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Abraham Lincoln Failing in business in 1831, suffering a nervous breakdown in 1836, defeated in his run for president in 1856, Abraham Lincoln was no stranger to rejection and failure. Rather than taking these signs as a motivation for surrender, he refused to stop trying his best. In this great man's words NASA Loses the Mars Climate Orbiter NASA lost its Mars Climate Orbiter worth $125 million, in one of its biggest design and development blunders. In 1999, engineers from Lockheed-Martin used the Imperial system of measurement in designing one part of the orbiter module, while the rest of the team from NASA used the standard metric system 24 Epic Fails Throughout History. Apparently all of mankind is good at one thing, and that is failing. 1

In 1788, the Austrian army accidentally attacked itself and killed 10,000 men of its own men. list25 2. No one knows who was responsible for burning the great library of Alexandria Even Albert Einstein became a victim of scientific blunders. He later called his cosmological constant³ as the biggest blunder of his entire career. In 1916, Einstein published his famous general.. In May 2017, a worldwide cyberattack was launched that infected Windows-based computers with ransomware. Ransomware is a form of malicious software that encrypts user data, making it unusable, and demands a payment to decrypt it and give it back to the user. WannaCry most significantly affected older Windows systems like Windows XP and spread to over 200,000 computers in 150 countries Apollo 13 is probably the most famous failure of 20th century exploration. The 1970 mission may have failed, but, as NatGeo points out, it was a success as well: The astronauts came back alive...

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  1. Retail fails: 6 of the biggest blunders from industry history Target's Canadian misadventure, the marriage of Sears and Kmart, J.C. Penney's misbegotten transformation — if only hindsight were..
  2. So often we publish lists that praise events in human history - tales of victory over diseases, disastrous situations, and the like. But, alas, history is also replete with events that we must remember so as to not repeat them, but we wish had never happened. This list looks at ten of the worst moments in history when man showed that he can act with utter contempt for the rest of man
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  4. It follows that the scale of the deaths and suffering led to probably the greatest leadership failures in history. 1 During and after the darkest days of the plague, all religious, social, and economic systems were thrown into confusion. Authority disintegrated, social rules broke down, fanaticism bloomed, and persecution of certain groups arose
  5. The Top 10 Biggest Sports #Fails of All Time The rest is one of the great upsets in tennis history with McEnroe losing in five sets, a match remembered more for his outburst and collapse than.
  6. The other day I said I would speak at an event here in Missoula. I slept in, missed my speaking slot, and felt like a totally failure. So I read about some o..

3. WorldCom record-breaking scandal. Via: therichest.com. When WorldCom filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2002, it became the largest accounting fraud and corporate fail in US history (over $100 billion in assets), at least until the next entry in our list came along BBC Culture looks back at the greatest mistranslations of the past, with a 19th-Century astronomer finding signs of intelligent life on Mars and a US president expressing sexual desire for an. This makes him the most productive drunkard in history. #3. Ernest Hemingway. Best line: Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.. The literary legend is a testament to drinking. The man ate drunk, loved drunk, hunted drunk, and even wrote drunk

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The Greatest Economic Collapses In History. was one of the most respected banks in the history of the world. The Medici family revolutionized accounting by invoking the ledger system and. 7 Doomsday Of course, one of the most famous moment in Superman's history is also one of his biggest failures. While Superman still succeeded in defeating Doomsday in the end, it came at the tremendous price of Superman's own life The 13 Biggest Fails in the History of Advertising. By Cubicle Ninjas July 21, 2017 July 30th, 2019 One Comment. 1. The Ratner Misunderstanding. This gentleman is Gerald Ratner, and in 1991 he made what is probably the biggest advertising fail in history. He was the chairman of a massive UK company when one tiny speech would almost collapse his. With all of that out of the way, it's time we look at the 15 biggest Nintendo fails in history. 15 Wii U Marketing. via zeldadungeon.net. After the massive success that was the Wii, Nintendo decided to try and replicate it with their next console: the Wii U. While the 3DS is one of Nintendo's best-selling consoles, it wasn't always this way.

