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The overview of the Accident Detection and Monitoring system shown in fig. 2 is a very helpful to detect the accident and also easy to monitor the accident. When the Vibration sensor and Mems is used to detect the accident occurred or not. By using Mems When the car has been rollover it can immediately send the signal to th 2.4 An IoT Approach to Vehicle Accident Detection, Reporting, and Navigation This promising system expected to aid in tedious rescuing process by reporting in a matter of seconds the location of an accident, the passengers injured, blood types An IOT Based Vehicle Accident Detection and Alert System Vehicle Tracking And Accident Alert System Using Microcontroller, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Science,2021. [4]. T Kalyani, S Monika, B Naresh, Mahendra Vucha, Accident Detection and Alert System Smart Car: An IoT Based Accident Detection System. Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) offers limitless possibilities to both the public and private sectors. Automobile manufacturers are interested in IoT applications to increase the safety of their vehicles, to meet customers' demands and ultimately to offer cutting-edge products which. PROPOSED SYSTEM The accident prevention and detection system are used to detect and prevent road accidents. The accidents are caused due to the drowsy condition of the driver or due to the consumption of alcohol. This system makes use of various sensors and control units, along with some prevention mechanisms to make the system a complete one

IoT Based Automatic Vehicle Accident and Rash Driving Alert System. A definitive and comprehensive vehicle accident and rash driving identification and alert system using NodeMCU. Unlike other projects across the internet, it has a fully functional and independent circuitry. It combines the features of Invensense's MPU6050, Ublox Neo-6M GPS. accident detection systems are proposed by numerous researchers. Smartphones, GSM and GPS technologies, vehicular ad-hoc networks and mobile applications are use in accident detection. The implementation of a road accident detection system is very crucial in every vehicle. This paper presents automatic ca Automatic Vehicle Accident Alert System using AWS IoT. In vehicle accident, An alerting message which contains time and location automatically is sent to emergency agencies for relief the victim. Intermediate Full instructions provided 16,187. Second Prize. The AWS IoT Mega Contest

IoT based automatic vehicle accident detection using GPS has gained attention because it facilitates the emergency facility. The automatic vehicle accident and theft detection are introduced. The proposed design in the system, that detect accidents significantly in less time and sends an alert The proposed system uses the IoT for vehicle accident detection and alarming the authorities regarding accidents, vehicle tracking using GPS Modem. In this project we have designed IoT based vehicle accident detection and tracking system using GPS Modem. Henc In this project, we are going to build an IoT based accident detection system with the help of NodeMCU ESP8266 Module and a Vibration Sensor Module SW-420 which will detect the accident and send an Emergency Email to the registered Email address using MATLAB Thingspeak Server and IFTTT service along with any additional emergency alarm system 1.2 Accident Alert System Features This system is based on new technology, its main purpose is to detect an accident and alert to the control room, so the victim can find some help. It can detect accidents the intensity of the accident without any visual contact from control room. If this system is inserted in every vehicle then it i In current years, drowsy driver detection is the most necessary procedure to prevent any road accidents, probably worldwide. The aim of this study was to construct a smart alert technique for building intelligent vehicles that can automatically avoid drowsy driver impairment. But drowsiness is a natural phenomenon in the human body that happens due to different factors

Smart Accident Alert System tries to curb accidents. It is accident detection and messaging system using GPS, vibration sensor and GSM module, in which the vibration sensor is used as an input to the system and corresponding response is analyzed by Arduino The Accident Detection and Messaging System can be fitted in the vehicle (Ambulance or the Police) and they are informed about any such untoward incident at the go. Fig. 1: Prototype of Arduino based Car Accident SMS Alert System. Accident Detection and Messaging System execution is simple as the system makes use of GSM and GPS technologies Here in this project, we are going to build a Arduino based vehicle accident alert system using GPS, GSM and accelerometer. Accelerometer detects the sudden change in the axes of vehicle and GSM module sends the alert message on your Mobile Phone with the location of the accident. Location of accident is sent in the form of Google Map link.

