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View the Top 5 Dog Antlers of 2021. Free 2-Day Shipping and Free Returns. What Do We Do? We Buy, Test, and Write Reviews. We Make Shopping Quick and Easy Antlers, Horns, Tanned Furs, Skulls, Bones, Teeth, Claws and mor Large Deer Antlers for Dogs - Premium Dog Antler Chews - Made in USA, Naturally Shed, Healthy Chew, Organic Treat - Grade A, 7-9 inch, Long Lasting Antler Dog Chew Bones for Aggressive Chewers. 4.4 out of 5 stars 79. Save 13%. $19.99 $ 19. 99 $22.99 $22.99. Lowest price in 30 days

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Big Dog Antler Chews - Whitetail Deer Antler Dog Chew, Medium, 8 Inches to 13 Inches Long, Natural, Healthy Long-Lasting Treat. for Medium to Large Size Dogs and Puppies! Happy Dog Guarantee! 4.7 out of 5 stars 68 Broadly speaking, yes deer antlers are safe for dogs but there are a couple of risks. Aggressive chewers risk fracturing their teeth, especially on very hard deer antlers. And when a deer antler is worn down to be really small, it can create a risk of choking or obstruction, so these small pieces should always be removed Why People Give Deer Antlers to Dogs. At first glance, deer antlers seem like an ideal chew toy or treat for your pet. They don't shard and splinter, so they seem to be safer than leftover bones from your cooked meat. Rawhide chews also look less appealing because can often cause blockages in the digestive system

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  1. You can get deer antlers for dogs, elk, reindeer, and even moose antlers for dogs! People with big dogs can occasionally struggle to get appropriately sized toys. After all, you don't want something your dog could choke on. Many people think that large antlers are a good solution. But, in reality, antlers for dogs can pose just as much of a.
  2. Giant. 90+ lbs. Shop. Elk and deer antlers are nature's perfect chew toy100% natural without any chemicals or additives. found in commercially produced rawhide, rubber and nylon chew toys. They are long lasting, leave no mess on your carpet or furniture and are virtually odorless. Dogs find them irresistible
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  4. RidgeRunner offers deer antlers for sale so that your pup has an all-natural and healthy alternative to the leg of your dining room table. Our mule deer antler dog chews are perfect for aggressive chewers who need more of a challenge than our whole elk antlers
  5. Antler dog bones come in a variety of sizes from large to small. Make sure your beast of a dog stays entertained. Browse our extra-large antlers for dogs now

Check out our large deer antler selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops Check out our large antler for dogs selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops Amazon.com : Redbarn Whole Deer Antler Small/Medium for Dogs (Case of 12 Antlers) : Pet Supplie

FREE USPS SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS - NO MINIMUM PURCHASE You will receive: ONE (1) Large Deer Antler measuring between 7 to 9 long. These are perfect for power chewers weighing 50 to 70 pounds. Order Quantity 1 = 1 piece Large Size Deer Antler Chew Product Description: Large Deer Antlers are sure to keep your hard chewing dog entertained for hours. Deer antlers are much denser than elk antlers. By Antlers on Feb 9, 2021. I have 2 large dog breeds and they love deer antlers. My local pet store changed ownership so I thought I would give chewy a try. Get dog food and puppy can food delivered monthly and that has been spot on! They needed new antlers so I went online and ordered the length I wanted as there are several to choose from North American deer antler or elk dog antlers are large and rarely chip, split, or splinter, so they can survive a lot of chewing without harming your dog. Plus, they are packed with nutrients! Q.Which antlers are best for dogs? A. For an all-around antler, we love elk antlers