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The 1958 NFC Championship Game is known as the Greatest Game Ever Played, and Alan Ameche won it for the Colts over the Giants in overtime at Yankee Stadium. It was the first NFL playoff game. The Greatest Mass Transit Fails in History Elon Musk's Hyperloop announcement resulted in quite a bit of skepticism. We'd like to think that has less to do with the feasibility of Musk's concept.. Former Coalition prime minister Malcolm Turnbull claimed recently he couldn't recall a more black and white failure of public administration than the vaccine program. Historian Frank Bongiorno..

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  1. The Biggest Selfie FAILs In Internet History. Brian Gilmore. Updated July 7, 2021 44.2k votes 11.5k voters 4.1m views 46 items. List Rules Upvote the funniest selfie FAILs, downvote the ones that you deem socially acceptable. filter the list by
  2. or errors on the BBC. How we all chuckled when that guy inexplicably held that pack of printer paper instead of an iPad, how we enjoyed it.
  3. g class wars. Others, however, dump their savings into a gold-plated wheelbarrow so they can carry the $50,000 required to buy a loaf of bread in style
  4. Here are eight of the biggest and costliest mistakes in business history. 1. Excite could have bought Google for less than $1 million. Back in 1999, Excite was the No. 2 search engine and Google.

The 1975 Banqiao Reservoir Dam Failure. The failure of the dam on the Ru River in China's Zhumadian City was the deadliest dam failure ever. The construction of the Banqiao Dam was initiated in April 1951 and completed by 1952. It was established with the aim of controlling floods downstream and also generating hydroelectricity Restoration is an art unto itself, helping preserve art history's greatest masterpieces for posterity. But for every job well done, there are others that meet a critical eye—experts were. 10 of the Greatest Leadership Mistakes in History. 11/02/2012 08:31 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014. When we look at the past, it becomes obvious that the march of history is often more of a stumble. How you live, work, and love today are as much the result of mistakes as they are the result of some brilliant plans or an inspired leader's guidance On one occasion, he sold the greatest player in baseball history for $100,000 in order to finance productions of either My Lady Friends or No, No, Nanette. Ruth transitioned from pitcher to right fielder and quickly became one of the most prolific home run hitters in history. The Curse of the Bambino then afflicted the Boston Red Sox, who had. In 2006, after 33 years of offering up legends like the Talking Heads, Blondie, Misfits and the stalwart Ramones, CBGB, the most famous underground alt-rock/punk club in the world, closed its doors. It was shuttered to make way for a high-end men's fashion store. Patti Smith gave the historic club an emotional, if punk, goodbye by tearing the stage and room apart

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Trump's 6 biggest history fails since entering the White House Trump's misunderstanding of the past presents serious questions about our future. By Charlie May Published August 26, 2017 10:30AM. In anticipation of that day, here are six great moments in pubic hair history: 1. The Black Crowes' Amorica Album Cover. In 1994, The Black Crowes released their third album with a cover lifted. We Brings You Daily Dose Of Fails Right Here Which Will Make Your Day . We Put Together Some Of the Best Fails Of The Day To Make You laugh ! Subscrib..