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  1. The activity can be described as an operation of the system. The control flow is drawn from one operation to another. The activity diagram of vehicle fall and accident detection system will tell the activity of each modules. When the accident occurs the system will send data to the network tower
  2. reason of accidents in almost all countries all over the world. This system should be installed in the vehicle. This proposed system Drunk and Dri ve Detection using IOT is mainly used to detect the drunken drivers and control their vehicles to redu ce the accidents. This system is installed in the vehicle
  3. This system not only detects accident but also notification alerts are sent to the nearby hospital and emergency contacts (family and relatives) using GSM module. Accidents are detected using Vibration sensors so as to get accurate results. This sensor forms the part of the IoT system which has an Arduino
  4. This proposed IOT based accident detection system helps to reduce the loss of life due to accidents and also reduces the time taken by the ambulance to reach the hospital. To detect the accident there is accelerometer sensor present in this rescue system and the GSM module included sends messages about the location to the respective guardian.
  5. An influential indicator of survival rates after detecting the accident is the time between the occurrence of the accident and the arrival of emergency responders to the scene. Reductions in this time, in turn, may affect the numbers of fatalities, and this is achieved through using automatic traffic accident detection and notification systems.
  6. Intelligent accident -detection and Ambulance rescue system Fig1: block diagram of system The system consists of three main units, which coordinate with each other and make sure that the ambulance reaches the hospital without any time lag. Thus our system is divided into following four units: 1. The vehicle unit. 2. The ambulance unit. 3
  7. The working of the venture Accident Detection and Alert System utilizing Arduino can be compressed in 3 focuses underneath: At the point when mischance happens, the area subtle elements of vehicle/protest gathered by the GPS module from the satellite, this data is as scope and longitude scale. Hence, gathered data is then sustained to Arduino UNO

IoT Based Vehicle Tracking and Accident Detection System, SafeDrive is a dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) device that crash detection technology,SafeDrive. Accident detection can be done under various domains. Most of the papers use application of sensor technology, besides trying to detect surveyed accidents automatically using machine learning and computer vision from surveillance systems. Any kind of accident detected is automatically sent as an alert to the required destination Add the following snippet to your HTML: Arduino Based Vehicle Accident Alert System with GPS and GSM | Vehicle Accident Alert System. Vehicle Accident Alert System. Project tutorial by Muhammad Ansar. 4,718 views. 1 comment. 1 respect. Project tutorial Introduction of Accident Detection and Alert System using Arduino. The Accident Detection and Alert System using Arduino is very sufficient and worthy to be implemented in the vehicle specially in developing country like Nepal, India, Bangladesh etc. Accident is increasing due to increase in number of vehicles as a result every year the number of death is increasing Traffic accidents, one of the leading sources of deaths in all places. This paper gives alert before the situation is in danger and immediately shares the location where the accident occurred. The alert will be given when the driver is not in the condition to drive and location is traced) using GPS (Global Positioning System) once accident occurred. This system helps to trace the vehicle's.

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IoT based vehicle accident detection system using GPS and WIFI has gained attention. When accident occurs, this system sends short message to WhatsApp of a mobile number via Wi-Fi over internet. Message will give longitude and latitude values. From these values location of accident can b The accident detection and reporting system has the following objectives, To prevent the user from using his two-wheeler if he's not wearing his helmet. To detect and report accidents that occur.

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Archa A et al (2019) IoT based driver drowsiness detection and traffic collision avoidance system using raspberry pi. In: International journal of engineering sciences & research technology NACETEC' 19 ISSN: 2277-9655. 10. Sharma S (2018) IoT based car accident detection and notification algorithm for general road accidents. In: IJECE, vol 9. Accident-Detection-with-GPS-Tracking-and-Messaging-System The aim of this project is to automatically detect the Accident using Raspberry Pi And IOT Based Sensors. As soon as the accident is detected the location of the driver is conveyed to hospitals, fire stations and emergency contacts of the driver using the Android App The use of piezoelectric shock sensors validates the prediction of the accident and a mitigation alert system is designed to inform the concerned authorities regarding the occurrence of severe road accidents. The system also studies the severity of the accidents which can be used to analyze its impact economically. The solution proves to be an. developed a system which made use of the accelerometer, GPS and microphone to detect accidents. Upon detection of an accident sends an emergency notification to the web server and also sends an SMS to the emergency contacts, emergency responders have to access the web server to find out about an accident