Antlers are popular chews for dogs and dog owners alike. But, the safety of antlers for dogs is a hotly debated topic. On the one hand, most dogs love the taste of antlers and can get some important nutrients from antlers. But, on the other hand, hard antler chews can cause broken teeth, internal blockages, and internal punctures if your dog. Deer Antlers For Dogs. Let's take deer antlers as an example. Male deer grow antlers for two reasons. First, to impress females. It takes a lot of energy to grow a set of antlers, so males flaunt their antlers to show females how healthy and virile they are. And secondly to fight other males for dominance To make matters worse, once you decide to purchase deer antler dog chews, there are countless companies selling antlers for dogs. Perfect Pets Chews has been making the best quality organic dog antler chews since 2010. Using only Grade A Deer Antlers for dog chews, Perfect Pet Chews has served thousands of pets and their owners 1-48 of 633 Results. One Organic Deer / Elk Antler Dog Chew! Small Medium Large XL XXL - Custom Sizes. $5.00 to $25.99. Free shipping. 629 sold. 4 Four Natural Organic Dog Chews! - Deer And Elk Antlers - Small and Medium Dogs. $16.50

All-natural antler dog chews come predominately from Rocky Mountain ELK and some other deer species like mule deer, whitetail, red deer, moose and fallow deer. Hard antler is an annually renewable crop that naturally FALLS OFF the deer, providing a safe, all-natural antler chew treat for your dog Extra Large Moose Antler For Dogs Over 60 Pounds. NOW Available in 5 Flavors!! from $ 33.00 Extra Small Moose Antler For Dogs Up To 5 Pounds $ 0.00 $ 5.00 SALE; Gift Card from $ 10.00 Large Moose Antler For Dogs Up To 50 pounds. NOW Available in 5 Flavors!! from $ 28.0 Description. Treat your pooch to the long-lasting chew he craves with the Top Dog Chews Premium Large Antler Variety Pack Dog Treats. This pack comes with an assortment of antlers of different shapes and sizes, all naturally shed by free-range North American elk, moose and deer. They're perfect for tough chewers to help keep teeth clean and. How to Make Deer Antler Dog Chews. Posted on August 2, 2019 by wapiti - Dogs, Elk Antler Chews. If you're a proud puppy parent or even just a dog-lover who has seen Marley and Me one too many times, it's easy to close your eyes and imagine every owner's worst nightmare: you come home from a long day of work or a much-needed date night to utter chaos Our large deer antler ranges from 7.0 to 8.9 ounces. We base prices on weight due to the uniqueness of antler. Just like finger prints, no two antler are the same! We cut the tips off of deer antler, leaving it whole, and this makes it the perfect and safest size for your dog to chew on. Length and diameter vary from there. The size and weight of our antler are cut to match the size of dog

General Information. Try out our 2-Pack of LARGE WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Deer Antler Dog Chews are cut from fresh, premium quality GRADE-A naturally shed Deer antlers.. Recommended for Dogs 25-65 pounds. AVERAGE LENGTH- 8- 10 Long; AVERAGE DIAMETER- 1- 2.5 Wide; AVERAGE WEIGHT- 6-8 oz eac Premium quality, Grade A, Deer Antler Chews - Don't settle for lower grade antler chews. 100% All Natural, Long Lasting Deer Antlers for Dogs. Our deer antlers for dogs are unprocessed and picked from the heartland of the USA Deer antler dog chews by the pound-save big! Deer antlers are great for aggressive chewing dogs. All of the cut edges will be sanded smooth for your dogs safety. Antlers are a great, 100% natural chew toy that provides dogs hours of enjoyment and many essential vitamins and minerals. Antlers help clean teeth and support proper gum health Once every year, deer and elk naturally shed their antlers in the forest. During this exciting time, Me and my pet Chops leave on an expedition within Texas, the hear of Antler country. We start our journey by gathering all the equipment and some treats for my buddy

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Large #2 Grade antler for crafts, rock gardens, home decor, weddings, dog chews etc.. 5 or 10 lbs of #3 Grade Whitetail Antlers (choose the amount from drop-down menu above). 10 lbs = 8 to 12+ Antlers depending on weight and size Crooked Creek Antlers, has been providing high quality all natural shed antler dog chews to pet stores across the United States since 2009. We currently offer more than 50 products all made from all natural shed antler. Our premium deer, elk, moose antler products are comprised of a mix of #1 and #2 antlers while our split elk antlers are made from only #1 antler to provide the safest chew