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  1. Industrial disasters. Bad design, lack of maintenance, human error, mother nature, bad luck, or some combination thereof. Here are the ten worst in recent history
  2. Apple AirPower is probably one of the greatest fails in the history of Apple. Sometime in the lifeline of a company, one engineer becomes too over ambitious but because they are the best, no one dares to question them. This was the case with Apple AirPower. An innovation that Apple showcased with its lineup of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X
  3. (You May Also Like: The Five Best Generals in U.S. History) George McClellan: The American Civil War was a factory for producing bad generals such as Braxton Bragg and Ambrose Burnside
  4. 1. The greatest Wheel of Fortune fail is when the answer was clearly self-portrait and a woman named Lolita's brain shorted out for a second and she said self-potato, sorry. That sorry meant.
  5. The Commander of British forces in France during the disastrous Battle of the Somme in 1916, Haig has the distinction of overseeing the greatest single day loss of British lives in history: on the morning of July 1, 1916, 60,000 troops—20% of the entire British fighting force engaged—was killed or wounded (including all but 68 men of the.
  6. Why Supersymmetry May Be The Greatest Failed Prediction In Particle Physics History. Ethan Siegel. Starts With A Bang, including the award for best science blog by the Institute of Physics

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26 of the greatest political insults in history 9/1/2015. SHARE. SHARE. TWEET. SHARE. EMAIL. Pediatricians' group says all kids should wear masks in school, but some states block such mandates Best Photo Fail In The History Of Selfie Fails. Fail Video funny video Selfie Fail. 0. 0. Video Player. 00:00. 00:00. 00:00. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume It's just beautiful and stylish, and one of the best incorporations of the 5 olympic rings into the actual logo. Peace and love, amigo. The worst Olympic logos in history are Jon Collette. The Somme, 1916 (1.12 million casualties) The Somme Offensive, or the Battle of the Somme, was an epic World War I battle fought in Somme, France, by the British and French forces against those of the Germans. It occurred between July 1st, 1916 and November 18th, 1916. The battle claimed the lives of nearly 1.12 million civilians and military men 7 Greatest Sport Fails In Kid History. Rumble / Epic Fails — It takes a lot of coordination and concentration to play a sport. Unfortunately for these kids, they were having some off days and lost their coordination resulting in some hilarious sport fails! But you know what they say, practice makes perfect

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Abraham Lincoln. Some of you seem drawn to the Emancipation Proclomation. But, yes, although that did have its limitations, you fail to say that his greatest achievement was in actually keeping the nation together, and his superior grasp on how a war should be fought by a president, namely in keeping out of his generals way Trish Stratus is the greatest Diva in WWE history. 16. Greatest. Diva. Ever. It's not hard to get 15 minutes of fame on the internet. All you really need is an impressive rack and a little luck U.K. Museum Lists 20 Greatest Battles in British History. Published Date: 22 January, 2013. The famous charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo. The famous 1815 clash between Napoleon and Wellington was just one the 20 most influential British battles listed in the Telegraph. Question: What do Naseby, Quebec City and the Imjin River have in common. One of the most influential slow motion scenes in film history comes during Arthur Penn's 1967 that slow motion is best applied to. when Leslie Nielsen fails to save four baby carriages.

Kevin Nash is a very big man; one of the biggest big men to ever lift his big boots over the top rope and into the ring. But rarely did he have to wrestle similarly sized wrestlers like The Giant, known more commonly as The Big Show.. RELATED: The 10 Most Memorable Botches In ECW History During a match at WCW's Souled Out pay per view in 1998, Kevin Nash attempted his finisher, the Jackknife. The Greatest Finish Fails in Sports History. Runners aren't the only athletes who need to stop celebrating early. By Andrew Daniels. Sep 4, 2018 Patrick Duffy/Atlanta Braves Getty Images

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Historic fail? Greatest Americans missing from proposed curriculum. The College Board's Advanced Placement curriculum on U.S. history must include America's greatest icons, like Ben Franklin and. Who's On First — The Greatest Comedy Routine in History. By. Commonplace Fun Facts on May 10, 2021 • ( 2 Comments ) i. 1 Vote. It was 1938. Very little about that year was generating laughter. The Great Depression continued to hold the world's economy in its grip. War clouds were building in Europe, Asia, and Africa Vote. level 1. Corntillas. · 28d. Hog Squeezer. He's on that one headphone off, listening for the creak of the floor right outside his room level shit, respect. 2.9k. level 2. Zorpha All are included here as we look at some of the best and worst plot twists in movie history: BEST: Where Taylor really was in Planet of the Apes. The final shot of Planet of the Apes. Fox Through watching The Planet of the Apes we're to believe that Taylor (Charlton Heston) and his crew crash-landed on some distant planet in the future.