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An IoT approach to vehicle accident detection, reporting, and navigation Abstract: One particular concern that Public Safety Organizations (PSO) must account for whilst engaging in many activities is decreasing the effect of vehicle accidents, aiding as many injured people as possible and providing 24/7 on the spot rescue IoT detection and reporting system design is the main objective of the project. The system's only feature is to locate the victims and to report the accident to ambulances and their affected people with appropriate details so that the victim gets rapid medical treatment. 3.1. Block diagram

In order to react quickly to accidents, the quality of the alert systems must be improved. A good alert system can drastically improve workplace security. The nature of the risk can determine what kind of security system to use; for example, companies can use mobile applications that help employees alert other employees of any threat in a. In an automatic vehicle accident detection and alert system, GPS module traces the location and gets the details under a particular network coverage area. The latitude and longitude measurements are accurate and this piece of precise information is send via a GSM module to the phone/mobile number set as per the program code This includes reducing the time of response to an accident to the minimum, among other things. The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) based accident detection and response system is an attempt towards minimizing the rates of casualty and injuries occurring to both passengers and vehicles due to road accidents

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  1. g the location necessary action will be taken. Sign Board Monitoring and Vehicle Accident Detection System Using IoT Ashokkumar, K.;.
  2. detection is decreased. So IoT modules are used to make it more intelligent and to improve accuracy level of fatigue detection. 2.6. Fatigue and Collision Alert System Using Smart Technique. Chen et al. [28] implemented a smart glass to detect fatigue. The rear light of the vehicle is automatically flashed with a message being sent using the.
  3. CONCLUSION SAVE ME: An Automatic Accident Detection And Alert System For Automobiles is used for providing help to the accident victims. The proposed system is developed to rescue accident victims as fast as possible. SAVE ME consist of Raspberry pi, arduino, android application, also a webpage. Application sends the accident message to the the.
  4. The vehicle detection system is built through surveillance cameras and accident detection occurs due to collisions between any two objects on any given road at any given time. The major hindrance to an efficient vehicle detection system is the consumption of more power, i.e. low power utilizing computing systems aren't deployed yet
  5. 1. Automatic Vehicle Accident Alert System using AWS IoT 2. Automatic Vehicle Accident Alert System using Raspberry Pi 3. Vehicle Accident Detection Using MEMS,GSM,GPS and Raspberry Pi 4. Vehicle-
  6. 1. To build an excessive speed indication system and warning alert system via voice alert, remote accessing of speed by parents. 2. To provide an accident detection system and driver condition monitoring system using IOT Artificial Intelligence photos. 3. To provide location tracking using Google map plotting. 4
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Establish a head movement monitoring sensor system for Drowsiness detection. In case of drowsiness detected alert the driver via a wake call (vibration /Buzzer) Mediate the Sensor information and locate accident location using GPRS for help and rescue. Display the activities of designed system on LCD display In previous tutorials, we have learned about How to interface GPS module with Computer and how to Track vehicle using GSM and GPS.We also built Vehicle Accident Alert System using Arduino and accelerometer.Here we are again building the same project but this time a MSP430 launchpad and a vibration sensor will be used to detect vehicle accident.. The proposed Vehicle accident detection system can track geographical information automatically and sends an alert SMS regarding accident. Experimental work has been carried out carefully. The result shows that higher sensitivity and accuracy is indeed achieved using this project The main objective of this project is to design an intelligent system which will prevent a drunk person from driving and also identify accident if any. This system is capable of providing security and safety to the bikers against road accidents. The circuit is so designed that the bike won't start without wearing helmet and if the rider is drunk Sadaphal I, Sangameshwarkar R, Singh S, Patil S, Kale S (2019) Accident detection and alert system using android application. Int J Res Appl Sci Eng Technol 7(V) Google Scholar. 2. Vasu L (2010) An effective step to real-time implementation of accident detection system using image processing