Best Deer Antlers - Prairie Dog; Best Novel Antlers - Icelandic; Best Antler Burr - USA Bones & Chews Elk Antler Burr; Should You Give Your Dog Antlers? There is a big question mark over whether or not we should be giving antlers to dogs. Some vets say it is absolutely fine and good for their teeth, while others say to never give your dog. This listing is for 1 extra large deer, multi-forked antler. The antler will be between 7-11 or more in length. You will recieve an antler that has at least 3 points. These cuts are great for dogs that love multiple areas to chew and grab on to. They will provide hours and hours of fun!! Deer 20-40 pounds -- Medium antler ; 40-70 pounds -- Large antler ; 70+ pounds -- X-Large/Jumbo; 80+ pounds -- Ultra Jumbo The above size chart is a general guide. It is not uncommon for a big dog with a smaller jaw size to perfer a medium or large OR a small dog to have big jaws and perfer a larger antler The best way to care for your dog while having fun with deer antlers is to ask your vet about the many medicinal benefits. There are different treatments available for different kinds of skin conditions, but for most dogs, the best thing is usually the diet While deer antlers, elk antlers, nylon bones, and non-processed large bones may look enticing to dogs, they can break teeth. The marketing hype surrounding antlers would have us believe that since these types of chew toys are natural dog treats that means they are safe for dogs

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  1. Reindeer Antlers For Dogs: Reviews and Top-Rated for 2020. Antler dog treats are a great way to show your dog that you love them by giving them Reindeer antlers. They are fun, tasty, and healthy for your dog's dental health. You may be familiar with the wonderful sounds of Reindeer antlers, rubbing against each other when they fall from the.
  2. g elk and deer are simply collected, thoroughly cleaned, and cut to a premium size. Antlers are a low-mess and odor-free chew, sized in accordance to the size of your dog. Ranging from medium strength to power strength, antlers are perfect for every dog
  3. Antler Chew Sizing Guidelines. The size and type of an appropriate antler chew will greatly depend on both the size and breed of your dog, as well your dog's age, general health and unique disposition and personality (including chewing tenacity!). If you are having trouble deciding which of our antler chews your dog will love best, please drop.
  4. X LARGE Elk NATURAL SHED Antler Premium Dog Chew 1 Each $18.95 ( Bids) End Date: Tuesday Aug-10-2021 14:31:26 EDT Buy It Now for only: $18.95 Bid now | Add to watch list: One Organic Deer Elk Antler Dog Chew Small Medium Large XL XXL Custom Size
  5. Description. Give your dog an all-natural chew you can feel good about with Buck Bone Organics' Deer Antlers. This variety pack comes with three to five pieces of whole deer antler that are 100% eco-friendly, gluten-free and odorless! That means your pup can chew to his heart's content without causing a stink

Solid Real Deer Antlers, Recommended for Most Chewers. You will receive the exact antler(s) pictured. These are cut for medium to large dogs. I like to give heavier chewing dogs a larger chew to make them last longer, or if there is a larger dog in the home who might get ahold of their siblings toy LARGE MOOSE CHEWS are sold by the Piece, (Qty-1 =1 Chew) AVERAGE LENGTH LG - 8- 10 Long. AVERAGE WIDTH LG - 3 Wide. AVERAGE WEIGHT- 8-12 oz. Your Dog will love a tasty Moose Antler Chew treat while removing plaque and getting the healthy benefits of calcium, zinc, and other needed nutrients

