pigs here at the sanctuary.-We will not mix rabbits with guinea pigs. Our adoption fees for guinea pigs are £35 (neutered), £20 (entire Making sterile or neutering of animal guinea pigs can be done by a vet experienced in dealing with small animals, but the surgery can be expensive and does bring risks. Sterilizing a male is typically easier than spaying a female. However, guinea pigs often do not react well to surgery, anesthesia, or being kept in unknown surroundings Guinea pigs are the gentlest of pets, and will play happily with children of most ages, after the toddler stage - as long as the kids have been taught how to hold and play with them gently. GPs very seldom bite - they are the most docile of the pet rodents, and love being held, stroked, or hand-fed

Guinea pig respiratory problems are not transmissable to people, and human respiratory problems are not transmissable to guinea pigs. It is possible that guinea pigs and dogs can share respiratory infections, and if a guinea pig gets the infection from a dog it is likely to be pneumonia and not upper respiratory infection Meet Pink, a Guinea Pig Mix Guinea Pig for adoption, at Animal Care Centers of NYC - Brooklyn in Brooklyn, NY on Petfinder. Learn more about Pink today Meet Esther and Alfie (neutered male), a Guinea Pig for adoption, at Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue in New Kensington, PA on Petfinder. Learn more about Esther and Alfie (neutered male) today Timothy hay, which, along with fresh, clean water, should be made available to a guinea pig at all times, as this is the basis (approximately 80%) of their diet. Hay helps keep the guinea pig's teeth short and their gastrointestinal tracts working efficiently. In addition to hay, guinea pigs should eat 1/8 cup of guinea pig pellets every day You do not need to neuter you male guinea pig. The only time this would be beneficial is if you had a female cage mate that was not altered. I would suggest looking around this site as it's information is accurate. You need to make sure you have a cage big enough for one before you decide to get a second. Guinea pigs are much happier in pairs

At the moment we have been inundated with requests to pair up guinea pigs. Pairing up sows and neutered boars we can do quite quickly once a home visit has been carried out. Regarding pairing up boars with boars, we are giving priority to people who have adopted guinea pigs from us Spaying and neutering are costly and cavies generally do not handle surgery well, so the easiest would be to separate male and female guinea pigs. Female guinea pigs have an estrus cycle of 16 days t 6-11 hours interval, usually at night Keeping guinea pig safe: Adopters agree to keep the guinea pig safe from all predators including other animals in the home.. Spaying/Neutering: We do not require guinea pigs to be spayed/neutered. It is your responsibility to keep the sexes separate. If you want your guinea pig spayed/neutered, this service is to be provided by an experienced. Older male guinea pigs may develop a condition known as impaction. Impaction is the hard swelling of the anal muscles to the point that the guinea pig is unable to pass softer caecal pellets (cecotropes). An impacted guinea pig will need to be cleaned out every week in accordance with Part 2 above Treatment usually involves stabilising the guinea pig on fluids and antibiotics, and then spaying to remove the infected uterus. As a spayed guinea pig cannot get a pyometra, we recommend spaying all guinea pigs who are old enough, particularly if they live with an entire male

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We are one of the largest animal shelters in Texas -housing 400 to 500 animals each day. Over the past two years alone we cared for over 60,000 animals! Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig rescue - Based in Lewisville, Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of abandoned, neglected. Spaying or neutering of pet guinea pigs can be done by a veterinarian experienced in dealing with small animals, but the surgery can be expensive and does carry risks. Neutering a male is generally easier than spaying a female. However, guinea pigs often do not react well to surgery, anesthesia, or being kept in unfamiliar surroundings If you have a guinea pig as a single pet, you will need to spend lots of time with them every day. We recommend that you spay/neuter your guinea pigs. It is essential to find a cavvy-savvy exotic vet to perform any surgeries for guinea pigs. Housing. Before adopting, consider the space guinea pigs need for their habitats in your home

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Power in Numbers. In their natural environment, guinea pig pals help watch for predators and threats. Without their network, a guinea pig in the wild would have to be on high alert 24/7. How exhausting! That instinct runs deep. Guinea pigs who live alone are generally more nervous and high-strung. Think about how hard it would be to bond with. guinea pigs. If you have any concerns about your guinea pig's health, seek your vet's advice. Grooming is a vital part of the routine care of guinea pigs. Long-haired varieties need daily grooming as their coats can quickly become matted and uncomfortable. Female guinea pigs reach sexual maturity at four to fiv Our Guinea Pig Vets Will Spay Or Neuter Your Guinea Pig. Spaying or neutering your guinea pig is a great way to keep your pet healthy and avoid unwanted litters. Your guinea pig is a very social animal, happiest when housed and living with other guinea pigs. Typically, males can live together harmoniously, as can females, without any problems Most guinea pig owners will immediately attribute foul-smelling urine to a poor diet and urinary tract infections. Though these can cause a foul smell, guinea pig pee often smells when you let it stay in the cage for a long time. This is because of the bacterial activity in it that leads to the production of ammonia

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In addition, neutering a male guinea pig is often easier than spaying female ones. On the contrary, guinea pigs usually do not feel well to surgery, anesthesia, or locked in unfamiliar surroundings. The most guaranteed, easiest, and least expensive way to avoid breeding is to cage a male and female guinea pig away from each other Guinea Pig Habitat. Guinea Pigs are social animals, so they appreciate living in same-sex pairs. Opposite-sex Guineas should not be housed together unless the male is neutered. Guinea Pig cages must be roomy, with a solid floor (wire mesh floors are harmful for Guinea Pig feet and toes), a heavy chew-proof food dish that can't be tipped over. Keeping an eye on your guinea pig essential for preventing health issues, but there are actions you should take as well. Neutering - Male guinea pigs should be neutered, and female guinea pigs spayed to keep them healthy and prevent infections. If you intend to breed your guinea pigs, ask your veterinarian for advice on pairing up guinea pigs.

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Re: How doyou know when your Guinea pig is Nuetured? 1) keep him away from females, there is a chance of pregnancy which is very dangerous. 2) if he's over a year, it's rather easy to tell, but a vet ultrasound would probably do the trick too. 3) try asking who you got them from Males can be neutered by veterinarians who are very familiar with guinea pig surgery. By neutering males you can pair them up with females while preventing unwanted pregnancies. Other pairings that work well are females together and males who were raised together. Life span. Typically four to eight years. Some guinea pigs may live as long as 10. want lots of guinea pigs, it is best to get either the male or female or both guinea pigs neutered if you are housing a male and a female together. Housing You have three choices when choosing a home for your guinea pig: you can buy a commercially manufactured cage, have one custom built for your pet from a pet or feed-and WHAT IS A GUINEA PIG? Guinea pigs are small rodents that originated in South America, where they are commonly known as a cavy. There are three main breeds: English or common (short, straight, and fine hair) Abyssinian (rough, wiry hair in rosettes or whorls), and Peruvian (long, straight, and silky hair), although various crossbreeds exist