IoT based Fall Detection using NodeMCU ESP8266 and Accelerometer MPU6050 The fall detection system is very useful for elderly people. It can notify the concerned person or family member whenever it detects any fall and can reduce the risk of delayed medical attention 1. ACCIDENT DETECTION ANDVEHICLE TRACKINGUSING GPS,GSM AND MEMS BY M.KRISHNA KANTH (08UQ1A0401) MOINUDDIN (08UQ1A0446) ABHILASH KUMAR SINGH (08UQ1A0457) 2. INTRODUCTION The main intention of this project is to find the accidentspot at any place and intimating it to ambulance through theGPS and GSM networks The GPS based vehicle accident. To overcome this issue, we have come up with this accident detection system which will help the victims get rescued well in time and reduce the risk of death caused by road accidents. The system includes a sensor, sound meter, GPS and GSM module. The sensors will detect the accident & sound meters will trigger an alarm It detects whether the rider met with an accident if he meets, then it alerts the guardian about the accident and sends SMS. PROPOSED SYSTEM. We are developing a smart helmet using the internet of things (IoT) technology, in which we ensure the safety of the bike rider. by avoiding road accidents of the bikers by, The system detects whether the.

Distracted Driving Accident Project Description: Distracted Driving Accidents- Nearly 1,250,000 people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day.An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. Among other causes of road accidents, distracted driving is the most common cause of road accidents around the world, resulting in more crashes every year than speeding, drunk. To improve this, there is a need for alert the emergency services to get the accident information as soon as possible when an accident is occurring. Overspeed of the vehicle is a main reason for accidents. To save people lives, IOT based accident detection and prevention is an essential one The goal of the project is to develop a smart automatic gas leakage detection system. The system is designed for homes, offices, industries etc. In this system, there will be an alert system for every individual floor. It is designed to detect sudden gas leakage. It will contain necessary sensors for detecting gas leakage

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monitoring and alert system using Arduino. So this IOT based system award people to prevent accidents and safe from damage. Scope of Study . Due to the increase in fuel costs, we use LPG gas in most petrol/diesel vehicles. The use of LPG gas in car and home is very risky. The LPG gas cylinders used at home and elsewher accident death due to loneliness in the event of accident, and huge monetary loses from stolen vehicle has inspired the author to test out the idea to mitigate them. The purpose of this project is to able to ultimately provide safety alert system such as accident and vehicle theft alert without human intervention throughout the process IoT Based Fire alarm Notification System Using WiFI can be used as a pre-cautionary measure at all the places listed above, which can help in notifying the fire departments early. If appropriate and immediate action is taken as soon as the buzzer turns ON, it can help in avoiding an accident The system fires an ALERT upon detection of an attempted intrusion over the fence/wall, directs the calibrated PTZ tracking camera towards the intruder, and records a video of the event. (accompanying shows a perimeter wall with an intruder jumping the wall, Alert in red, and the PTZ cmera directed towards the intruder and recording video of. You probably know of the importance of a fire and motion alarm system in our homes, offices, and commercial buildings. This project is basically going to give you a Fire Alarm and motion detection Notification System which will detect nearby flame and inform you by sending a message provided by Blynk to your smartphone