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History majors hone a versatile expertise, and because of that they can work in a variety of different fields like legal, education, sales and management. These are some common jobs that history majors assume, once they have earned their bachelor's degrees: Archivist. Glassdoor salary range: $35,000-$72,000. Paralegal We are on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world. In the decades to come, we will witness millions of elderly Americans, the Baby Boomers and others, slipping. Best fails in Music HISTORY. 25 likes. Muzik

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The best first baseman in Yankee history is an easy call: Lou Gehrig, probably the best first baseman in baseball history. Gehrig leads all Yankee first basemen in career homers, RBI, hits, runs, batting, slugging and nearly every important statistical category, and has the best single-season totals in several categories, too The best offensive-defenseman in NHL history next to Orr has to make the list. 9. Tom Barrasso. Next to Lemieux, Tom Barrasso was just as important in bringing two Stanley Cups to Pittsburgh. No. Various uses of the term Olympic to describe athletic events in the modern era have been documented since the 17th century. The first such event was the Cotswold Games or Cotswold Olimpick Games, an annual meeting near Chipping Campden, England, involving various sports.It was first organised by the lawyer Robert Dover between 1612 and 1642, with several later celebrations leading up to.

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History, of course, happens because of successful and unsuccessful negotiations. We could fill the entire Internet with examples, but we're going to practice some self-control and only showcase a couple. Probably the most famous example from contemporary times involves the volatile relationship between Israel and Palestine. Stemming directly from the former nation's official establishment. The good news here is, Apple can, and more than likely will improve the service, so expect this to not make any more fail lists in the future. 47. Sony NW-HD1 Audio Player. Image via Complex Original A month later, these parents divorced. 3. Not long after that, Mike took off with his mother's corpse. 4. Rashad was so horny he could've eaten a dong — that was in November. 5. And this person.

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Archaeologists studying the rise of farming have reconstructed a crucial stage at which we made the worst mistake in human history. Forced to choose between limiting population or trying to increase food production, we chose the latter and ended up with starvation, warfare, and tyranny r/destiny2. All about Destiny 2: The epic, online-only looter-shooter MMO from Bungie, which launched in September of 2017. 638k. Guardians In terms of marketing fails, this one got her and the department torched! The computer systems at the DoE are old, but Betsy next time, try using spell check! 5

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The gang escaped on horseback with about $50,000 (£40,000), equivalent to $7 million (£5.6 million) today, using fresh horses along their escape route to outrun any pursuit The greatest Solo Flawless Prophecy fail in history. This was my 1st attempt this season, fell through the floor in Hexahedron on the 2nd, thankfully beat it on the 3rd. What's happened here is essentially the adds get carried up the grav lift (common knowledge), but if it happens when you're outside of proximity, they'll essentially be. After focusing on 20 Of The Most Embarrassing Moments In The History Of The Democrat Party last week, it seems appropriate to point out some of the greatest moments of the Republican Party. 1. The Greatest Mass Transit Fails in History. By Archinect. Aug 23, '13 2:56 PM EST. 0. Photo: US Elevated High-Speed Bus Group via wired.com. Elon Musk's Hyperloop announcement resulted in quite a bit of skepticism. We'd like to think that has less to do with the feasibility of Musk's concept and more to do with the massive mass transit failures. The Great Northeast Blackout. At dusk, the biggest power failure in U.S. history occurs as all of New York state, portions of seven neighboring states, and parts of eastern Canada are plunged into. Poopers and bloopers: the greatest TV fails. The elephant in the studio John Noakes, Peter Purves and Valerie Singleton meet Lulu on Blue Peter. The best-known - because most rescreened.