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Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew - Extra Large. £ 19.95. Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew - Extra Large sold individually. For 7 years we have been keeping the nation's dogs happy. Staglers 100% Premium top quality Deer Antler Dog Chew are from Red deer, who drop their antlers every year, then regrow them again Product DescriptionWild deer shed their antlers once a year as part of a natural process, after which the deer re-grow another set. The shed antlers are gathered, cut to the appropriate size, cleaned, and packaged to produce Antlerz, a chew your dog is going to love! Antlerz have been called the longest lasting dog chew on the market, and dogs. LARGE- Moose Paddle Antler Dog Chews. $32.50 each. View Now. 5 / 5 Stars. 4-Pack SMALL-WHOLE Yellowstone Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews. $28.50 per 4-pack. View Now. 5 / 5 Stars. The MEGA-ELK BURR Elk Antler Dog Chews Our Split antlers are probably not what you assume, we do not do it like everyone else! Please review the SPLIT ANTLERS-101 article - Blog. Our Large Center-Cut Split elk antler Mountain Dog Chews are perfect for dogs between 35 to 95 pounds, depending on your dog's individual chewing temperament

Deer Whole Antlers Not Cut up Antlers and Last Long with Dogs Antler Natural Dog Chew - Large measuring approx 12-25 cm long. Aiviskaneps. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (21) $22.27 Here is our Extra Large Moose Antler that is fabulous for dogs over 60 lbs. Now available in 5 flavors. Peanut Butter, Chicken, Beef, Cheese and Bacon! I f you have a soft chewer please request a paddle piece, which is flat and rectangle shaped. If you have a more powerful chewer, please request a tine piece which is long dense and pointed at. Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew - Large £ 15.95 Add to basket; Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew - Extra Large £ 19.95 Add to basket; Staglers 100% Deer Antler Dog Chew - Jumbo £ 26.95 Add to basket; Jawsome 9″ Deer Antler Dog Chew £ 35.95 Read more; Jawsome 12 inch Deer Antler Dog Chew £ 45.95 Read mor Antlers for Dogs - Large. $ 37.00. or 4 payments of $ 9.25 with Afterpay. Add to cart

Watch & Grow Deer Antler Dog Treat Large. 1 reviews. See the Reviews. $29. . 99. 4 payments of $7.50 with. $ 23 99. Repeat Deliver and get up to 20% off QTY: 1 X-Large Chew Premium **naturally shed** X-Large elk/deer antler dog chew! A tasty treat your pooch will be sure to love! Healthy, long lasting and 100% all-natural dog chews! Picked up off the ground from wild, free ranging Deer and Elk in the pacific northwest. We do not treat our antler This Deer Antler Dog Chew - Large Treat is sized for dogs 40-70 lbs. Our Large Deer Antler will be at least 7-10″ long and weigh 3.6-7.0 oz. Healthy Benefits: Deer Antlers Are the Perfect Choice for Aggressive Chewers. Completely Odorless and Excellent Source of Calcium, Phosphorous, and Other Nutrients..

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The Whitetail Deer is the most common deer species in North America. With an estimated 30 million deer, they inhabit all of central and eastern United States, up into Canada, and down into Mexico. When it is alarmed, it runs with its white under tail upward, giving it their name. During the spring, they start growing Deer antler chews are naturally shed and renewable. They support bone and muscle health and their hard texture helps clean teeth, massage gums and exercise jaws as your dog chews. Made in the USA for a quality chew you can trust. 100% natural and fat-free; No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives Shop Chewy for low prices on antler dog chews. We carry a wide selection of deer, elk and other antlers for dogs that are natural, great for your dogs teeth and will keep them occupied for hours and hours. *FREE* shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service RidgeRunner's Split Elk Antler chews are a great choice for dogs that are new to elk antlers, more tentative or occasional chewers, puppies or older dogs. Since these elk antlers are split down the middle, they will be easier for pups to get to the delicious nutrient-rich marrow that lies inside

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Premium **naturally shed** Large elk/deer antler dog chew! A tasty treat your pooch will be sure to love! Healthy, long lasting and 100% all-natural dog chews! Picked up off the ground from wild, free ranging Deer and Elk in the pacific northwest. We do not treat our antler chews with any products. Antlers are full of essential vitamins and. Gnawtlers® deer & elk antlers for dogs are pawsitively the best! Gnawtlers® are for all dogs, but are extremely great for dogs that like to chew, teething puppies, bored dogs, anxious dogs, assisting in destructive behaviors, strengthening teeth, aggressive chewers, stimulating your dog's mind, and for dogs with sensitive teeth Deer Antlers For Dogs. Do deer antlers make for a good chew toy? Some of the things we've heard about these antler dog chews are: They are great for dogs who love to chew because they last for a very long time.. You can purchase them in different sizes depending on the size of your dog.. They don't stink really bad like the.