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  1. Program for IoT based LPG Gas Detection System is very easy as we only need to read the MQ-5 sensor data using the GPIO2 pin of ESP8266-01. Complete code is given at the end of the page. Here we are explaining important parts of the code
  2. Hamid M. Ali, Car Accident Detection and Notification System Using Smartphone IJCSMC, Issue. 4, Vol. 4, pg.620- 635, April 2015, Google Scholar 5. K.L.S. Soujanya, Accident Alert System with IOT and Mobile Application , International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Issue-5S2 Volume- 7 , ISSN: 2277-3878 , January.
  3. List of Temperature Sensor Projects for engineering students. Ambulance tracking with patient health monitoring system using GPS and GSM. Android based Home Security System using Bluetooth Technology. Android based Industrial fault monitoring (detection) system. Arduino based LPG Leakage detector with SMS indication using GSM modem
  4. LPG gas is primarily used for cooking in our country. This paper focuses on continuous monitoring, booking and leakage detection in household LPG cylinder. In this system we have used PIC 16F877A microcontroller, GSM SIM 800c module and ESP8266 for monitoring and detection purpose. If gas level goes low, it helps us to make automatic booking of new gas cylinder using GSM module
  5. An embedded system has been designed to make the journey of the passengers inside a vehicle safe and secure with using the Internet of things. IOT is almost an adjustable technology that is capable of providing relevant information about its own operation. It provides the necessary accident information to the vehicle. In today's world safety and security plays an important role, Vehicles are.
  6. Internet of Things-enabled Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are gaining significant attention in academic literature and industry, and are seen as a solution to enhancing road safety in smart cities. Due to the ever increasing number of vehicles, a significant rise in the number of road accidents has been observed. Vehicles embedded with a plethora of sensors enable us to not only.
  7. SafetyBIM develops the first IoT system with IA for the Construction and Public Works sector in order to reduce the number of accidents of the interveners. Our technology answers to issues related to construction 4.0 with site and location's connectivity with the aim of receiving warnings in real time

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Description: Arduino Fire Alarm System with GSM Alert Text Message & Buzzer- In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an Arduino based GSM Fire Alarm System with SMS Alert and Buzzer.In this project, a Flame Detector is used for the Fire detection. When the fire is detected by the Sensor the buzzer is turned ON for 8 seconds and a message is sent to the owner accident detection and alert system. floods alert system ir based. foot-step piezo. gas detection system ir based. woman safety. gpt katarm machnie performance analasis using iot-abstract. embedded systems. d igital audio broadcasting-1 . d igital audio broadcasting-2. m19dc005-kranthi. m19dc005-kranthi-new. air pollution arduino- bits. iot. To overcome this problem here is a solution namely an accident detection system using sensors. The database of all the hospitals in the city is stored in the main server. A GSM & GPS module in the vehicle will share the accident location to the major server so that an ambulance will reach the accident spot from the nearest hospital

Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Messaging System using GSM and GPS 87 from CS MISC at Lyceum of the Philippines University - Cavite - General Trias, Cavit When the detection state changes, a water sensor will immediately turn on the radio and send data to a wireless gateway. The gateway forwards the sensor data to a monitoring app on a mobile device or desktop application. Then the app or cloud software instantly sends an alert via a text, email, or call

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Startups like Zizmos are working on early-warning systems using IoT (Internet of Things) sensors. Earthquake detection is provided by interconnecting multiple seismic sensors to a central server. The system works by detecting motion close to the earthquake epicenter and transmitting a warning alert to users further away from the epicenter Get notified with automated alerts and notification of the movement with periodical updates on the new location. Geo-fencing of assets & Trip detection, accident detection alerts using motion detection; Fetch reports related to the device status, location status, packet reports with timestamp. Export reports from the dashboard source of leakage. Most fire accidents are caused because of a poor-quality rubber tube or the regulator is not turned off when not in use. Therefore, developing the gas leakage alert system is very essential. Hence, this paper presents a gas leakage alert system to detect the gas leakage and to alarm the people onboard Drowsiness detection system, most of them using ECG, Vehicle Based approaches.A robust real- time embedded platform to monitor the loss of attention of the driver during day and night driving conditions. [5] A drowsiness detection system using both brain and visual activity is presented in this paper. The brain activity is monitore

The Internet of Things (IoT) water leak detection technology can play an invaluable role for facility owners and managers developing a comprehensive water damage mitigation plan. Today's IoT devices incorporate sensors that can provide early alerts to help stem major water damage issues and pre-empt potential trouble AWS IoT Events is a fully managed service that makes it easy to detect and respond to events from IoT sensors and applications. Events are patterns of data identifying more complicated circumstances than expected, such as changes in equipment when a belt is stuck or motion detectors using movement signals to activate lights and security cameras List Of Arduino Projects. Accident Identification And Alerting Project. Advanced Automatic Self-Car Parking Using Arduino. Advanced Footstep Power Generation System. Alcohol Sensing Alert With Engine Locking Project. Alcohol Sensing Display With Alarm Project. Anti Drowning System With Remote Alert. Arduino Based Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot accidents. The system detects the leakage of the LPG using gas sensor and give notification to the user on android Designed for alert systems using Ardino Mega with LCG gas leak monitoring and MC135 sensor. The main idea of this paper is to review the material on IoT based gas detection system and to ensure the safety of people and the. Background: Road accidents are major cause of deaths worldwide. This is enormously due to fatigue, drowsiness and microsleep of the drivers. This don't j..

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Falling is among the most damaging event elderly people may experience. With the ever-growing aging population, there is an urgent need for the development of fall detection systems. Thanks to the rapid development of sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT), human-computer interaction using sensor fusion has been regarded as an effective method to address the problem of fall detection This paper is organized as follows. Section 2 presents the design for SHM system using piezoelectric sensor, followed by the proposed mathematical model in Section 3 and damage detection using a cross correlation process in Section 4. In Section 5, the results of the system validation are provided. Finally, Section 6 concludes this paper. 3 The use of wireless sensor networks for detection of gas leakages to ensure production safety in the Petrochemical Industry has been proposed by Chengjun et al. 8 The system emphasizes the importance of building a centralized location software by collecting data from the wireless RF sensors in order to accurately pinpoint the location of gas. IOT Based Smart Public Transport System Parag Gawade *, Prof In C.Prabha[12], This paper presents vehicle accident detection and ready framework with SMS to the mobile numbers detection framework can track geographical data consequently and sends an alert SMS in regards to accident. Trial work has been completed precisely. The outcome.

NodeMCU ESP8266 IoT based LPG Gas Leakage Alarm. LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is use almost in every house for cooking purpose. This gas is highly inflammable and need to be careful while using it. There are situations where accidents have occurred and huge damage has is done. In this article we will build a LPG gas detection system using MQ5 Sensor The chances of survival of an accident victim could increase drastically if immediate medical assistance is provided at an accident location. This work proposes a low-cost accident detection and notification system, which utilizes a multi-tier IoT-based vehicular environment; principally, it uses V2X Communication and Edge/Cloud computing StaySatark is a real time vehicle tracker. It is a GPS Tracker which influenced by Internet Of Things (IOT) configurations to provide safe and secure journey for all vehicle owners.This Automobile Tracker enables you to check your vehicle speed and alerts you when the speed exceeds the limits. You can get an access to monitor your vehicle rides. Here, a PIR sensor including NodeMCU is used to design a motion detector system with IoT to detect motion & displays on a webpage including date & time. 8). An Alert System for Vehicle Accident & Rash Driving through IoT. The proposed system is used to design an alert system for identifying rash driving and vehicle accidents using NodeMCU

In present existing models many vehicles do not have accident detection system they have to wait for someone help to inform our guardians, this is a very big problem in 4 wheelers so to over all these we have developed a prototype model which has accident detection system in from in front and back side of the vehicle when they get pressed that. Nov 30, 2020 - Explore Circuit Digest's board MSP430 Launchpad Projects, followed by 24635 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about microcontrollers, projects, arduino These IoT-enabled systems can sense warning signs, use data to create maintenance timelines and preemptively service equipment before problems occur. By leveraging streaming data from sensors and devices to quickly assess current conditions, recognize warning signs, deliver alerts and automatically trigger appropriate maintenance processes, IoT. For this project, I have to select a proper low power GSM & GPS Module.So, I selected A9G GSM/GPRS/GPS Module.The device is very small and can fit anywhere & can be operated using a simple 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery.The Board has a 32-bit ATSAMD21 controller from Atmel which can be programmed using Arduino IDE