Buck Bone Organics Medium Antler Dog Biscuits, Made with Real Antler 8 oz. $ 9.99. Sold out. Buck Bone Organics Original Recipe Antler Dog Biscuits Mini Size 16 OZ. $ 19.99. Buck Bone Organics Original Recipe Antler Dog Biscuits Mini Size 8 OZ. $ 9.99. Elk Antler Cotton Rope Chew Toy Small/Medium HUGE 73 Whitetail Deer Antlers Sheds Set Rack Horns Mount Taxidermy Skull. $127.50. 11 bids. $25.00 shipping. Ending Today at 6:42PM PDT. 12h 49m Get the best deals on Dog Antlers/Horns when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands X-LARGE Elk/Deer ☆100% NATURALLY SHED☆ Antler Premium Dog Chew (1 Each) $18.75. Free shipping. Nudges. 4.5 out of 5 stars (10) 10 product ratings - Nudges. $15.66 The antlers are elongated, akin to a tree branch with thinner points sprouting from the primary beam. The colors are typically brown and red, with the tips lighter. Deer antlers are thinner and smaller. When it comes to color, deer antlers are the same as elk antlers, playing in browns and coming with lighter tips

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  1. The Antos Antler is another of our 100% Natural chews for dogs. Our Antos Antlers are from red deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds, and have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. Sharp points have been removed to make them safe
  2. WHOLE ELK ANTLERS- RidgeRunner's whole elk antlers are a perfect chew for dogs that are more aggressive chewers and need more of a challenge. Since the marrow is not exposed, your pup will have to work harder to grind the antler chew down. Elk antlers have a softer outer core compared to deer antlers which makes them easier to grind down
  3. Okay, now that our terrible pun is out of the way, let's discuss. 100% natural antler chews help clean teeth & last and last! 100% natural, North American deer or elk antlers are ideal for puppies, aggressive chewers, and large dogs because they last a very long time and rarely split, splinter or chip

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Red Deer Antlers are fantastic dog chews, because they are 100% natural, full of minerals, lasts for ages and are odorless to humans. They are suitable for any dog breed, we have sizes from Small to Super XL and dogs love them, they love to explore the different taste and texture; playing, chewing, licking, carrying and grinding them Antlers for Dogs. If you're looking for long-lasting dog chews that are puppy-proof and safe, look no further than antler bones for dogs. These naturally shed elk and deer antlers are a favorite among our customers. Harvested in the wild, these antlers are free of colors, preservatives, and additives, and provide pure, natural goodness for your pooch Description: Antlers are sorted by weight, rather than length - large deer antlers weigh between 175-300 g and will be either grade A or B. Recommended for: Medium to large adult dogs over 50 lbs who love to chew. Chew Time: This antler is likely to withstand weeks to months before it needs to be replaced Large Deer Antler Dog Chews are recommended for dogs weighing 30-45lbs. Although smaller dogs may size up, it is not recommended to get smaller antlers for big dogs. The best dog chew for heavy chewers. Long-lasting. Doesn't splinter. No chemicals or preservatives. Doesn't smell or stain carpet. A natural dog chew THE PERFECT ANTLER CHEW FOR LARGER DOGS - Package Contains: 2 Extra Large Deer Antlers, 7 to 8 inches long. Ideal for medium- and large-sized dogs, these whole antler chews will keep your dogs engaged and last longer

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The antlers pictured are only a representation of the antler you will receive; each antler is unique in size and coloration. I however categorize my antler chews into basic categories to make it easier to choose the perfect chew for your dog Experience Mountain Dog Chews, a premium brand of antlers for dogs, dog treats and outdoor gear for the sporting dog or posh pup. When only the best natural dog treats or antler dog chews will do. 100% Premium Quality 100% All Natural 100% Made in USA 100% Safe and Secure Shopping 100% Mountain Dog

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Moose: As you'd expect moose antlers are big. I mean HUGE. These are usually cut into squares or rectangles when sold through retailers - which, quite frankly, is probably just as well when you consider that the sheer size of moose antlers. Elk: Elk antlers tend to be larger than deer antlers, and softer as well. They also have a tendency. The Chew For Your Best Friend! Rocky Mountain Antler Dog Chews come from deer and elk antlers that are rich in minerals, do not splinter, and come from a completely renewable source: Antlers! These all-natural antlers contain a great healthy source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese Elk or Deer Antlers. Now here's a SUPER popular dog chew! After all, they're natural and sustainably harvested (elk and deer shed their antlers naturally). But antlers are hard enough to withstand the force of another deer's antlers in battle, which means they're definitely hard enough to break your dog's teeth

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Deer Antlers for Dogs, Premium, Grade A, Deer Antler Dog Chew, Long Lasting Dog Treat for Your Pet. from The USA (Large 6-7) 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,981. 2 offers from CDN$73.52. KONG Floppy Knots Fox, Dog Toy, Medium/Large 3.9 out of 5 stars 2,192. CDN$51.28. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days.. No dog should be allowed to chew more than a half-inch or so per day. Antlers are a rich protein and too much all at once can cause stomach upset. High Nutritional Value: Unlike rawhide chews, deer or elk antlers are high in many needed minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium DOG DAYS LIMITED SALE! Introducing the Large-Whole Mule Deer Antler Dog Chew! Offered as a 2-Pack sold as a 2-pack (that is, Qty 1 = 2 chews). The Long Lean shape makes them the perfect Chew for most any dog, from 6-8 month old Puppies to adults greater than 45 pounds Great For Ultra Aggressive Chewers! 1 Extra Large Deer Antler Dog Chew-Free Ship. $22.99. Free shipping. Seller 99.8% positive. Antler Dog Chews - Deer All Natural, Long Lasting Treat for Dogs (5 Count) $16.95. Free shipping. Seller 100% positive. 1 Extra Large Multi-Forked Deer Antler Dog Chew -Free Shippping-Durable-Elk

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Every dog is different and picking the right size Acadia Antler is important for a great chewing experience.. We strongly suggest sizes based on the weight of your dog (and their corresponding jaw strength). If your dog is a non-stop chewer, please move up a size for a longer lasting chew. If you have more than one dog and they share their chews, buy the bigger dog's size 6 Pack - Large Split Elk/Deer Antler Dog Chews. 52.00. 6 pack of large split/quartered, elk/deer premium naturally shed antler dog chews! These chews have been split in half or quartered, exposing the marrow inside of the antler. The large split chews are 7 or longer. Keep in mind, not all dogs have the same chewing needs/habits Each antler is packed with protein, calcium, and phosphorus to keep your pet's bones, blood, nerves, and muscles healthy. Spizzles Deer Antler Dog Chews are available in five sizes to offer unique chewing experiences to accommodate any dog. Solid antlers offer a tough texture that is sure to stand the test of time

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They can be used by small and large dogs. The antler dog chews taste good and have a great texture. They are mess-free and can be used indoors. #7) Best Bully Sticks Deer and Elk Antler (Grade-A) Dog Chews (1 Pack) The Best Bully Sticks Deer and Elk Antler Dog Chews are quality dog chew made from deer and elk antlers Spizzles Deer Antler Dog Chews - Spizzles Deer Antler Dog Chews are naturally shed, incredibly nutritious chews that provide a safe and long-lasting chew experience that your pooch won't soon forget! These appetizing antlers are the ideal alternative to difficult-to-digest rawhide treats and potentially perilous animal bones. Each antler is packed with protein, calcium, and phosphorus to keep. After deer/elk shed their antlers, people gather them, cut them and sell them directly. There are multiple reputable shops which allow to you pick size, and more importantly, toughness. The reason dogs love antlers is the tasty/healthy marrow on the inside. It's a fun challenge for dogs to gnaw the edges of the antler to get at the marro