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2020 Final Year Project Titles, embedded systems projects, embedded projects, ECE/EEE Projects Hyderabad, Bangalore, Final Year Engineering Projects, ECE Electronics Projects, Hyderabad, eee projects, electronics projects , kits, electronics project ideas,8051 PROJECTS kits, PIC MICROCONTROLLER PROJECTS,ARM PROJECTS, GSM, ZIBEE, RF, ANDROID, Final year electronics for you projects, final year. Build your own Smart Helmet. Work on Cloud Server and Raspberry Pi. Fetch accident location remotely and preview in Google Maps. Send an automated test alert using free SMS client upon accident. Requirements. Familiar with Raspberry Pi and Python programming. Basic knowledge of IoT is required for data manipulation 223. Smart Helmet Using GSM & GPS Technology For Accident Detection And Reporting System 224. Smart Home-Control And Monitoring System Using Smart Phone 225. Smart Insole: A Wearable System For Gait Analysis 226. Smart Parking System IEEE Projects for ECE 227. Smart Phone Controlled Android Robot With Live Video Transmission 228

A security alert system using GSM for gas leakage by S.Rajitha, T.Swapna in International Journal of VLSI and Embedded Systems-IJVES, Vol 03, Issue 04; SeptemberOctober 2012. 4 This circuit triggers the alert system when smoke or gas leakage is detected. The circuit mainly uses the MQ135 Smoke/Gas sensor and Arduino to detect and smoke and gas leak. This MQ135 gas sensor is sensible to LPG, Alcohol, and Methane etc.It detects the presence of a dangerous LPG leak in your car or in a service station, storage tank. The Home and Industry Safety using Fire and Gas Detection using GSM system is used to detect any fire, smoke or gas leakage in any premises, building or industry. It is used for detecting any leakage of gas or smoke due to fire or any chemical reaction. Here some of the real-time applications are given below. This project is used as a security. IOT Based Garbage Monitoring Project using Arduino & ESP8266, 6. IoT Based Smart Garbage and Waste Collection Bin - International, 7. IOT based smart garbage alert system using Arduino UNO - IEEE Xplore, 8. IoT Based Smart Garbage Detection System - IRJET, 9. IoT Based Waste Management for Smart City - IJIRCCE, 10 Further, it leads to road accidents and increases the consumption of fuel by vehicles, which effects the environment. 3 There is a need of machine learning based pothole detection system to identify the road irregularities using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to avoid future accidents. 1.1. Our Contribution

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IoT based Fall Detection using NodeMCU ESP8266 and Accelerometer MPU6050. March 2021. IoT based Fall Detection using NodeMCU ESP8266 and MPU6050 Accelerometer. Saved by ban seong tan. 2. Home Automation Project Home Automation System Alexa Home Amazon Alexa Skills Phillips Hue Network Tools Wifi Connect Wifi Password Data Transmission A demo video showing how the COM-IoT in-motion patrol system works, using both lidar and cameras to improve traffic safety Q: What's coming next at COM-IoT Technologies? Mohamed: Our latest solution is heavy truck detection and tracking. Heavy trucks are those of 7.5 tons or more tagged accident happening area detection using gps and vibration sensor., gps based vibration alert system proteus simulation, interfacing of vibration sensor with arduino, vibration alert with gps, vibration sensor, vibration sensor simulatio

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40+ IEEE Papers on Arduino Projects | New Seminar Topics for ECE. Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company, project and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control both physically and digitally

CNG/LPG Gas Leakage Detection & Accident Prevention System(PDF) An IoT Based Car Accident Prevention and DetectionFire & Gas Accident Avoider SystemSmart Helmet Project Report Pdf | helmetSmart Helmet Project Using Arduino Ppt | helmet