3 Pack - X-Large Elk/Deer Antler Dog Chews. 50.00. 3 pack of x-large premium naturally shed antler dog chews! Keep in mind, not all dogs have the same chewing needs/habits. Therefore, please check the FAQ page. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with further questions or recommendations for your dog *All antlers vary in color, size, shape, and texture. No two antlers are exactly the same. A tasty treat your pooch will be sure to love! Healthy, long lasting and 100% all-natural dog chews! Picked up off the ground from wild, free ranging Deer and Elk in the pacific northwest. We do not treat our antler chews with any products Large elk/deer premium naturally shed antler dog chew!*All antlers vary in color, size, shape, and texture. No two antlers are exactly the same.A tasty treat your pooch will be sure to love! Healthy, long lasting and 100% all-natural dog chews! Picked up off the ground from wild, free ranging Deer and Elk in the pacif

3 pack of large split/quartered, elk/deer premium naturally shed antler dog chews! These chews have been split in half or quartered, exposing the marrow inside the antler. The large split chews are 7 or longer. Keep in mind, not all dogs have the same chewing needs/habits. Therefore, please check the FAQ page. Please do not hesitate to. Elk is an overall larger antler in comparison to deer antlers. One antler can weight up to 10 pounds or more! These antlers make great chews for large breed dogs, and they also are a great antler for splitting. Split chews are a great option for senior dogs, sensitive teeth, puppies, and owners concerned about their dogs chew habits Prairie Dog 7-8 Deer Antler Dog Chew, Split, X-Large. By Prairie Dog. 72 Reviews. 72. 5 Answered Questions. List Price: $19.49. Price: $13.25 FREE 1-3 dayShipping over $49 Dogs will chew on pretty much anything - but that doesn't mean it's safe to let them! One of my readers asked if a deer antler chew was a good choice for her dog: Q: One of my friends gave my Cavapoo an antler chew. It seems kind of hard. Is it safe for him to [] data-pin-do=buttonPin data-pin-config=beside>

Premium Deer Antler Pieces - Dog Chews - Antlers by The Pound, One Pound - Six Inches or Longer - Medium, Large and XL - Happy Dog Guarantee! 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 LOVFIVE Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Indestructible Durable Dog Toys, Non-Toxic Food Grade Nylon Dog Bone Toy with Real Beef Flavor, Durable Dog Teething Chew Toys Bones for Dog The advertisement shows & states 5 large elk antlers. The product received contained 2 thin stick-like antlers, too small for my large dogs. Chewy customer service received 5 stars by sending another package as a replacement! 3 You liked it! Something went wrong. Please try again later. Repor Elk are naturally larger than deer, meaning their antlers are bigger and more durable as dog chews. If you have a medium to larger sized dog, elk antlers are the perfect choice for them. Outside of elk antlers, we also offer goat horns and cow hooves, which are high-quality, long-lasting options perfect for dogs of any size

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These large antler chews are: Healthy - they're full minerals & great for dental health. Odourless - which makes them ideal for chewing indoors or even in the car. Long-lasting - antlers are well known for being the longest lasting dog chew. Cruelty free - these antlers have been selected from naturally shed deer antlers. These antlers are naturally sourced - so come in all different shapes. Premium grade, long lasting elk antlers for dogs. Elk antler chews are the preferred choice of dogs and dog owners alike due to their high marrow ratio and long-lasting qualities. Packed with nutrients and taste, our all-natural elk antler chews will save you money and will become your pet's favorite treat Buy WAG - Wag Naturally Long Lasting Whole Deer Antler Dog Treats and save! Shopping for your dog couldn't be easier. All the top brands at great prices with fast & free delivery over $25.00